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GC Eternity: Advancer
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Zero's final class, the Advancer, which not only provides augments to his combat mode that has been left untouched since his Wanderer days, but also final augments to his Stance modes and Domination mode, inclusive of a set of special skills that function only with the Advancer, for the Advancer.

Advancer enhances Zero's survivability in combat through the use of combat effects and techniques, which cost nothing and lays this on the player's ability. Advancer also solidifies Zero's neglected combat mode and now turns it into a viable option of combat, with better hit confirms and evasion. He can completely run a dungeon without having to rely on his Stances if he pleases, as his maneuvers and techniques will get him by without much trouble.

  • Type: Ground Roll
  • Zero WAS a tank yes - Not anymore in Season V. With the increased damage that enemies deal, a poorly equipped Zero will fall in no time, outliving his usefulness as a tank. Dodging is as critical as it is important to his survival now.
  • !!! Dodging in any of the 3 Stance Mode will double the consumption of his Dodge meter, limiting him to only 2 maneuvers while others can perform up to 4 when used judiciously.
  • His ability to roll in normal combat takes away some of the strain on the Dodge meter, reserving it for Stance mode. With that in effect, Advancer is able to survive effectively and brings out the best of Zero's real combat potential.

Stance Mode:
  • Stance Mode renders him immune to the effects of Freezing, Petrify and Shock (the stun effect only), but he will still take damage from Curse, Burn and the periodic damage from Shock.
  • Any attack received will only cause Zero to bounce into the air. Varies by the degree of attack impact.
  • "Jump" attacks will simply throw Zero up in the air, taking no damage whatsoever from impact.
  • One-Hit KO attacks and attacks that bring his HP to or below 0, will regress Zero to his combat mode. Stance mode becomes unusable until he recovers at least 1 HP.
  • ^ At least 1 HP is required to reactivate Stance Mode if already in Fatal status.
  • Zero is practically invincible as long as he can find a window of opportunity to recover HP and reactivate Stance Mode to take another lethal hit.
  • Zero can now engage Stance mode after dash attacks and in a jump. Does not work after a jump attack however.
  • Activating S.S in advance will shorten the casting time of a skill. In reverse, if you wish to lengthen the delay, let the skill activate by itself from combat mode.
  • Using a technique will put Zero in S.S. Using a skill will put Zero back into combat mode. Any technique/skill while in O.S will switch Zero to S.S afterwards.
  • Advancer skills function depending on whether Zero is in combat or Stance modes. This functionality allows Zero to hold 6 skills with just 3 slots, should you choose his Advancer set-skills. Does not apply with his previous class skills.
Skill Tree Setup: Passives

Stance: Teleport: This additional technique allows Zero to use the same teleport as D.S, while in S.S & O.S instead. Bearing the same effective radius, after teleporting, Zero will retain the stance he is in and strike the enemy once with a stun. This technique has a 5-second cooldown unlike D.S's version.

Stance: Jump Attack: Allows Zero to use a sweep attack while jumping in Stances. This also affects his rocket jump in Domination S.S, allowing him to attack this way.

Stance Change: Attack: Affects O.S & S.S during the change animation when Zero swings out Grandark. This allows him to not only hit enemies in front, but also those directly behind him as well.

Defense Increase: Increases the defensive power of D.S

Critical Chance Increase: Increases the critical chance rate in O.S

Stance: Reduced Grab Damage: Reduces grab damage in all 3 Stances, useless in dungeons of course.

Skill Tree Setup: Actives


Added Combo Attack: Replaces Zero's combo first hit with a thorn attack which pulls enemies in.
  • Zero's combo seems to be stable after adding this augment.
Dash Attack Lv2: Adds a sweep attack before the attack rush.
  • Personally I feel this is useless. That first hit leaves monsters still standing, makes you press "Z" another time for the attack rush, and I think it was meant to keep PvP opponents standing for Zero to follow up on his attacks.
Roll: Allows Zero to do the all-important roll for combat evasion. Usable with combo attack and dash attack.
  • Somehow, rolling too soon causes the dash attack to not even hit at all.
Enhanced Grandark Domination: This benefits S.S in particular and in overall, Domination mode. While in S.S, Zero can perform a sweeping dash attack, and while rocket jumping, being able to do a circular overhead swing as he jumps.
  • If you fall into Fatal status while in Domination mode, the meter drops by half of the remainder (not 50% of the total bar) and keeps the mode going.
Shockwave: Zero drives Grandark into the ground, creating an impact shockwave around himself that knocks enemies back and deals chip damage. Can be used in combat mode and any Stances.

Fatal Escape: Allows Zero to sacrifice 50% of his AP to recover a small amount of HP. Zero must strictly have at least 50%.


The execution of Advancer techniques change depending on whether you are in Combat or Stance modes. 

  • Type: Melee Combo
  • Range: Short
  • Combat: Produces a drill attack that does multi hit damage. Also pulls in enemies when it strikes.
  • Stance: Produces a drilling claw that does multi hit damage. Pulls in enemies much faster in an instant and has longer range.
Bone Crusher
  • Type: Close-In, Splash
  • Range: Mid
  • Combat: Like the wrestling move, Zero leaps and thrashes the ground around him with his elbow. A well-timed Bone Crusher can leap over an attacking enemy.
  • Stance: Zero leaps with Grandark and smashes the ground, following up with a wide sweep to his enemy's feet.


First of all, take note that you must select each 2nd skill in the series to have access to all 6 skills. For eg-
  • If you select Huge Impact, you will not have access to Stark even if you have added the skill points for it
  • If you select Stark, you will then have access to both Huge Impact and Stark depending on your mode when using the skill.

Huge Impact (Combat) (29 AP)
  • Type: Linear
  • Range: Mid
  • Delay: Short
  • Several of Grandark's thorns erupt from the ground forwards.
  • This move is similar to Viken's Nature Frenzy, but with less knockup and significantly more damage.
Stark (Stance) (29 AP)
  • Type: Splash
  • Range: Short
  • Delay: Short
  • A defensive skill that attacks anything around Zero in a small radius.
  • Grandark's Domination: Grandark's Thorns and traces appear at the end of the skill, dealing some extra damage.

Frickle Chaser (Combat) (63 AP)
  • Type: DoT, AoE: Small
  • Range: Short
  • Delay: Medium
  • Summons an array of 4 drills that attacks anything coming in contact with the circle array. Since this skill does not have stun or push effect, it is excellent for use against enemies with high HP by keeping them inside.
Shining Gran (Stance) (63 AP)
  • Type: Pierce, Projectile
  • Range: Short
  • Delay: Short
  • Fires off a large projectile of Grandark's energy which goes through enemies before exploding in a short distance.
  • Some distance may be required if used against a narrow-bodied target, as they may miss the explosion completely. Best used against bigger targets to be sure and hassle free.
  • Grandark's Domination: Creates a bigger explosion and leaves affected targets with some chip damage, probably more useful in PvP.

Zero Domination (Combat) (96 AP)
  • Type:AoE: Medium, Splash
  • Range: Medium
  • Delay: Short
  • Similar to Bleeding Gash, without jumping, Zero simply deploys a large formation of Grandark's thorns on the ground protruding out and upwards, hitting enemies in a wide area around him.
Dimension Fissure (Stance) (96 AP)
  • Type: Linear, AoE: Medium, DoT
  • Range: Long
  • Delay: Short
  • Uses Grandark to slice open a spatial rip, damaging enemies in a wide area.
  • Grandark's Domination: Just before the rip closes, a circular array of Grandark's thorns protrude all around and deals extra damage to affected targets.

Zero Domain (130 AP)
  • Type: Lock-On, Damage-Stack
  • Range: Wide
  • Delay: Medium
  • Zero transforms Grandark into it's claw form and sends it's energy exploding on 5 closest enemy targets, dealing massive damage and draining some HP for Zero with each target struck. Stacking increases the effect and damage dealt to each target.

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