Rin: Skill Tree setup

Opening Note:
Fresh players will not be getting Skill Tree resets anymore and thus it becomes imperative early on to figure out what is really necessary and what is optional. And thus I will point out the steps taken to get there.

In Rin's case, I'm simply putting omissions to her tree - why some augments aren't actually worth their use, so you will actually have less techniques to think about and more to focus on killing.


There are not a lot of options you can pick here once you're done getting Awakened, which puts you in your (Dark) form.

Long story short, there is just the Reduced Counterattack augment and Enhanced Rage Mode.

- And you certainly would want Final Flash of Light.


Here in Awakened's tree, you will find a lot of augments that affect the way Rin utilizes her attack combo. I personally reject half of them because they cause Rin to lose a lot of evasion for a few more hits.

Remember - Rin at this stage is literally a powerhouse even before she achieves her final form as Chosen. The ridiculous power boost provided by Echo from Within and by virtue of her Dark form, turns her into a lethal weapon capable of wiping enemies out in a matter of seconds, nothing that any character at her level can accomplish.

Combo 2
For those whom want a Rin that is more melee-capable, this is what you need. No doubt the default tornado attacks are still powerful, this allows Rin to attack at a blindingly fast pace and react better at close range to an enemy- If Rin is spaced at an inappropriate distance, both her evasions -in either direction- may not even save her from an attack, and this is one weakness the default combo may have.

Besides, almost all of the augments can only work with Combo 2.

Critical 2
Doing this removes the forward evade, a critical move (no pun intended) that is sometimes more effective that evading backwards because sometimes backwards isn't an option at all. Imagine being cornered, with a lethal attack that will kill you next - do you think a few extra hits and Dark gauge gain will save you? Or an evade that brings you behind your enemy to safety?

The reason why Rin should be so committed to evasion is because while we trust Rin's power to completely crush her enemies, Rin cannot trust us to make calculations ahead of time, that is, the prediction of whether we can kill off an enemy before they counterattack Rin in the face. There is value in a short retreat than simply charging head on into enemies on every encounter.

Jump 2
While some players think the semi-otto style of this attack is pretty effective, I think it is plain ridiculous when platforming is just as effective. For one, using Jump 2 interrupts your jump height and sometimes causes you to fall back on the ground prematurely in front of an enemy. Surely you will fill your Dark gauge using this, but the constant platforming from the original jump attack will keep your senses alert and primed for evasive measures instead of being too absorbed trying to keep the otto going. Platforming also makes it much more easier to get behind an enemy as each jump attack deals a lot of hits and stun.

There is absolutely no logic in sacrificing HP to reset your stance. If you need it to cut your attack short and evade- just do it without this. It is why Rin is so agile, that I choose to maximize her evasion abilities rather than trade them away for Dark gauge gain.

Dash 2
I prefer one decisive hit from Rin's tornado than a multi-hit push that takes a fraction of a second longer to launch an enemy into the air. You recover a little faster and get to react against counters faster as well.

Shadow Dodge and Sharp Wind
These two get to stay because they provide additional hits and movement during combat. Shadow Dodge compliments your backward dodge while Sharp Wind allows you to hop onto a platform above you if it isn't too high, allowing you to an option to platforming or onto the next course of action. The multi-hit stun of course, helps a lot in pacifying your enemies.


In Chaotic's tree, Rin gains a few new techniques and upgrades to two of her skills, Desperate Force and Wailing Gust. Of most important note, is Weapon Enhancement. An augment so lethal, so refreshable that it screams murder just looking at it. Anyways, on to the explanations.

Charging Buff (and teleport)
This is almost useless for sacrificing more HP just to obtain nothing short a good attack boost. And the boost time is pretty short for a lengthy charge time.

Jump Technique 1 & 2
You definitely want these. Not only do these moves allow Rin to traverse heights, it also provides great mobility in a flash should you want to get out of a potentially risky situation. Just note that these moves don't have invincibility frames, so if Rin slams into an attacking enemy or projectile, she'll take the hit.

Dash Attack Application 1
Useless, completely useless. Unfortunately this move was meant for PvP because it would catch players perfectly. On monsters? Not even all 3 hits unless it was a grounded enemy.

Bloody Wall
A useless technique that serves zero purpose for dungeons.


Right here, you'll definitely want everything Chosen has to offer. This is where Rin maximizes her passives.

X Key Enhancement
If you are following my advice so far, then this augment is already cosmetic. It will serve no purpose.

Back Fall & Firm Blow
They compliment each other but as far as even I am concerned, I/we probably forget to use this often. The surprise element is better for PvP actually. But is nonetheless useful for some extra hits on recovery.

Increase MP Recovery & Critical Enhancement
I don't think I need to explain these at all. They are [Exactly What It Says On The Tin] augments and will blank out their previous Lv1 augments when you acquire their Lv2 versions.

Dodge Dash Attack 2
Now for one exception, if you still want to change your dash attack type (from Awakened's tree) then now is a good time for it. This allows you to evade straight after the dash attack is executed, and provides a safety measure should a dash attack fail to put down an enemy.

Transformation segment will not be discussed as it is completely up to a player to decide the way they want to build her Goddess Form. There is no advantageous style, just player preference.


In my opinion, there is only one formulated setup to follow while everything else is seconded to player preference. Long story short, because Rin (say it with me) IS SO GOD DAMN POWERFUL, by default. Skills mostly become a fancy option for boss fights to destroy them quicker, when she can simply decimate anything with just 2-3 sweep attacks on regular enemies.

Let's look at the overall damage charts before going into skill descriptions

Flash of Light
A very fast skill that deals knock up and very high damage, compliments well with high critical damage.

Endless Strength
Allows Rin to close in on her enemy with multiple hits and knockdown. Has a much longer delay than Wind Wings.

Wind Wings
A quick attacking skill that simply launches enemies and has a shorter cooldown.

Eye of the Storm
A stationary skill which functions as a trap with focused damage by attacking at one spot while Rin can still move around if activation is delayed

Desperate Force
Designed for linear reach, this skill has a long strike radius that is good against regular enemies, but loses effectiveness on bosses and any unmovable enemy.

Internal Flame
A skill with moderately high damage that strikes in a flash. It's radius allows it to attack enemies around Rin quickly.

Final Flash of Light
One of the most powerful skills in existence, and it isn't even a 4th skill. Dark Rin's version is insanely powerful and will obliterate anything that isn't buffed with defense. What makes it sweeter is it's ease of usage and very large hit zone, combined with an effective delay until it's cast animation ends.

Wailing Gust
A radial type skill that strikes around Rin instead of one direction. It's not as powerful as the other two mentioned above but it provides a brief moment of invincibility if you augment it with Chaotic's tree.

Internal Passion
Rivaling equally in strength is Internal Passion which not only has a larger hit count but also possible damage potential when critical rates and damage factor in entirely. It's slight homing ability also makes it convenient to use when you don't want to be in the enemy's attack path for any reason.

Unstoppable Strength
Rin's ultimate skill, not only provides a wide-area attack skill but also has a (less than effective) focused attack skill if used against some large boss targets. While it's strength is subject to the way it is used, it is still decently powerful enough to put the hurt on enemies. Note that this skill has had several nerfs to it's hit mechanics and special properties, along with the removal of a exploit that allowed double use of this skill.

Skill Setup:
  • 1 slot for Weapon Enhancement
  • 1 slot for Final Flash of Light
  • 3 slots open to any skill you desire.
Without argument, these are what every Dark Rin player should have. I feel there is zero need to explain further, and I'd like to cut this segment short!

One thing you should not forget. As an AMP character, there is a unique mechanic for skill use via MP charge.

Note slots 1 and 2, which contain 2 Tier-1 skills Wind Wings and Endless Strength.

When charging MP to use skills, the system takes the order of skill arrangement into account. Thus the consequences in this example are-
  • MP Charging for a Tier-1 skill will only let you use Wind Wings, regardless of whether it is on cooldown from hotkey use
  • Endless Strength can only be used by hotkeying and waiting for it's cooldown

Be advised this also affects the way Tier-2 and Tier-3 skills are used, but not her 4th skill Unstoppable Strength which is still triggered via hotkey only.

Lime & Asin, being AMP characters are also affected by this example.


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  1. Excuse me, you didn't mention Purification at all. I am curious about that skill's damage. Is it better than (Dark) Final Flash of Light?