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GC Season V: Major
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Major Edel Frost is one heck of an elusive fencer, but her skill tree is about to give you a massive headache over the options available. Major's Skill tree essentially goes about topping up additional moves over the current ones given by the Captain Skill tree, almost allowing her to double roll, double attack, double evade, double dash on top of her double jumps.

Oh god I'm seeing double.

Basically, to a dungeoning player, this amount of movement options is really overkill- yet essential to the PvP aspect. Nonetheless, the options are there, and players should practice these new augments one at a time to get the feel of their practical use in combat.

  • Type: Aerial Maneuver
  • Considering that Edel is very combat-agile, giving her the Aerial Maneuver Dodge type really puts her into the air - Yes, you can now perform Double Jump, Air Flight and Dodge in one jump. That's 4 aerial movements! Of course, that's a little too much for evasion in the air, but it's usefulness on the ground is equally desirable.
  • Edel's "Air" can be annoying when you're trying to maintain a combo chain since it puts you on higher elevation each time you use it. So if you wish to maintain a combo streak, Dodge is pretty handy just for the sake of side-stepping an attack.

  • Edel gains a lot of new ways to attack and evade, it is overwhelming to see all the options so learn a few at a time rather than forcing the whole set into your head.
  • The only game-changer is Sword of Glory, which enables Edel to produce large amounts of damage in a short period of time, and the recast rate is fantastic.

Skill Tree Setup:

Advanced Jump Attack Type 1
Fires the flintlock after a successful jump attack. The problem with this is that monsters don't "stand" as tall as players in pvp. And with a jump attack that is hard to connect, this attack is rarely successful. (Eg, try this on Underpass monsters and see what I mean). Unless you are fighting a large or tall monster, don't expect this attack to work often.

Reverse Turn
A connecting attack after executing a critical or dash attack. This attack puts you some distance back after using it.

Flying Knee Kick
Similar to Reverse Turn, this is used after the dash attack.

Advanced Jump Attack Type 2
*See Type 1*

Does an upward swing after performing a "Retreat" attack.

Air Flight
After using the evasion move Air, you can perform another "Air" move, which shifts you in the other direction. Use this move carefully as you might accidentally shift back into the path of an ongoing attack.

Double Evasion
This one is confusing because you press another direction key to evade. This is used right after Evade. Note that Edel's feet must be on the ground to perform this second evasion.

Frontal Retreat
A technique that chains with Retreat by letting Edel slide forward as a follow up. The technique Slice can also be used after Frontal Retreat is used.

Advanced Jump Attack Type 3
*See Type 1*

Air Dash
Allows you to dash off during any instance of "Air" being performed.

Shadow Dash
Performs a rising spin in the same direction when executing Shadow Step, drawing more distance from a threat than usual.

Advanced Double Jump
Allows you to dash off after the Double Jump.

Ground Evasion
Allows you to roll away when you fall from an attack.

Critical Chance Increase
Critical Increase is good. The last level of increase is actually at Lv73, not Lv63.

Skill Setup:

  • Type: Close-In, Projectile
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Strikes once with the rapier and then the flintlock shot.
Despair Type 1: Freezes the target by flintlock fire.
  • Same as the original, but with the freeze effect.
  • The flintlock round must hit the target for freeze to take effect.
Despair Type 2: A multi-attack combo using both her rapier & flintlock.
  • Turns Despair into a Tier 2 skill with increased cooldown and AP cost.
  • Damage dealt is about 2x more on base rates.
Despair Type 3: Delivers a hail of ice shards onto her enemies.
  • Turns Despair into a Tier 3 skill with increased cooldown and AP cost.
  • Hit enemies within a boxed area of the ice shards range, however the damage dealt hardly justifies the cost, and is barely effective against boss-class enemies.

Sword of Glory
  • Type: Direct
  • Range: Self, Short
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Edel imbues herself with status-inflicting powers and generates a small shockwave to knock enemies back around her.
  • The given effects last for 8 seconds each. The short cooldown allows Edel to effectively recast Sword of Glory to replenish the effect once it wears out.
  • The default version gives her a lightning buff to her attacks. Deals 4 instances of extra damage, of which 3 are light, 1 of medium strength. The chain from the lightning also provides some MP regen.
Sword of Glory Type 1: Imbues her rapier with fire
  • Each hit drops embers on the monster. It is not effective for use and can cause relentless counterattacks from bosses. This Type has no MP regen effect
Sword of Glory Type 2: Imbues her rapier with curse
  • Each hit deals 2 instances of light damage. Also ineffective for combat with monsters. This Type has the slowest MP regen.
Sword of Glory Type 3: Imbues her rapier with darkness
  • Inflicts the most damage of all 4 types. Deals 2 instances of heavy damage. This Type has the fastest MP regen of all.

  • Type: Self
  • Range: Self
  • Damage: Nil
  • Animation: Short
  • Grants Edel the ability to produce beneficial effects for 7 seconds when she gets struck by an enemy attack.
  • The default Phase allows her to only evade one attack instance, which teleports her behind and above the enemy. Direction matters here, turning your back on the enemy when it strikes you will make you teleport in front rather than behind it.
  • This evasion move is ineffective against fast multi-hit attacks nor "Jump" attacks.
Phase Type 1: A small amount of MP is gained when struck
  • For every hit taken, you gain a little close to half a bar of MP.
  • The intensity of damage taken does not factor into the gain.
Phase Type 2: Cooldown across all of Edel's skills are reduced when struck.
  • For every hit taken, you gain -1 second to all cooldowns.
  • Eg. Getting hit by Aranya's electric eye attack can really reduce your cooldown thanks to the high number of hits.
Phase Type 3: Reflects damage taken when struck.
  • Currently untested due to insufficient level.
  • Reflecting damage is cool, however the objective in dungeoning is to avoid getting hit in the first place. So why choose this?


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