Rin: Chaotic (Dark)


GC Eternity: Chaotic
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Chaotic brings about an extremely powerful technique that reinforces her melee combo to be even more vicious than before. Weapon Enhancement, the most important augment of the tree is the one technique Rin players will definitely use the most thanks to it's offensive boost for all attacks.

Nothing really needs to be said about Chaotic's advancement as the rest will be explained in the individual sections.

  • Type: Dash-Through
  • For the already elusive Rin, Dodging is a welcome bonus to her game. There's no additional benefit besides the fact that she can dodge an attack in stationary pose, instead of having to side-step away.
  • When you're blazing around with your techniques all happy and forgetful, remember to dodge out of harm's way if you accidentally fly into well, harm's way.

  • Refresh Weapon Enhancement as often as possible, it is your one key to improved attack power and the most crucial in starting any offensive.
  • By using Dodge in the middle of her upward jump technique, Rin can extend her jump height to almost 5 platforms vertically. Great for tactical traversing of jump stages or terrain.

Skill Tree Setup:

Like Rufus' skill tree, Rin's too is completely linear. Thus I'll follow the previous concept of color-coding.


Wind Wings (29 AP)
  • Type: Impact
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Rin uses wind shears around her to attack enemies close to her.
  • This is similar to Awakened's augment Sharp Wind, except it is a skill and keeps Rin on the ground.


Weapon Enhancement (6 AP)
  • Type: Combo Augment
  • This single technique powers up every aspect of Rin's offense and affects a large variety of attacks.
  • The Curse enhancement causes extra hits to occur on the affected enemies, this enhancement applies to many of Rin's attacks and exponentially multiplies her damage capability in just mere seconds and causing them to bleed further. It also works with Rin's default tornadoes.
  • Once the Dark gauge fills up-
  • All of Rin's attacks will start dealing greater damage, including her skills, and drain HP PER HIT dealt- when combined with the above mentioned powers of Weapon Enchantment, can result in a HP recovery spike, bringing Rin to full health and even back from near death.
  • The full Dark gauge & curse enhancement adds even more hits to her regular attacks, as many as 10 total hits in a single jump attack.
  • Hellspears no longer trigger on the extra hits, and will only occur on the base hits that she inflicts. This dramatically changes the usefulness of Hellspears on Rin's game-breaking assaults.

Bloody Wall (6 AP)
  • Range: Short
  • Bloody Wall is completely useless in dungeons. It cannot deflect attacks nor stop enemies.


Charging Buff
By pressing the "X" key, Rin can exchange part of her lifeforce for increased attack power. Rin can take up to 3 charges which increases the HP drain and attack power exponentially.
  • The effects in PvP and dungeon differ greatly. The current statistics look like this.
  • Lv1 Charge: 8% HP drain, 3% atk increase
  • Lv2 Charge: 16% HP drain, 6% atk increase
  • Lv3 Charge: 28% HP drain, 10% atk increase
The HP drain was found to be inconsistent at various levels and various remaining HP levels, while the attack % remains constant. Due to the irregular HP drain and subpar increase in attack, it can be determined this technique is not worth the effort and loss- Especially since Rin is a passive killing machine without extra gimmicks.

Teleport while Charging
Allows Rin to teleport out to safety if being attacked. Simply pressing "left" or "right" will teleport her.

Jump Technique 1
Allows Rin to perform a diagonal flying-blitz attack in the downward direction during a jump.

Enhanced Desperate Force
An augment to Awakened's skill, Desperate Force. After the first charging force, Rin charges back to her position in the same attack stance. Using this augment however, will reduce the damage by half in exchange for twice the attacking duration.

Dash Attack Application 1
Trades the tornado launching attack for a sphere attack, has reduced reach but a few more hits than the tornado.

Jump Technique 2
Similar to Jump Technique 1, this allows Rin to do the upward version.

Enhanced Wailing Gust
An augment to Awakened's skill, Wailing Gust. After the initial wind shear attack, Rin becomes enveloped in an aura of her own for a few seconds like Mocking Blade, while being able to attack enemies coming close to her. While in that state she is granted HyperArmor and takes 50% less damage.


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