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GC Eternity: Summoner
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Ley is a character who divides her combat styles into 2 forms, demonic based and summoner based. Unlike Dio, these two sides are not separate and especially the summoner skills can be used together to assist Ley in combat.

Ley however, is an indirect combatant and cannot get by solely on physical combat. Her demonic skills which command pure destructive energies become essential in assisting her and should be prioritized over the summoner skills, which as far as effectiveness is a concern, are of lower priority as she cannot control their actions in combat (not 100% anyway) and will do little in assisting her effectively at critical moments.

Ley also uses a completely new form of movement that is teleporting, the first of the cast to do so and requires some time getting used to, especially with her unique attack style as well. A lot of patience will really be required for Ley players to get by as a Summoner.

  • Type: Teleport
  • With the aggression levels of enemies now, Ley is one hard-pressed combatant because as Summoner, she lacks pressuring factors against the enemy like hit-stun, poor crowd control. Armed only with an unwieldy combo of sorts, a lone Ley will require a lot of patience in combat.
  • Evade as much as you can! The odds are really unkind and in favour of your enemy as they will constantly be on your tail, without giving Ley as much as a chance to gain momentum if they are allowed to gather on her.
Inherent Techniques:
  • Elevation Change (→→↑ or →→↓)
  • A unique dash mechanic for Ley which change her elevation during her dash teleport, shifting her directly one platform above or below depending on the input. This technique is innate, across all of Ley's classes.

  • Ley is able to teleport mostly at will when she is attacking, giving her a mechanism of escape, however her attack is extremely slow and will do little to stop enemies from coming straight at her all the time. Your patience is definitely required if you want to play her for keeps.
  • Ley's skill trees are quite high maintenance and will drain most of your points before you can obtain all the skills you desire per tree. Borrowing of points from later job changes might be required for optimizing. 
  • Once a Summon has been brought onto the field, it will automatically draw the attention of enemies and they will also attack the summon for than Ley herself. 
  • Tech cancelling is no longer possible. This applies entirely to Dio and other AP characters alike. Skills however, can be used to interrupt another skill.
Skill Tree Setup: Passives

Charge Attack
Ley charges up an energy orb in her hands and releases it to perform a homing attack with it. The orb has limited range and will self-detonate when it hits nothing. This attack has little use in dungeons due to it's very weak damage and long charge time for an effective attack.

Anytime during the jump or descent while in the air, Ley slowly levitates up to reach even higher ground or extend her air time. Can also be used on the ground.

Reduced Counterattack Cooldown
Each level decreases the cooldown total by 1 second. From the original amount of 9 seconds down to 7 seconds. Stops at Lv2.

Amount of AP at Start
Provides AP at the start of each dungeon run. Stops at Lv3. Players can decide to skip this option and save 3 SP since it only provides AP once per game.

Increased Critical Strike Chance
Self-explanatory, stops at Lv2.

Skill Tree Setup: Actives

As mentioned, Ley's skill tree is divided into two sections, the left being the Summoner skills, and the right being her core demonic skills. For clarity, I will go through the tree from the summoner then to the demonic side, both in left to right sequence.

Summoner Side
Jeeves Etiquette (26 AP)
  • Type: Impact, One-Shot
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Jeeves appears with a quick uppercut blow to the enemy, sending it flying in a single hit.
  • Damage increases with the skill level.

Garouille (53 AP)
  • Type: Summon
  • Garouille is a gargoyle that functions a lot like the ones found in the Fortress of Ascension. When summoned, it deals damage to enemies at the site where he appears. It typically flies around a lot, attacking at random with it's talons when near an enemy.
  • Increased Dash Speed: Increases Garouille's physical moving speed.
  • Garouille Extended: Increases his summon duration from a base 20seconds to 40seconds maximum.
  • Stone Breath: Deals one instance of damage with a short stun, does not petrify.
  • Fire Breath: Deals damage and inflicts burn status on enemies.
  • Ice Breath: Deals damage and freezes the enemy struck by it in ice.
  • Break Through: Garouille can use the high speed charge attack, in which he swoops across.

Jeeves Power Bomb (83 AP)
  • Type: Splash
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi - Burst
  • Animation: Long
  • Jeeves appears beside Ley and slams the ground with his fists, throwing shockwaves of enegy into the area around them. This attack also slightly launches enemies that are hit.
  • Damage increases with the skill level.

Demonic Side

Gravity Ball (26 AP)
  • Type: Projectile
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Ley fires off 2 energy orbs at the enemy.
  • Gravity Ball's can be improved to fire a maximum of 5 orbs.

Flame Roll (53 AP)
  • Type: Projectile, Linear, DoT
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Like a bowling ball, Ley rolls forward a ball of flame which deals damage to enemies standing on the flame trail it leaves behind.
  • Damage is the strongest when the flame ball makes contact with enemies.
  • This skill requires a short distance gap to maximize it's damage, as Ley moves a step forward when she uses it.
  • Flame Roll's range can be increased.
  • Damage increases with the skill level.

Ether (6 AP)
  • Type: Self
  • Allows Ley to slow her descent for 2 seconds.. When used in the air, she will bounce up again.
  • If used on the ground, she simply gets the 2 second buff.
  • This is a technique, has no delay 
  • [1] While under Ether's effect, Ley can attack using her default combo, dash or cast skills in mid-air. Ether causes Ley to respond as if she is on the ground, while she is actually afloat. There are exceptions to skills that can be used, being Center of Gravity, Barrage and "C" Summon shortcuts
  • If used on the ground however, she must reach the peak of her jump before being able to use any skill.

Inspire (6 AP)
  • Type: Self
  • Once activated, triggers a 6 second buff that recovers approximately 1 bar of MP.
  • This is a technique, has no delay.

Secret Passage (83 AP)
  • Type: Projectile, Splash
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Multi - Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Ley levitates into the air and releases an array of powerful energy orbs in a triangle formation. Each orb that hits an enemy will explode and deal multi-hit damage.
  • Secret Passage can be improved to fire off more orbs with increasing level on the hit count.
  • Lv1 adds 1 orb, and now fires off in an X-formation
  • Lv2 adds 2 orbs, and now fires off in a pentagon/star-formation.
  • Lv3 adds 5 orbs, and now fires off in an octagon-formation.
  • Damage increases with the skill level.
  • Due to the levitation effect, if Ley were to use this skill under the body of her target, she will leap into it as the skill executes and deal massive damage from having the orbs explode all at once and damage stack altogether in one spot. This is an especially crippling move on bosses HP when done right.

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