Mari: Gunslinger


GC Eternity: Gunslinger
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GC Season V: Gunslinger
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The Gunslinger can be a slightly unwieldy character to use due to her indirect weapon combat and limitations imposed to her weapon. Using a magical gun called the Maverick, it functions as a regular gun firing short ranged bullets and can be infused with magical power by Mari. However, it's overheating limitation forces Mari to occasionally rely on close quarter combat while her gun cools down. In short, players will have to acknowledge this limitation and get used to dual play styles as a Gunslinger.

Mari has rather rigid movements by default, and this can take a while to practice especially when going into combat this way. When fighting as a Gunslinger, don't rush into a mob as she has poor crowd control. Pick your targets off one by one and she will survive longer.

  • Type: Teleport
  • Mari often leaves herself vulnerable during attack combos, and since by default she has no evasive measures, she is often at risk of taking too much damage if she is landlocked while attacking. Again like most melee characters, it gives her a measure of safety to have Dodge available.
  • Although attacking from a distance, the Gunslinger takes a long time to recover from any final gunshot and this puts her in precarious situations. Even if the W.D.W is active, the scenario is the same for her, thus Dodging not only maximizes combat potential but also lets you keep your distance after Dodging, without having to close in on your opponent again.
Inherent Techniques:
  • Construct I - Spring Board (C + ←)
  • Constructs a spring mechanism that deals damage and knocks back an enemy.
  • It only does this once and disappears after use.
  • Construct II - Triple Missile (C + →)
  • Constructs an artillery turret that fires missiles that burst into 3 separate bombs.
  • Very slow firing rate, only fires 3 times in total.
    • W.D.W Summon (C + ↑)
    • Summon Mari's ultimate construct, the Wing Drive Weapon, which takes different forms\formations according to the class that Mari uses.
    • Turning Shot (→→← + Z)
    • A reverse in the opposite direction where she is running, a counter-attack move against a chasing enemy.
    • Dash Jump (→→↑)
    • Initiates a high and fast boosted jump into the air.
    • Has a slight delay before the take-off occurs, as compared to Geas' version
    • Mana Shield: (XX + ↑)
    • Activates a 10 second shield that depletes MP for each hit taken rather than draining your HP. This ability is usable by all of Mari's classes.
    • Magic Bullet: (XX + X)
    • Gives Mari one round of a freezing shot. Mari can still fire regular shots; only your "X" key will release the stored round.
    • Freezes enemies in ice when hit.
    • Ice particles can be seen on the Maverick if the round is still in store.

    • Gunslinger's rocket jump is much slower to take off than Geas.
    • Mari can dash away to cancel her stance mode.
    • The Maverick's shots must not be fired too close to an enemy, as it will simply pass through the body and not explode on them. A small distance is ideal.
    • Mari has a special jump where she can leap back onto the platform after a drop-down dash off a platform by pressing "up" again. (Performed as →→↓↑) This move can be done by all 4 classes. 
    • By using Dodge in the middle of her rocket jump, Mari can extend her jump height to almost 5 platforms vertically. Great for tactical traversing of jump stages or terrain.

    Skill Tree Setup:

    Cooldown: Reduced Counterattack Cooldown
    Decreases counterattack cooldown from 9 seconds to 6 seconds.

    Mana Shield: Enhanced Mana Shield
    Reduces the amount of MP drained when taking hits.

    Jump: Enhanced Rocket Jump
    During a rocket jump, holding or pressing up at the peak of her jump will allow Mari to bounce up once for extra climbing height.

    W.D.W (Wing Drive Weapon) System
    Mari's trademark technique, the W.D.W boosts her attack prowess significantly and changes her into a melee capable attacker, for a limited time anyway. The Gunslinger version has 4 fin funnels supporting Mari. When firing the Maverick, the fins will function as gun support and fire 2 laser beams above and under with the Maverick round, adding to the weapon damage. When using other forms of physical attacks, all 4 fins will attack together.

    Do note that Gunslinger's W.D.W is has been heavily nerfed. All its previous tellings of great power and damage is now void.

    There are some details to take note about the W.D.W system. But I will reiterate them in each class as some details may be different.
    • Rune Caster & Gunslinger uses the same fin funnel-type W.D.W, so they will switch attacking styles according to which class you are using.
    • However, this system is not shared with the Polaris & Geas classes, as they do not use the fin funnel system. If switching classes anyway, the fin funnels will simply idle behind Mari when using Polaris and Geas.
    • Likewise, the Kormet Robot, which is used only by Polaris, will simply idle behind Mari if classes have been switched.

    Skill Setup:

    Tier 1:

    • Type: Splash, Impact
    • Range: Short
    • Damage: Multi
    • Animation: Short
    • Mari points the Maverick into the ground and creates two ground-ripping shockwaves under. Enemies hit by it gets knocked back.

    Tier 2:

    High Powered Rush
    • Type: Splash, Impact
    • Range: Mid
    • Damage: Multi
    • Animation: Short
    • Mari activates a missile relay on the ground where a salvo of missiles will fly out and turn towards the ground quickly, bombarding the ground ahead of Mari with explosions.
    • Enemies hit by this attack are also knocked away.

    Tier 3:

    Chaos Beam
    • Type: Linear
    • Range: Long
    • Damage: Multi - Burst
    • Animation: Short
    • Mari calls out two masked assistants (a parody to Power Rangers of course) and fire off a giant laser cannon ahead.
    • The cannon has limited range and will hit enemies even at point blank range, but not as effectively.

    Tier 4:

    Ultimate Weapon
    • Type: Combo Augment, Splash, Shock
    • Range: Nil
    • Damage: Nil
    • Animation: Short
    • For 15 seconds, Ultimate Weapon charges up the Maverick with electrically charged bullets that causes shock, capable of dealing large amounts of stacked and splash damage and with no overheating for the duration of the skill. Each shot also inflicts the Shock status on enemies.
    • Ultimate Weapon can be used together with the W.D.W system, although there are no improvements on that system alone.
    • Switching weapons will cancel the Ultimate Weapon buff immediately.


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