Rin: Awakened (Dark)


GC Eternity: Awakened
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Dark Rin is a complete game changer for Rin players as her abilities solely focus on greater destruction and self-reliance through passive HP recovery. Compared to any other character at melee, Rin has the sole ability to passively obliterate her enemies without the complete aid of skills, which is a never before experience even with the likes of powerful AP characters like Dio & Zero. Combine Rin's ability to retain her agility and self-recovery of HP through her attacks, which already deal massive damage under the right conditions, is truly a sight to behold.

When it comes to crowd control, Rin might fall behind Geas a little.
But when it comes to one vs one engagements, Dark Rin is the true demon looking down on Geas.

  • Type: Dash-Through
  • For the already elusive Rin, Dodging is a welcome bonus to her game. There's no additional benefit besides the fact that she can dodge an attack in stationary pose, instead of having to side-step away.
  • If you decide to go with the new combo augments that Awakened offers, you'll like need Dodge a lot because they negate Rin's innate dodge ability by replacing them with combo-type attacks.

  • As Dark Rin, she is able to deliver quick death with the new Echo from Within augment, and with the right augments in place, will turn Rin into a killing machine.
  • If you were unaware, Phoenix Rin's original skills, Flash of Light, Eye of the Storm and Final Flash of Light will have their skill animations and mechanics changed. The Dark versions are even more powerful and have the ability to bleed their surviving enemies.
  • For all of the options available, not all of them are actually necessary for an optimally performing Dark Rin, but I'll cover that in a simply progression chart of hers.

Skill Tree Setup:

Like Rufus' skill tree, Rin's too is completely linear. Thus I'll follow the previous concept of color-coding.


Endless Strength (29 AP)
  • Type: Close-In
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Rin attacks with a melee combo using her fan.

Desperate Force (63 AP)
  • Type: Linear, Close-In, Pierce
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Rin envelopes herself in dark flames and blazes her way into her enemies, enemies struck are also pushed along with her.

Wailing Gust (96 AP)
  • Type: Splash, AoE: Medium
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Rin generates dark wind shears around her which slice at the enemies around her, also knocking them back with one final gale.
  • The wind shears can hit targets 2 platforms above, but not below her (unless they are really tall sprites)


Cancel (6 AP)
  • Type: Combo Augment
  • Range: Nil
  • Damage: Nil
  • Using this technique "resets" Rin in her idle position to prepare for her next action or attack. But each use of Cancel will drain 4% of Rin's total HP.
  • This sacrifice can be eventually recovered by the HP drain ability with Echo from Within.
  • Actually, I believe the HP drain is higher, but an augment from Chosen reduces this amount. Thus I cannot get the true value before the augment now.

Soul Gap (6 AP)
  • Type: Self
  • Range: Nil
  • Damage: Nil
  • Rin disappears from the current space and hides in safety, before warping back out.
  • Provides 2 seconds of invulnerability.


Echo from Within (Dark)
Grants Rin a special gauge that when filled up, activates Rin's dark powers and effectively increases her attack strengths by a fold. During this time, attacks can recover Rin's HP by a small % based on the hit count.
  • Rin's default attack with the tornadoes and fans (jump attack) cannot fill the gauge
  • Only her new combo augments can fill the gauge and at different rates depending on the attack used when they hit an enemy. 
  • Once the gauge is full, it automatically activates and you have 5 seconds to unleash all the destruction you want.

Basic Combo 2
Changes the basic tornado attack into a swift melee type combo, increasing her combat ability significantly by trading off her range attack. Please note that all the augments down below are not compatible with her default tornado attacks, and can only work with equipping Basic Combo 2.

Critical Attack 2
Fires a spinning sphere forwards to the enemy and knocking them back. Using this cancels Rin's ability to forward-evade

Jump Attack 2
A low sweeping jump attack that affects jump dynamics, when executed, Rin's jump will be cut short and causes a short hover before landing. This can potentially weaken her agility for the player and does not complement the platforming style of attacking.

Dash Attack 2
Trades the tornado launching attack for a sphere attack, has reduced reach but a few more hits than the tornado.

Shadow Dodge
When evading backwards, a silhoutte takes Rin's place that hits enemies when they touch it.

Sharp Wind
A jumping attack during mid-combo which has wind shears strike the enemy and launches them with the attack.


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