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GC Eternity: Polaris
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GC Season V: Polaris
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The Polaris wields yet another unorthodox weapon which is the mallet. Despite the weapon itself, her perceived range is actually very short for a melee weapon. Regardless, the melee combo for Polaris is not very strong, as the stun is actually not enough to stop enemies form countering her, long before she is done with her combo. As an advisory, she is best kept on her mobile feet than combo-locked.

Polaris' real power actually lies with her Kormet robot, which is a deviation from the usual W.D.W. As a robot, it attacks differently and more furiously than the W.D.W itself, causing a lot of damage to her enemies. Also, she functions more as an offensive support, as evidenced by the constructs she builds that benefit the team.

  • Type: Teleport
  • Mari often leaves herself vulnerable during attack combos, and since by default she has no evasive measures, she is often at risk of taking too much damage if she is landlocked while attacking. Again like most melee characters, it gives her a measure of safety to have Dodge available.
  • Definitely going to need this, because Polaris sorely lacks range and even hitstun where it counts, causing her to have to evade a lot. Coupled with awkward situations where players don't want to waste mana with her Magic Bolt-type attacks, Dodging is the only way to cut the combo short and cycle back into an attack sequence.
Inherent Techniques:
  • Construct I - Mana Divider (C + ←)
  • Constructs a mana generator that speeds up mana regen for all teammates and Mari.
  • Lasts for 10 seconds, and restores up to 1.5 bars of MP on average.
  • Construct II - Triple Cannon (C + →)
  • Constructs an artillery turret that fires 3 rounds in a line. Only up to 2 can be placed at a time.
  • Very slow firing rate, only fires 2 times in total.
  • Each shot leaves burning embers on the ground.
  • Construct III - Portal (C + ↓)
  • Places a portal gate on Mari's current position. Requires two placements for the portal to function.
  • Placing a third one will remove the 1st or previous gate, and so forth.
  • The gate is permanent until stage transitions.
  • KORMET Summon (C + ↑)
  • Summon Mari's (Polaris') special construct, the KORMET robot which functions in place of the previously used Wing Drives.
  • Magic Bolt (→→← + Z)
  • Fires off a slow hovering magic sphere in the opposite direction, deals periodic damage and knockback as it hits an enemy. Consumes some MP.
  • Jump Bolt (↓Z during a jump)
  • A "shot" version of Magic Bolt that is fired downwards at an enemy. Consumes some MP.
  • Dash Jump (→→↑)
  • Initiates a high and fast boosted jump into the air.
  • Has a slight delay before the take-off occurs, as compared to Geas' version.
  • If KORMET is active, Polaris can trigger Air Dash (→→) for more distance.
  • Mana Shield: (XX + ↑)
  • Activates a 10 second shield that depletes MP for each hit taken rather than draining your HP. This ability is usable by all of Mari's classes.
  • Magic Orb: (XX + X)
  • Summons a Magic Orb that rests beside Mari. It has no practical use except to provide one bar of MP when Mari is struck by any attack.

  • Mari can dash away to cancel her stance mode.
  • Polaris has special techniques that drains her MP, be careful if those attacks are not your intention.
  • Mari has a special jump where she can leap back onto the platform after a drop-down dash off a platform by pressing "up" again. (Performed as →→↓↑) This move can be done by all 4 classes. 
  • By using Dodge in the middle of her rocket jump, Mari can extend her jump height to almost 5 platforms vertically. Great for tactical traversing of jump stages or terrain.

Skill Tree Setup: 

Cooldown: Reduced Counterattack Cooldown
Decreases counterattack cooldown from 9 seconds to 6 seconds.

Mana Shield: Enhanced Mana Shield
Reduces the amount of MP drained when taking hits.

Jump: Enhanced Rocket Jump
During a rocket jump, holding or pressing up at the peak of her jump will allow Mari to bounce up once for extra climbing height.

Polaris uses a different weapon called the KORMET. It is seen when a player starts off as a Polaris, where she sits atop a giant robot. When summoned, it appears miniature, indicating this robot can alter it's size at will. KORMET basically attacks using it's enlarged fists and explosive weapons on board. It also carries the W.D.W on it's body, as seen to appear from it when using the jump attack, although their role is now minimal as compared to KORMET's appearance.

Interestingly, KORMET will mimic Polaris when she uses her skills. Though it is only for cosmetic amusement.
  • Polaris can only use the KORMET robot and not the fin funnel versions of Rune Caster & Gunslinger. KORMET will idle if weapon change is used.
  • Polaris can air dash like Geas only if KORMET is around. However the dash activation is also slower than Geas' version.

Skill Setup:

Tier 1:

No Mercy
  • Type: One-Shot, Impact, Damage-Stack
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Mari sweeps her mallet across like a golf club and slams it into her enemy, knocking them away.
  • A bomb is attached to all enemies struck by the mallet, when they land, the bomb will explode and deal additional damage to the main enemy and those around it. If multiple enemies are struck this way, they will all land together and take stacked damage from each others bomb.
  • In the case of grounded enemies, the bomb explodes shortly afterwards.

Tier 2:

Call of Ruin
  • Type: Splash
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Mari conjurers a magic circle on the ground in front of her, and several ghostly hands appear as they harm the enemies on them.
  • This skill cannot be re-used until the first one ends entirely. If you spam this skill out, the second one comes out empty with Mari performing the animation over nothing.

Tier 3:

  • Type: Projectile, Splash, Linear
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Mari releases a large radiating sphere of ice which moves forward and explodes into an ice shower.
  • The sphere drags the enemies with it until it explodes.

Tier 4:

Absolute Power
  • Type: AoE
  • Range: Wide
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • KORMET appears in his real size and radiates a powerful electromagnetic field around him, damaging enemies in the net of electricity.
  • Strangely, this attack pushes enemies away instead of drawing them in for maximum effectiveness. This makes it difficult to use on regular monsters.
  • Even if KORMET is summoned as a weapon, he stays with Mari and does nothing during Absolute Power.


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  1. Magic Orb passively increases MP Recovery while it's active. Being hit by an attack will make it disappear, giving you all the remaining MP it would have given if it wasn't destroyed.