Veigas: Magi


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For those who find my Veigas underwhelming, that's because the above production was forced in order to maintain consistency. He's at Lv47, still dressed in Victor's equipment (Lv39). Hope this gives you an good idea how well Veigas fared while under limited potential.

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Videos playable in 720px HD

Due to the new dungeon settings, I am unable to play at Underpass so I had to settle with Battle for Bermesiah.


The Magi pretty much resembles Ley in movement and combat. That's about right, except Veigas offers more control and is combat competent than she is.

Magi's skill tree amazingly offers an array of skills- 15 to be exact! Interestingly enough with the exception of melee skills, they cover a very wide variety of uses and damage patterns, turning Veigas into a completely multi-role character without having to wait for job changes. However, as he is an AP character, his AP regen cannot keep up with the usage of his skills and that he lacks a passive for increased regen.

Players will also notice his tree lacks movement augmentation, but only seeks to expend the number of ways he can fight and add to his combos.

  • Type: Dash-Through
  • Like Rin, Veigas evades the same way by dashing through his enemies. And unlike Ley, he is more mobile and free to evade despite his similar style of combat.
  • Since Veigas' attack methods aren't of the melee or direct type, he will require positioning and often needs to displace himself. Use Dodge to keep tight control of the enemy as his lack of hitstun will allow them to move around while he transitions from combo to combo or while evading.

  • Almost all of Veigas' attacks are multi-hit types, which add to the damage and stun for better control over his enemies.
  • Veigas has excellent juggling ability, use it to the fullest.
  • Range is his major sell point. From the standard attack to the jump attack, the Cube easily covers multiple wide vectors of attack for Veigas.
  • For some weird reason, Veigas doesn't contact well with the bouncers on jump stages. Be careful when crossing these stages and be patient. His dash can also put you out of control because of it's 'slipperiness'.
Skill Tree Setup:


Dimension Crevice:
Veigas creates of dimensional warp which acts as a "return point" for any enemies he hits with this technique. Once this happens, the next time you use the hotkey, Veigas will attack normally but with a warp effect that throws enemies back to that point.
  • The warping hits can only be used when Veigas has both feet on the ground (not literally)
  • Normal hits do not have that effect.
  • Affects any and all enemies. Only bosses and stationary objects are not.
Due to the nature of this attack, it is very good for bunching up enemy ranks and then finishing them off with Veigas' DoT skills and especially Overdrive which mows them across. It can also be used to upset enemy positions but will not stop their current actions through warping, so be cautious if an enemy is about to throw a counterattack.

*Thanks to the new aggressive AI, Dimension Crevice is less of a necessity now.

Black Shield:
Generates a 3-point blockade on the sides and bottom of Veigas with Deus' power. It can deflect up to 3 projectiles on each axis regardless of the attack strength. It is completely ineffective against beam-projectile or multi-hit attacks, and will not block off monsters in dungeons.

Places a trap that lasts for 10 seconds on the ground. When an enemy stumbles on it, it activates to cause 8 instances of no-damage stun on the enemy and others that walk into it. It will trigger Hellspears but on a rather low %. If nothing triggers the trap, it disappears.

Deus whirls around Veigas and launches any enemy caught in it's attack towards him. This can be triggered very spontaneously and cause infinite juggling.

Back Step:
Veigas slips back a short distance in the middle of his attack.

Advanced Back Step:
Veigas can attack during Back Step by launching Deus swiftly ahead.

Advanced Jump Attack:
Veigas diagonally whips Deus, attacking an enemy multiple times in it's forward and return arcs for a maximum of 6 hits. The number of hits dealt varies by the size of your target. Unfortunately, this attack has a long recovery time when Veigas lands, and thus platforming with this attack is not possible.

Advanced Dash Attack:
Veigas dash attacks by whipping Deus diagonally upwards, and this adds a downward whip as a follow up command, bouncing enemies off the ground when it hits. This attack can sometimes knock Super Armored enemies off their feet.

At any time Veigas performs a dash and tries to attack behind him, he fires off an energy sphere. This works with dashes of any vector of movement.

Dimension Wrap:
When Veigas falls, he instantly warps back standing up in the direction you last pressed afterwards

Veigas' passives comes in the form of empowering runes named after the first 9 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. And it appears the runes may have been derived from the Elder Futhark script of runic language. Depending on the rune that you choose in each type, their effects can be cumulative. Their effects are as follows-

Upon further inspection, the runic design is based entirely on 3 scripts - Elder Futhark, Younger Futhark and Anglo-Saxon. Their names are still derived from the Hebrew alphabet, albeit spelt differently.

Type A:
Arref (Aleph)
Reduces Critical rate by 3% while boosting Critical damage by a whopping 100%. Note that this rune is useless from the beginning if you can't even muster anything beyond 10% in critical rate.

Byet (Beth)
Increases attack strength by 3% for 5 seconds when Veigas hits a total of 3 enemies with any attack.

Gymel (Gimel)
Any triggered critical hit, be it from normal attack, techniques and skills, will increase your AP regen for 5 seconds. The regen is negligible though.

Type B:
Darlet (Daleth)
Increases technique cooldown by 2 seconds while reducing skill cooldown by 1 second for each technique used. A skill must presently be in cooldown for Darlet's effect to work on it.

Hy (He)
Increases skill damage by 5% but increases the cooldown of your skills when using them.
  • Tier 1 skills: +2 seconds
  • Tier 2 skills: +5 seconds
  • Tier 3 skills: +10 seconds
  • Tier 4 skill: No effect

Barb (Waw)
Once Veigas' HP falls below 30%, an AP regen buff activates. It removes itself should his HP rise above 30%.

Type C:
Jain (Zayin)
Increases AP consumption by 25% for each skill use but reduces their individual cooldown.
  • Tier 1 skills: -4 seconds
  • Tier 2 skills: -5 seconds
  • Tier 3 skills: -6 seconds
  • Tier 4 skill: No effect

Het (Heth)
Increases skills damage by 10% but increases your AP consumption by 25%. When it comes to skill damage increase, this rune is not as detrimental as Hy is to your cooldown.
  • In the above cases of Jain & Het, AP consumption is only factored in after skill use and affects the gauge only if you have excess AP.
  • eg. a skill that uses 29AP, requires minimally 29AP to activate and drains the gauge to 0.
  • If your gauge has visibly more than 29AP, the gauge proceeds to drain up to 25% extra AP.

Tet (Teth)
Decreases the AP consumption of skills by 25%, but drains 5% of your remaining HP for each skill used. (Not based on the 100% total)
  • AP reduction is only factored in after skill use.
  • eg. a skill that uses 29AP, still requires 29AP to activate, but will consume 25% less AP on the gauge.

Notes about Passives:
  • Gymel & Barb are compatible, but the combined regen is too negligible to even be noticed. Might be different for PvP.
  • Hy & Jain are not compatible, despite having opposite effects on cooldowns.

Skill Setup:

Veigas owns a total of 15 skills with 5 skills in each Tier (1,2 & 3), I will proceed row by row, writing them down in Tiers.

Tier 1:

  • Type: Lock-On, One-Shot
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • With a finger-snap, Veigas triggers a small explosion at the closest targeted enemy around him.
  • The range of the lock-on is radial around Veigas, so it can also hit enemies right behind him if there is none in front.

  • Type: Splash
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Veigas uses Deus to trigger dimensional forces at high speeds, dealing low multi-hit damage.

Dark Frenzy
  • Type: Close-In, Splash
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Burst - Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Veigas triggers a dimensional rift that draws in his enemies in front of him, then blasting the rift to deal a single high damage hit.
  • Enemies must be finally positioned at the rift for the single hit to occur, otherwise the rift harmlessly fades away and does nothing else.

Dark Binding
  • Type: Stun
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Nil
  • Animation: Short
  • Veigas traps his enemies in a dimensional field that locks them in place for 3 seconds. No damage is dealt by the skill.
  • Dark Binding has no effect on boss-class enemies.

Dark Hole
  • Type: Lock-On, Damage-Stack
  • Range: Mid ~ Long
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short - Long
  • Veigas uses a dimension rift and a sphere to track down an enemy closest to him, the hit enemy takes 3 instances of high damage and is warped to where Veigas is.
  • If an enemy is stacked, the sphere will warp them all in and deal stacked damage to all of them.
  • The duration of the homing sphere can be extended by mashing "Z" which prolongs it's life until no more AP can be supplied. Potions can be used to extend the AP gauge before it runs out.
  • Veigas is impervious to attack for as long as he is still controlling the sphere.

Tier 2:

  • Type: Splash
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Veigas triggers a mid-sized explosion of energy some distance ahead of him, dealing moderate multi-hit damage.
  • The range is fixed and will not hit anything nearer or beyond it's range.

Death's Caress
  • Type: Splash, Linear
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Dimensional vortexes swirl around Veigas and slice at enemies inside the zone of attack. Capable of attacking on both sides around Veigas.
  • This skill will toss enemies about, and depending on their trajectories, damage potential may be lost from them bouncing around in the air instead. So this skill is best used for freshly knocked down enemies, where they will not move for a while.

Burning Agony
  • Type: Close-In, Splash
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi - Burst
  • Animation: Long
  • Similar but a stronger version than Dark Frenzy, Veigas concentrates the rift to his body and draws them nearer to him, then triggering a more damaging explosion afterwards.

Dark Barrier
  • Type: AoE: Medium
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Nil
  • Animation: Short
  • Veigas creates a cuboid barrier which increases HP and AP regen while inside the cube's influence. Moving outside of the cube halts the regen.
  • Unlike it's description, it will not stop enemy movement or attack from inside or outside the cube.
  • The barrier lasts for 5 seconds.

Dark Cannon
  • Type: Projectile, Linear
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short - Long
  • Veigas fires a line of 6 energy projectiles which flies straight forwards at his enemy. Each projectile hits twice.
  • Each projectile will slowly knock up an enemy into the air, the secondary hit and each projectile that follows will deal aerial damage bonus in this case.
  • Purely effective against grounded targets but without the aerial damage bonus as they cannot be launched into the air.
  • Each "Z" pressed releases an extra 2 projectiles. A full 3-Bar gauge will produce no less than 12 projectiles if mashed. This attack can become increasingly powerful with use of potions and passive rune adjustment.
  • This attack cannot hit low-bodied enemies by default.
  • ^ Dark Cannon's vector of fire can be changed - Veigas can fire to his front in an arc up to ~150 degrees, but not vertically in both axes.

Tier 3:

  • Type: Lock-On, Splash
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Multi - Burst
  • Animation: Long
  • Veigas aims at a point in the current dimension and delivers a multitude of damaging explosions at that point 4 seconds later.
  • The lock-on time is only 2 seconds before the marker stops moving.
  • Distortion also blasts enemies into the air, resulting in aerial hits.

  • Type: Projectile, Pierce, One-Shot
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Veigas fires a large energy sphere that blasts its way through its enemies.
  • The trajectory is straight-firing and can be aimed in high or low vectors where Veigas is facing, but never vertically straight up or down.
  • The sphere hits each enemy only once.
  • Overdrive has now reduced damage and projectile speed, nearly half reduced. Nonetheless, a slow projectile will have randomly lucky advantages, and will still mow down your average mobs in one hit - not so much for mini-bosses and of course, bosses.

  • Type: Projectile, Close-In, Splash
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi - Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Veigas fires off an energy projectile which traps enemies in a powerful stun-lock at it's stop point and detonates into a shattering explosion afterwards.
  • If the sphere makes contact with an object, it stops there and works it's effects. Otherwise, it will travel mid-range near the edge of the screen and works it's effects there instead.
  • Though the description says otherwise, it doesn't produce a draw-in effect.

Absolute Dark
  • Type: DoT
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Nil
  • Animation: Short
  • Veigas projects a large dimensional field around him which damages enemies periodically while they are inside the field.
  • While inside the field, enemy HP regen halts and takes 2x the damage dealt.
  • The field lasts for 10 seconds before disintegrating harmlessly.

Dark Spear
  • Type: AoE: Wide
  • Range: Wide
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Veigas summons from above him a formation of spears which fall onto his level position and explode throughout the platform. The spears also damages any enemies along it's descent path.
  • Although this is similar to Geas' Freeze Tempest, it has much reduced range, coming from only 2 platforms above him and with lesser damage dealt.
  • The damage is dealt by the number of spears that impacts against the enemy. While damage saturation is plenty, the rate of damage is still low.

Tier 4:

Judgement Day
  • Type: AoE: Large, Splash
  • Range: Wide
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Veigas detonates dimensional energy around him resulting in a chain of large and powerful explosions dealing splash damage everywhere. Enemies succumb to serious damage and is launched around with each explosion.
  • I don't have actual damage data for Judgement Day, so no chart available.

The Trivia Story:
Like Edel, Veigas must go through his personal trials across the land of Trivia as he seeks to enter Aernas, the current dimensional plane where the GrandChase world is set upon. Through his journey, he battles against Golems, humanoid-lizardmen known as the Lacerta and dimensional entities known generally as, The Void. While inside Trivia before he first escapes to Aernas, Veigas is bound by many limitations-
  • Veigas stats are completely fixed. You cannot enter the shop as Veigas either.
  • Pet attacks are sealed even if a pet is brought in.
  • Crests cannot be equipped.

With these limitations on, players have to overcome the 6 dungeons with the best of their ability and emerge victorious. In addition, Veigas has to overcome plenty of landscape obstacles which he must traverse or get around to progress. Of note, is the noxious looking Soul Tornado which periodically appears in each dungeon. It has several properties to it-
  • If Veigas touches the tornado, he is repelled and has all his AP drained.
  • The only way to dispel the tornado safely, is to have an enemy sprite touch it. This can be accomplished by tricking the enemy to run into it or by knocking the enemy back into the tornado.
  • When a tornado is dispelled, it reappears 15 seconds later at the last checkpoint (magic circle) you past through. It also takes 15 seconds for it to first appear at every dungeon & stage.
  • It does not appear in sections that require you to traverse vertical terrain - as the tornado itself is also limited in size if you have noticed.

At Dimension's End, the last dungeon. A time limit is imposed on the player to complete the 2nd and 3rd stages within 5 minutes, or else you will be warped back to a set stage of the dungeon, to redo the trail again. There are 3 factors that can help you overcome this dilemma.
  • All potions are usable in the Trial phase. Especially with the large potions, don't hesitate to use them for a quick AP fix!
  • By the time you reach the final stage that is Dimension's End, you will have access to Distortion and Overdrive, two Tier-3 skills with immense power capable of decimating even the tough Void Shamans.
  • Go for a back attack on Garud with Overdrive first. Distortion is aimable and has a long delay, thus it only matters later when you have the AP again to use it.
Congratulations! Once you're done, you can start using Veigas as a regular character elsewhere!...

But not before a grim outlook on what is to come. In the comic frame animation that follows...

The twelve heroes of Aernas, a subtle reference to members of the GrandChase, are in fact known later as "The Twelve Disciples". These are the people Veigas sought to destroy.

To the disbelief and even horror of some, the once immortal Sieghart, a bloodied Edel, a tired and injured pair of Jin & Asin, stand nearly defeated at the mercy of Veigas. It is realised, in time of the events that will unfold that you have been playing as the new antagonist of the Grand Chase story, that is Veigas Terre himself.

To make matters worst, the story of the "Twelve Disciples" bear much foreboding of an ill omen, a similar story to the "Twelve Apostles" of religion. If the story of Judas' betrayal applies to the legacy of the Twelve Disciples, it is feared that perhaps...

Who is it?
Only time will tell...

Season V reveal:
It would seem the traitor is still hidden from us. However, something else has occurred. Dimension's Door has revealed the survival and true form of lady Kaze'Aze, whom awaits in her Hero Dungeon called the Tower of Disappearance...

What will they find inside the Tower? Play on, and find out.

Post-Trivia Scenario:
Now that you're out in the regular world, you will be Lv18, and that means continuing your journey from Forsaken Barrows.

My advice is simply-
  • Find a team if you can- or solo if you prefer.
  • Go for champion runs, which give exponentially more exp, albeit tedious
  • ^ Champions runs on solo will guarantee you an abundance of Warrior Saint equipment (Lv24) on Bermesiah, and Victor equipment (Lv39) on Silver Land, which you can hoard for yourself if you solo.
  • This can get tedious once you reach Ellia Continent, and the Kaze'Aze drops are much lesser so feel free to stop Champing on your own accord.
  • Veigas' skills have a lot of properties to choose from, don't just stick to one skill set, and be flexible about it. Some skills should be swapped out due to terrain disadvantages, the type of enemies you face and so forth. 


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