Rin: Chosen (Dark)


GC Eternity: Chosen
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The Chosen focuses on maximizing Rin's passives and ultimately unsealing the half of her true form - The (Dark) Goddess. Rin's gameplay does not change as the Chosen as it serves to simply bring out every last bit of power she has (thus the focus on MP regen and Critical rate).

  • Type: Dash-Through
  • For the already elusive Rin, Dodging is a welcome bonus to her game. There's no additional benefit besides the fact that she can dodge an attack in stationary pose, instead of having to side-step away.
  • Now that you have all combo options maximised and unlocked, Rin is pretty much er, 90% elusive when she attacks, so she rarely needs her Dodge at all. It is however, useful for escaping when you are in the middle of using techniques.

  • Refresh Weapon Enhancement as often as possible, it is your one key to improved attack power and the most crucial in starting any offensive.

Skill Tree Setup:

Like Rufus' skill tree, Rin's too is completely linear. Thus I'll follow the previous concept of color-coding.


Internal Flame (63 AP)
  • Type: Splash, Linear
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Rin spreads a blast on dark flame on the ground, dealing heavy damage to enemies around her.

Internal Passion (96 AP)
  • Type: Projectile, Lock-On
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Rin gathers dark energy into a sphere and directs it to a targeted enemy, tracking it slowly and dealing massive damage when it explodes on contact.


Back Fall
  • Can only be used when falling back from a height, does not work if Rin falls flat on the ground.

Firm Blow
  • Follow up attack after Back Fall, with Rin dashing forward to strike her attacker.
Neither of the techniques cost any AP.


X Key Enhancement
Consumes less HP from the Awakened technique, Cancel. (Brings it down to 4% HP)

Increase MP Recovery 1
Self-explanatory, 1st upgrade.

Critical Enhancement 1
Increases critical rate. 1st upgrade.

Increase MP Recovery 2
Self-explanatory, 2nd and final upgrade. Having this augment will blank out Increase MP Recovery 1

Holding MP upon Start
During the start of a run, Rin holds a quarter bar of MP.

Dodge Dash Attack 2
During his forward dash attack, Rin can connect an evade move by pressing "down"

Critical Enhancement 2
Increases critical rate. 2nd and final upgrade. Having this augment will blank out Critical Enhancement 1

Goddess Transformation:
Rin finally awakens to her true powers and gains the ability to transform into the Dark Goddess, a fully combat-capable divine entity. Unlike Ryan's Nephilim, Goddess is very versatile and has a lot of techniques at her disposal. The types of abilities she carry with her can be chosen.

When in this form, she gains increased Defense, reducing much of the base damage Rin would suffer as herself otherwise. In Goddess form, She is unable to utilize the Dodge meter.

List is in vertical running order

This command allows Rin to transform into her Goddess form. Although it is a 2MP skill, it has to be activated via hotkey, MP charging will not work.

This command allows Rin to revert from her Goddess form, without this command, Rin must wait till the transformation expires.

*Once Rin reverts to her original form, regardless of the method, a 30 second cooldown is imposed before she can transform again*

Explosion of the Origin (96 AP)
  • Type: Close-In, Splash
  • Range: Mid
  • Delay: Medium
  • The Goddess gathers dark magical power into her hands and focuses the power in both hands together, triggering a violent explosion around her.
  • The skill can draw in enemies around her and deals very large amounts of damage in short time.
  • This skill can be charge-activated or by using hotkeys.
  • Using this skill reverts her back into her original form.

Transformation Passive
  • Type 1: Increases HP regen rate
  • Type 2: Gains a % of HP for each enemy defeated.

Attack Enhancement
  • Type 1: Each hit regains a small % of HP
  • Type 2: Each hit adds a small fraction of MP
  • This only works for her standard combo, not inclusive of critical, jump or dash attacks.
*The two augments above, only function while in Goddess Form. Although the two buffs remain on Rin if you revert early, their effects are nulled and no longer function, despite the countdowns.

Swirl (46 AP)
  • Type 1: Repulses enemies that touch the swirling tornado.
  • Type 2: Periodically stuns the enemies touching the swirling tornado.
  • Swirl counts as a skill and can be charge-activated as well as hotkeys.

Unfold (29 AP)
  • Type 1: Creates a shockwave around herself, launching them high and far into the air.
  • Type 2: Same as Type 1, but gains a 10 second increase in doubled running speed and 2.5 platform height vertical jump afterwards.

Rise (16 AP)
  • Type 1: An overhead stomp kick, knocks back enemies that are hit.
  • Type 2: Same as Type 1, and causes enemies to bleed profusely for a few seconds.

  • Type 1: Causes stun and some knockback to enemies when Rin's transformation kicks in.
  • Type 2: Same as Type 1, no exceptional changes.

Transformation Passive 2
  • Type 1: Increases transformation duration from 30 seconds to 35 seconds.
  • Type 2: Raises transformation stats by a little. Noticeably, there is 10% in HP increase.


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