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GC Eternity: Geas
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GC Season V: Geas
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The pinnacle of Mari's power and players' favourite, the Geas. The Geas is Mari's final form of awakening and is highly sought after for her speed and destructive capabilities. No doubt, the Geas excels in high speed movement, is very quick to attack and exhibits powerful skills. But if there is only one shortfall, is her agility. Despite having all that speed in moving and attacking, she is cumbersome at some point and cannot react as fast as most melee characters can. This is mostly caused by long recovery times during attack sequences.

Nevertheless the Geas remains a powerful force to reckon with on the battlefield. She has excellent field control and crowd control power, being capable of taking mass forces entirely on her own and breaking them down.

  • Type: Teleport
  • Mari often leaves herself vulnerable during attack combos, and since by default she has no evasive measures, she is often at risk of taking too much damage if she is landlocked while attacking. Again like most melee characters, it gives her a measure of safety to have Dodge available.
  • Geas is NOT all that overwhelming. Her main weakness is in her main combo which ends with a ridiculously long animation + freeze time which leaves her highly and precariously immobile a lot of the time.
Inherent Techniques:
  • Barrier (C)
  • An instance shield designed to deflect singular hits from an enemy. Deals chip damage against the attacker and stuns them if able. Does not work on multi-hit attacks so be cautious when deciding to take any attacks head on.
  • Dash Jump (→→↑)
  • Initiates a high and fast boosted jump into the air.
  • Has no delay during take-off, reaction time being significantly faster than her predecessors.
  • Air Dash (→→) is also possible without limitations.
  • Booster Dash (→ after a dash)
  • Initiates a land-only high speed dash across the ground. At any time, Mari can activate the Dash Jump simply by pressing "↑" at this point.
  • Booster Reverse Dash (←Z after a dash)
  • Mari enters a quick reverse using her SoulTakers as a booster. If enemies touch Mari during this move, they get knocked down. Pressing "Z" during the reverse dash executes her dash attack forwards as a quick counter.
  • Stance Change (XX while idle)
  • Mari enters her stance which she uses for advanced techniques. (See Special Techniques below for individual details) The available commands are-
  • Repair (Z)
  • Silence (X→)
  • Canceller (X↑)
  • Mana Shield (↑)
  • Mega Launcher (C)

  • Geas features the booster dash, rocket dash and air dash altogether in one simplified package. Her dash reaction timing is also the fastest of the 4.
  • Geas no longer relies on constructs.
  • Mari has a special jump where she can leap back onto the platform after a drop-down dash or simply dashing off a platform by pressing "up" again. (Performed as →→↓↑) This move can be done by all 4 classes. 
  • By using Dodge in the middle of her rocket jump, Mari can extend her jump height to almost 5 platforms vertically. Great for tactical traversing of jump stages or terrain.

Skill Tree Setup: 

Cooldown: Reduced Counterattack Cooldown
Decreases counterattack cooldown from 9 seconds to 6 seconds.

Mana Shield: Enhanced Mana Shield
Reduces the amount of MP drained when taking hits.

Jump: Enhanced Rocket Jump
During a rocket jump, holding or pressing up at the peak of her jump will allow Mari to bounce up once for extra climbing height.

Special Techniques
Summons 3 magical spheres that revolve around her and increase her MP regen for 15 seconds.
  • If Mari takes certain hits, especially a knockdown hit- she will instantly regenerate a fixed amount of MP, but this will cease Repair.
  • By exploiting this trade-off under the right advantageous conditions, Mari can constantly reactivate Repair by taking non-lethal damage and regaining MP instantly and quickly.
  • The following two techniques require Repair to be active.

Fires off the spheres as a short range projectile weapon. It has no special effects in dungeons.

Creates a small defensive barrier which grants a brief period of invulnerability for 2 seconds. Has a 6 second cooldown.
  • If a multi-hit attack is received during the delay before Mari activates the Canceller, she will still take damage in that small instance until the shield materializes to protect her.
  • This shield also nulls the effects of "Jump" attacks.

Mana Shield:
Activates a 10 second shield that depletes MP for each hit taken rather than draining your HP. This ability is usable by all of Mari's classes.

Mega Launcher:
Geas forms this weapon by putting her Soultakers into formation, and firing slow and occasional blasts with it. The resulting projectile has high impact meant to repel enemies rather than inflict serious harm.
  • This attack is similar to Archer Lire's - Hunter Stance. It's mainly meant for PvP purposes as a siege weapon.

Soul Takers
Geas' weapons, the Soul Takers are her default automated weapons. She has no need to summon them and they stand ready to fight for her. As default weapons, they attack very swiftly and faster than their construct versions. Although not as powerful in terms of damage, their easy control and attack speed makes them very effective combat weapons for Geas.

As a result of these weapons, Geas has no need for reliance on construct weapons.

Geas also shares some limitations with her other classes on the usage of construct weapons.
  • Geas cannot utilize the W.D.W or KORMET from her other classes. They will idle when switched to Geas. But interestingly when the W.D.W is active, Geas will have 8 Soul Takers hovering around her.
  • The Soul Takers act as a form of propulsion for Geas with the Booster, Rocket and Air Dashes.

Skill Setup:

Tier 1:

  • Type: One-Shot, Impact
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Mari whips her Soultakers at an enemy, launching them into the air.
  • It's quick cast time allows it to work as an efficient counter attack.
  • It is similar to Buster but not as powerful on damage or impact.

Tier 2:

Charged Bolt
  • Type: Splash, Impact
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Mari discharges the Soultakers in a radial array of electricity around her dealing large amounts of damage to enemies inside the field. The attack also bounces enemies into the air with the electric field.
  • This skill deals very high damage rates and works exceptionally well with good critical numbers.

Tier 3:

Freeze Tempest
  • Type: Splash, AoE
  • Range: Long, Vertical
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Mari summons a magic glyph and calls upon her ice powers, calling down shards of freezing ice on the battlefield.
  • The ice shards always fall from right to left, but in an alternating order. This cannot be changed as Mari will always face one direction when using this skill.
  • The shards begin falling from 4-5 platforms above. Positioning allows her to maximize this skill's effects.
  • The freeze aura generated by the skill now deals much lesser damage, but will still freeze enemies in contact with it.

Tier 4:

Core Break
  • Type: AoE, DoT
  • Range: Wide, Vertical
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Mari commands her Soultakers into a vertical orbit around her and fires off 4 destructive ice beams that showers the entire stage in cold.
  • The greatest damage is dealt only at the site of Mari's beams and will freeze enemies in it's pillar range. The beams also have infinite upward vertical range.
  • The damage dealt outside of the beam's range and the snowfall afterwards is periodic and lasts for a while.


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