Rin: Phoenix


GC Eternity: Phoenix
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GC Season V: Phoenix
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Kindly note that I have chosen the Dark/Twilight path for Rin, and as such will not be providing information for Light/Dawn Rin's- As Practice Mode is an unreliable research source for dungeons. Thanks for understanding.

Rin is a special short-ranged attacker with increasing range as she continues to attack, which breaks her away from the similar mold that is Ley and Rufus. In the early stages as Phoenix, Rin has alternating power between mediocre to high thanks to her usage of talismans which alters the power and effect of her skills.

Unlike most characters, Rin has very little passives that grant her extra abilities and that she loses those passives if she "deviates" to the Dark path.

  • Type: Dash-Through
  • For the already elusive Rin, Dodging is a welcome bonus to her game. There's no additional benefit besides the fact that she can dodge an attack in stationary pose, instead of having to side-step away.
  • You'll be using your default evade move most of the time, so Dodge won't be used much around here.
Inherent Techniques:
  • Evade (←← or →→ during main combo)
  • Allows Rin to slip through her enemies in mid-combo. Note that the activation delay is longer if you are using her default tornado combos.
*This technique is avail and innate to all of Rin's classes, unless augmented at the Awakened (2nd) class.

  • The path you choose before you progress to Awakened is important for Rin's future which affects her entire style of play on both sides.
  • Light Rin is a powerful offensive support who grows stronger with her team and retains her original attack and talisman system. Skills not including.
  • Dark Rin is a full offensive attacker which specializes in brutal destruction and has the ability to self-sustain her lifeforce through her own regenerative abilities.
  • Until Rin gets to Awakened, her attacking abilities will be really stiff for a while.
Skill Tree Setup:

Like Rufus' skill tree, Rin's too is completely linear. Thus I'll follow the previous concept of color-coding.

Note that Dark Mode version of the skills below are only available from choosing the Dark/Twilight path once having obtained the Awakened class.


Flash of Light (29 AP)
  • Type: One-Shot, Impact
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • With a sweep of her fan, Rin delivers a blast of wind under her enemy's feet, launching it into the air.
  • Glyph Mode: Deals 2 hits and additional chip damage from the glyph boost
  • Dark Mode: Deals 2 hits and surviving enemies will bleed for 5 seconds.

Eye of the Storm (63 AP)
  • Type: Splash
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Rin activates a wind glyph that acts as a trap for 6 seconds on the field. Upon activation the glyph generates a powerful wind vortex. It explodes if unused.
  • Glyph Mode: Activates an additional vortex within the glyph that causes additional chip damage after the main glyph expires.
  • Dark Mode: Functions the same way as Glyph Mode, and surviving enemies will bleed for 5 seconds.

Final Flash of Light (96 AP)
  • Type: DoT, Impact
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Rin conjurers a huge wind sphere above her, slamming it down upon her enemies as it crushes them. The wind sphere pushes through down on her enemies at a constant speed.
  • Glyph Mode: Fires the sphere the same way, but slows down upon contact with an enemy, increasing the hit count as it continues smashes it's way down. Damage is reduced in this version in exchange for hit count.
  • Dark Mode: Changes the method of execution by firing the sphere forwards mid-distance before it explodes. Deals extremely high damage and has a large strike zone with it's size. Able to also hit enemies up to 2 platforms.
  • ^ This is Rin's most powerful skill, capable of killing mini-bosses in one blow and crippling bosses alike with it's insane burst damage rates. It is also GC's most powerful burst attack without factoring in ArchRanger's 4th, which is mission exclusive.

Purification (96 AP)
  • Type: AoE: Large
  • Range: Wide
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Rin gathers the last of her strength and radiates divine energy to a large area around her, causing periodic damage to enemies.
  • Rin must be in fatal status and have all 5 talismans ready to use this skill.
  • Dark Rin will still be able to use Purification under the same conditions, excluding the presence of her talismans.


Note that all Talisman related augments will no longer be available as Dark Rin (marked with (T))

Combo Special Attack (T)
Allows Rin to fire 1 or up to 5 talismans during her regular combo.

Dash Special Attack (T)
Fires a talisman after a dash attack

Jump Special Attack (T)
Fires a talisman in midair, also usable after a jump attack.

Special Skill Strength (T)
Allows Rin to improve and change her skill effects by a 2-key command input. Each use of such inputs uses up one of Rin's talismans. Rin can decide not to use a talisman and execute a normal skill.

Rage Mode
Once Rin's HP falls below a 20% threshold, her attack power and movement speed increases dramatically. A blue glow radiates around Rin when this mode is in effect.

Reduced Counterattack Cooldown
Decreases the counterattack cooldown from 9 seconds to 6 seconds.

Increased Amulet Recovery Rate (T)
Speeds up Amulet recovery when idling.

Enhanced Rage Mode
Increases the HP threshold for Rage Mode activation from 20% to 30% remaining HP.



  1. Wait, Dark Rin can still use Purification with the same criteria save for the 5 expended glyphs (she can't use up something she doesn't have).

    1. Verified! Thanks for the correction, I can't believe I overlooked that test.

  2. That's no fair for Dawn Rin users! You should have included the other side as well! >:(

    1. Because I use real data gathered from dungeons via my own characters. To provide data that I cannot experiment with is mere fabrication and is a bad cause. Practice mode unfortunately does not provide accurate damage data and physics.

      It is regrettable.

    2. ...Or is it just because you don't wanna choose the Dawn side, because your Rin is already Twilight?
      Of course. Everybody picks the Twilight for her OP'edness...typical.

    3. What's done is done. ㄟ(ツ)ㄏ

  3. Hey man how do i choose the dark side once i picked the light one?

    1. >.< I'm afraid you're stuck with Light Rin. It's a permanent change once you choose a path to follow.

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