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Edel is capable of high speed combat and is very flexible in her combos. Thankfully her combo moveset is pretty simple to execute and quite novice friendly (considering the fact you were progressively trained to handle the new moves in a similar environment for 18 levels!). In a new fashion of skill trees, Edel focuses on 5 variable core skills coupled with choice debuffs and her 4th skill, giving us less of a headache and more room to experiment (again those progressive skill upgrades are free).

  • Type: Aerial Maneuver
  • Considering that Edel is very combat-agile, giving her the Aerial Maneuver Dodge type really puts her into the air - Yes, you can now perform Double Jump, Air Flight and Dodge in one jump. That's 4 aerial movements! Of course, that's a little too much for evasion in the air, but it's usefulness on the ground is equally desirable.
  • Edel's "Air" can be annoying when you're trying to maintain a combo chain since it puts you on higher elevation each time you use it. So if you wish to maintain a combo streak, Dodge is pretty handy just for the sake of side-stepping an attack.

  • With the exception to having no ability to otto, Edel plays out very much like Elesis on steroids. If you find the double jump mechanic annoying to control, remove it and she'll still perform well.
  • That jump attack of hers is definitely strange since it doesn't connect well with the weapon swing sprite. Unsure at this time if it will be fixed or not.
  • Type 3 skills aren't always the best, find out what's your play style and change accordingly.
  • Using "Air" does not allow hotkey skills as Edel rises in the air instead of being on the ground.
  • Using "Evade" however, allows instant skilling for back attacks the moment she rolls.
  • Shadow Step makes her the fastest dasher in the entire cast of GrandChase, significantly faster than Gea's Booster dashing.
  • Her main combo can keep going without her knocking her enemies down, use this to your advantage in crowd control.

Skill Tree Setup:

Get them all! They're free (0 SP!) anyway

Fortunately, they made Edel's skill tree very easy to comprehend so go ahead and light up those boxes. A note about those 2 unlit boxes:

  • Mid-Combo Flintlock and Wing Beat are interlinked. You may only choose either one to use. The same goes for Shadow Step and Advanced Shadow Step.

3 debuff techniques, in their respective order:
  • Weapon Break: Drops enemy attack by 30%
  • Mind Break: Causes bleeding on affected enemies.
  • Leg Break: Drops enemy defense by 30%
Since you're the dominant attack force, dropping enemy defense to destroy them quicker is a more practical option. In addition, the defense cut is applied on the Leg Break hit, dealing significant damage. Then you can have 4 other attack skills at your disposal.

Skill Setup:

Swift Hit
  • Type: Close-In, Projectile
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Engages in a flurry of swift blows to the enemy and fires off a shot from her flintlock.
  • For the following types, the flintlock shot has to hit something in order for the mentioned effects to work.
  • The damages of Swift Hit remains the same throughout all 4 types.
Swift Hit Type 1: Recovers 10% of total HP
  • By far the best choice in aiding her survival
Swift Hit Type 2: Freezes enemies
  • Freezes them to ensue more deadly combos or fix them up with a deadly pet attack.
Swift Hit Type 3: Resets flintlock cooldown.
  • Not exactly the most practical of reasons to use this skill.

Assault Pierce
  • Type: Pierce, Linear, Close-In
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Edel dives a distance forward with a piercing thrust.
Assault Pierce Type 1: Increases number of hits from 3 -> 6
  • Damage dealt for each hit is reduced by approximately 40%-45%, in exchange for 2x the number of hits dealt.
Assault Pierce Type 2: Increases the distance traveled by Edel.
  • Range is increased significantly. Strike radius also increases on vertical axis, able to hit 1.5x platform height. Damage dealt is reduced by 60% for increased splash range.
Assault Pierce Type 3: Switches the skill to a stationary attack, aided by magical force. (Akin to Spell Knight's Rune Spiral Lv3)
  • Edel does not move in this Type, she merely thrusts her rapier forward with magical force.
  • Range is slightly shortened and damage is reduced by 10% for each hit.
  • *Avoid using this. Position displacement is always an evasive advantage compared to standing still

Lunatic Blade
  • Type: Projectile, Linear, Pierce
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Creates a giant sword wave that strikes the enemy and pushes them.
Lunatic Blade Type 1: Fires the sword wave downwards instead.
  • Sword wave gains infinite vertical range, exceptionally useful in clearing out vertically aligned enemies.
  • Damage is reduced by 30% in this form.
Lunatic Blade Type 2: Strikes enemies in a circular wave around Edel.
  • Damage is increased by approximately 30%, deals very large damage on bosses when afflicted with Leg Break first.
  • Manipulating your enemies to gather around you first is good practice for optimized effect.
Lunatic Blade Type 3: Fires the sword wave downwards as well.
  • Deals default damage, but sword wave slows down upon contact with an enemy
  • Range becomes limited, travelling only 2 platforms down before the wave dissipates.

Frenzied Sprint
  • Type: Linear, Close-In
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short - Long
  • Deals a flurry of rapier thrusts, pushing the enemy back as it hits.
Frenzied Sprint Type 1: Reduces cooldown by half. 10 -> 5 seconds.
  • Edel already struggles with MP regen, no point having this actually.
  • Swift Hit does more for a Tier 1 skill with added effects.
Frenzied Sprint Type 2: Adds 2 additional rising slashes at the end.
  • Increases the cooldown and MP cost, essentially turning it into a Tier 2 skill.
  • The rising slashes deal 2 extra hits at 2x the default damage, but is it really worth the cost?
Frenzied Sprint Type 3: Extends Frenzied Sprint by mashing Z (Akin to Duelist's Adrenaline Attack)
  • Allows maximizing the onslaught to 15 hits, but expends the entire MP gauge.
  • Waste of MP. 2 Assault Pierces will deal ~35% more damage in totality.
  • ^ However, if you trust your critical ratings, 15 hits might prove to be better.

  • Type: One-Shot, Impact
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Burst - Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • With a single stroke, Edel swings around and knocks her enemies away in one hit.
Circular Type 1: Removes the skill delay
  • Essentially turns the skill into a "technique".
  • ^ However, it is not affected by the Tech cancelling rule, and can still be used to interrupt an ongoing skill.
Circular Type 2: Draws enemy in with a hit and knock them off with another 3 hits.
  • Increases MP cost and cooldown, turning this skill into a Tier 2.
  • The second strike deals significantly more damage than the first.
Circular Type 3: Spin once and releases a repulsing sword wave along the ground. (Similar to the combo component when Elesis activates Bravery)
  • Increases MP cost and cooldown, turning this skill into a Tier 3.
  • Note that the sword wave for Type 3 is rather short. It doesn't travel all the way across the stage.
  • For a total of 7 hits, deals damage on par with default Lunatic Blade.

Moon Slash
  • Type: Damage-Stack, Lock On
  • Range: Wide
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Long
  • Edel rises to an image of the moon with her rapier primed. Enemies begin to take chip damage before being dealt an executing blow by Edel. 5 targets are selected by the Lock-On
  • Damage Stacking occurs if enemies are bunched together during both phases.
  • During the Moon-slashing animation, Edel is able to strike downwards in a vertical column of 6x platforms, dealing a deadly blow to enemies in her strike path.


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