Zero - Progressive Class Setup

Opening Note:
Fresh players will not be getting Skill Tree resets anymore and thus it becomes imperative early on to figure out what is really necessary and what is optional. And thus I will point out the steps taken to get there.

Note that in order to follow an optimal build, sacrifices may be necessary to provide points for later job changes. They may include forgoing power up-augments to any skill; to the complete neglect of certain options due to their needlessness.

Please remember that in the end, this is my opinion for an optimal dungeon character and is in no way an absolute build for perfection. The builds I recommend are based on what I have found useful thus far and eliminated the unnecessary options.

Required - These are the essential skill paths required to progress into the next skill tree. Any skill that also precedes the next are included.
Recommended - Not compulsory but would be beneficial to have.
Optional - Any skill points remaining after clearing out "Required" & "Recommended" can be input here. Optional skills can be planned by checking out the point balance and adding in extra points from the "Recommended" list that you wish to subtract.

Points used: Does not include those in the optional listing


  • Classic Force Lv1 (1)
  • Ice Force Lv1 (1)
  • Fire Force Lv1 (1)
  • Loss Lv1-3 (3)
  • Triple Bash Lv1-3 (3)
  • Loss: HP Absorption Lv1 (1)
  • Loss: AP Absorption Lv1 (1) 
  • Gran X Lv1-2 (2)
  • Bleeding Gash Lv1-3 (3)
  • Triple Bash: Attack Strength Lv1-2 (2)
  • Gran X: Attack Strength Lv1-3 (3)
  • Sword Stance: Spin Slice (1)
  • Sword Stance: Thrust (1)
  • Sword Stance: Jump Slice (1)
  • Defensive Stance Lv1-3 (3)
  • Sword Stance: Dash Speed (1)
  • Defensive Stance: Change Direction (1)
Points used: 24/30
Points to spare: 6

  • Bite Off Lv1-3 (3)
  • Orchid Lv1 (1) *Lv 2-3 are not compulsory, but recommended*
  • Orchid Thorns Lv1 (1) *Lv 2-3 are not compulsory, but recommended*
  • Amid (1)
  • Increase (1)
  • Increase: Reinforced SS Lv1 (1)
  • Increase: Reinforced DS Lv1 (1) 
  • Increase: Reinforced OS Lv1 (1)   
  • Breakthrough Lv1-3 (3)
  • Abyss Lv1-3 (3) 
  • Orchid: AP Absorption Lv1 (1)
  • Orchid: HP Absorption Lv1 (1)
  • Orchid Thorns: Increased Absorption Lv1-2 (2)
  • Defensive Stance Lv4-5 (2)
  • Defensive Stance: Counterattack Lv1-2 (2)
  • Offensive Stance (1)
  • Offensive Stance: Dash (1)
  • Offensive Stance: Critical/Double Attack (1)
  • Offensive Stance: Trace Lv1 (1) *Lv2 is not compulsory, but recommended*
Points used: 52/60
Points to spare: 8

  • Mega Slash (1)
  • Two-Hand Smash (1)
  • Unique (2)
  • SS Enhancement (1)
  • DS Enhancement (1)
  • OS Enhancement (1)
  • Grandark's Domination (2)
  • Amid: Decrease Amid Cool Time (1)
  • Impact (2)
  • SS Combo Enhancement (2)
  • SS Sword Swing Enhancement (2)
  • SS Thrust Enhancement (2)
  • Increase SS Speed Lv1-2 (4)
  • Apply OS Combo (2)
  • OS Double Dash (2)
  • Increase OS Speed Lv1-2 (4)
  • DS Counter Enhancement (2)
  • DS Dash Move (2)
  • DS Teleport Lv1-2 (4)
  • Increase DS Speed Lv1-2 (4)
Points used: 85/90
Points to spare: 5

  • Added Combo Attack (1)
  • Dash Attack Lv2 (1)
  • Roll (1)
  • Enhanced Grandark's Domination (2)
  • Shockwave (1)
  • Fatal Escape (2)
  • Viper (1)
  • Bone Crusher (1)
  • Huge Impact (1)
  • Stark (1)
  • Frickle Chaser (1)
  • Shining Gran (1)
  • Zero Domination (1)
  • Dimension Fissure (1)
  • Stance: Teleport (2)
  • Stance: Jump Attack (2)
  • Stance Change: Attack (2)
  • DS: Defense Increase (2)
  • OS: Critical Chance Increase (2)
Points used: 109/120
Points to spare: 11


Zero's combat strengths come from his Sword & Offensive Stances, which provides the greatest attack force by default and is further strengthened by Grandark's Domination and extra moves provided by the tree. Thus less focus is placed on the Defensive Stance which becomes optional as the jobs progresses.

Zero has plenty of skills to use but lacks completely in AP regeneration. Therefore, even with a plethora of skills to choose from, they can often be underused. Once you reach Advancer, my suggestion is to shift your fighting style towards techniques, especially Viper & Bone Crusher, which also use little AP at a time and yet provide enough power to whittle down his enemies without affecting his stances.

.. That was a very long list.

Skill Setup: Regular Combat style
  • 2 slots go with for Loss & Orchid. The HP/AP combination is up to the player.
  • 2 slots go with Viper & Bone Crusher. These 2 unique techniques do not change Zero's stances and allow him to continue attack unhindered and without delay on changing stances.
  • 1 slot goes with a skill of your choosing. It can be an AoE skill or one with burst/DoT damage capability for wearing down tougher enemies.
The Regular Combat style focuses on his normal mode of combat now that he has gotten the Roll ability, which allows him to attack while putting himself out of harm's way, something he has never been able to do for 3 classes straight. Given Zero's natural strength of attack, supported by Viper and Bone Crusher, he is able to go toe-to-toe with regular enemies and quickly destroy them one by one. Bosses are no exception, as they will eventually succumb to Zero's relentless onslaughts.

The reason why Zero Domain is not chosen here, is because it's power is limited to the amount of damage you can stack, and this proves less effective on boss fights. Thus a focused attack skill (eg. Frickle Chaser) is useful as a means to do large amounts of damage without having to drain his already minimal AP gauge completely.

Skill Setup: Stance-dependent style
  • 1-2 slots goes with Loss and/or Orchid. This variation might demand HP absorption. If you're potion spamming, go with AP absorption.
  • 1 slot goes with Unique. A powerful complement which does unpredictable damage to a small area of enemies when used in tandem with O.S
  • 1 slot goes with Zero Domain if you want a powerful AoE skill.
  • 1-2 slots goes with (a) skills of your choosing if Zero Domain is unavailable. Amid might be useful if you need a sudden alternative to escape dangerous attacks.
The Stance-dependent style focuses on mainly his Offensive Stance to tear his enemies apart with it's large damage ratios. Since he will inevitably be tanking damage, Loss and Orchid become crucial in sustaining his HP if potion spamming isn't your habit.

Unique is well, very unique. Because of the way it works while in O.S, it can randomly cause minimal damage or even kill an enemy outright with it's unpredictable damage output. Combined with it's low cooldown and quick activation, it can be used repeatedly to harm enemy clusters at low AP cost.

Since Zero Domain uses the entire AP meter, it doesn't matter what stance you are in when you use it, and makes the perfect skill for clearing a stage quickly most of the time. Otherwise, 2 other skills can be used to replace the empty slots at your choosing.

Lastly, Amid is very useful for 2 reasons. It provides an instant 5-second shield against enemy attack with no delay upon activation, and, is an effective replacement for Defensive Stance if you choose not to buff it up. Be advised however that Amid's cost is likely to double since you will be in O.S most of the time.


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