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GC Eternity: Vanisher
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At this 3rd stage, the Vanisher is more of a strengthening class for Zero's stances rather than providing more skills to use. Evidently, the number of augments seen are increased in the skill tree and most notably, is Grandark's Domination.

  • Type: Ground Roll
  • Zero WAS a tank yes - Not anymore in Season V. With the increased damage that enemies deal, a poorly equipped Zero will fall in no time, outliving his usefulness as a tank. Dodging is as critical as it is important to his survival now.
  • !!! Dodging in any of the 3 Stance Mode will double the consumption of his Dodge meter, limiting him to only 2 maneuvers while others can perform up to 4 when used judiciously.
  • With Vanisher's improvements to the Stance system especially, Zero will be able to dispatch his enemies more efficiently, albeit still exposed to the same risk. Keep those Dodges coming.

Stance Mode:
  • Stance Mode renders him immune to the effects of Freezing, Petrify and Shock (the stun effect only), but he will still take damage from Curse, Burn and the periodic damage from Shock.
  • Any attack received will only cause Zero to bounce into the air. Varies by the degree of attack impact.
  • "Jump" attacks will simply throw Zero up in the air, taking no damage whatsoever from impact.
  • One-Hit KO attacks and attacks that bring his HP to or below 0, will regress Zero to his combat mode. Stance mode becomes unusable until he recovers at least 1 HP.
  • ^ At least 1 HP is required to reactivate Stance Mode if already in Fatal status.
  • Zero is practically invincible as long as he can find a window of opportunity to recover HP and reactivate Stance Mode to take another lethal hit.
  • Zero can now engage Stance mode after dash attacks and in a jump. Does not work after a jump attack however.
  • Activating S.S in advance will shorten the casting time of a skill. In reverse, if you wish to lengthen the delay, let the skill activate by itself from combat mode.
  • * For those in the Vanisher class, activating S.S by pressing XX before a skill triggers a 5-second Attack Increase, which benefits the impending skill to be used.
  • Using a technique will put Zero in S.S. Using a skill will put Zero back into combat mode. Any technique/skill while in O.S will switch Zero to S.S afterwards.
Skill Tree Setup: Passives

Each Stance gets their own set of enhancements from Vanisher's Skill Tree:

Sword Stance
  • Combo: Turns the default combo into a full melee combo with 5 attacks.
  • Sword Swing: Adds a roundabout swing to the combo. Able to hit enemies from behind Zero.
  • Thrust: Originating from Wanderer, this prolongs Thrust's attack by using Grandark's thorns to produce additional damage and hits, while stunning the enemy.
  • Increase SS Speed: Increases walking speed in S.S
Offensive Stance
  • Apply Combo: Zero curls into a spiny hedge of Grandark's thorns to attack enemies around him.
  • Double Dash: Allows double dashing.
  • Increase OS Speed: Increases walking speed in O.S
Defensive Stance
  • Counter: Originating from Seeker, the 2-second defense against arrows and fireballs now becomes permanent as long as Defensive Stance is active.
  • Dash Move: Like a battling ram, Zero uses Grandark to force his enemies back. Deals 3 hits of chip damage at a time but rapidly.
  • Teleport: Teleports to the closest enemy within a short spatial radius, stunning the enemy. Has no cooldown. This move also puts Zero into his combat mode.
  • Increase DS Speed: Increases crouching speed in D.S
  • While in S.S or O.S during a jump, Zero can perform a fast, dive bomb with Grandark to strike his enemies once. Not usable with D.S since you can't jump.
Skill Tree Setup: Actives

Grandark's Domination

The most potent augment to Zero's stances. When the meter is filled from enough attacks using Grandark, Zero turns black and undergoes overall enhancement in attack power, attack speed, movement speed in any Stance form.  The mechanics and effects of Grandark's Domination are as follows-

  • Domination mode lasts for 30-seconds. Stances can be switched during this period.and remains usable as long as you do not exit into combat mode. If you do, the meter depletes entirely and must be refilled for reactivation.
  • There is a minute time-lag just between the meter being full and activation of Domination mode. If a skill were used during this time-lag, Grandark's Domination will overwrite the skill, doing nothing and effecting the cooldown.
  • The Domination meter can only be filled by attacks directly from Grandark. The increment varies by intensity of attacks, with the easiest coming from O.S, followed by S.S then D.S.
  • A bug sometimes occurs where no visual indication of Grandark's Domination has taken place. The meter will also sometimes fail to fill completely or not at all. However, as long as Zero turns black with the 30 second indication at the status icons, Domination is active.
Sword Stance
  • Two additional movements are allowed during Domination mode. A short dash and a rocket jump at the end of the dash by pressing "Up".
Skill Changes
  • The listed skills have their animation effects and attack style changed when in Domination mode-
  • Triple Bash
  • Gran X
  • Bleeding Gash
  • Bite Off
  • Breakthrough
  • Abyss
  • Mega Slash
  • Two-Hand Smash
  • Stark
  • Shining Gran
  • Dimension Fissure


4 other enhancements come along with Vanisher's skill tree.
  • Amid Cooldown Time: Cooldown time reduced from 30 to 20 seconds.
  • SS Enhancement: Grants a 5-second increase to attack. Not a significant increase though.
  • DS Enhancement: Reduces grab damage. Nothing like that will happen in a dungeon.
  • OS Enhancement: Reduces AP consumption penalty when using skills & techniques.


S.S - Unique (6 AP)
  • Type: Linear, Projectile
  • Range: Mid
  • Fires off a sword wave which deals multiple hits, disappears after a short distance.
D.S - Unique (6 AP)
  • Type: Direct
  • Range: Direct
  • Uses the shielding Grandark to knockback enemies, only a small distance.
  • It only does chip damage and is hardly useful.
O.S - Unique (6 AP)
  • Type: Lock-On, Damage-Stack
  • Range: Short
  • Enemies within a short radius of Zero will take damage from Grandark's energy.
  • The major damage is only dealt on the first few hits while the rest serves as stun by dealing 1 damage. Hellspears and Criticals will trigger and bolster the damage stacking effects.
  • This form of Unique cannot track fast moving targets as it only strikes on their last tracked position. Neither can it freeze enemies with Super Armor.
  • This attack can be considered a mini version of Zero Domain at very low cost and re-usability, without other unmentioned special effects.


Mega Slash (46 AP)
  • Type: Linear
  • Range: Short
  • Delay: Medium
  • Zero spins around with Grandark while releasing it's energies creating a whirling vortex. When the skill ends, Zero releases a final wave of energy to his front and rear. This skill is similar to Sword Master's Blade Beam.
  • Grandark's Domination: Zero is able to move back and forth during the spinning phase. The final energy wave's direction bias remains the same depending on which direction Zero faced upon execution.

Two-Hand Smash (76 AP)
  • Type: Linear, Splash
  • Range: Short
  • Delay: Short
  • Using both his hands, Zero smashes Grandark to the ground, bringing with it a violent sweep of it's energy.
  • Grandark's Domination: The horizontal range increases a little with Grandark's thorns reaching out as it strikes the ground.
  • Despite the animation, Two-Hand Smash has no vertical reach, not even directly above Zero.

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