Asin: Mugen & Hybrid Skill Tree

Opening Note:
Welcome to the 2nd half of Asin's progressive builds. If you haven't seen the first half.

Click here, [Asin: Disciple Skill Tree (Full & Semi Builds)]

Disciple vs Mugen vs Hybrid: The Breakdown

Skill Tree & Limitations
  • King's Wrath, Asin's only AoE skill capable of attacking a large area at once.
  • Nimble Stances, increasing Asin's fluidity and effectiveness in executing combos.
  • Water Puddle is only obtainable at Lv72.
  • Weak damage potential until Water Puddle acquired.
  • Pressure Point Lv1 can never be obtained with a full Mugen tree.
  • Full Mugen tree leaves 10 extra SP points that can add nothing significant.

The Full Mugen build is already explained in the original Asin guide so I'll be able to keep this section shorter. For detailed info, simply click here [Asin: Mugen]

Firstly, a Full Mugen Build simply has all 5 shared passives and every Active in the Mugen tree, which completes at Lv80, and leaves 10 extra points of no use even when Asin hits Lv85.

Secondly, the main problem as highlighted in the cons, is the lack of a defense reduction technique until late game at Lv72. Because of this, most Asin players actually end up diverting points towards the Disciple tree for Pressure Point and then heading back into the Mugen tree. This then causes Asin to turn Hybrid instead, which I will cover in the next section of this post.

Anyways for a Full Mugen build Asin, combat revolves a lot around the use of his Nimble styles to chain combos. Instead of simplicity, this turns Asin into a very technical character requiring the player to exercise a high level of judgement. Misusing the stances, can be to Asin's own detriment.

Water Puddle, the somewhat equivalent to Pressure Point, is an AoE technique that has it's limitations. It deals no damage nor stun to enemies on the puddle, and when you factor in that enemies must remain with their feet on the ground for it to work, you are forced to exert a level of control lest they leave the puddle, rendering it's effects useless until they step back in. Not only that, it's short duration of 6 seconds makes it fare poorly with long animation skills if executed too late into a combo. If there's only one benefit, it's that enemies can simply walk into the puddle and receive the debuff, without having Asin to reposition the puddle all the time.

Another main advantage is King's Wrath, a rather powerful wide-area AoE that help's Asin clear out his enemies faster. Because it is the only effective AoE skill, when compared to Bamboo Swallows, it makes King's Wrath much more worth getting as a Mugen.

If there is any distinct different between a pure Disciple and Mugen build, is that Mugen has faster stage clearing speeds thanks to King's Wrath. But a Disciple build has higher damage output when it comes to Boss battles and such, because Pressure Point has a 70% advantage in defense debuffing.


Skill Tree & Limitations
  • Acquires King's Wrath & Pressure Point Grade 1, but requires Lv80 to achieve.
  • Neglects the entire Secrets tab only for Pressure Point Grade 1.
  • Skill Tree is only maximized at Lv84.
  • 3rd Stat upgrade delayed until Lv80.

A Hybrid build occurs when a player decides to obtain the benefits of Pressure Point, a short-term goal in exchange for losing it's long term goal, King's Wrath. As such, the goal level spikes to Lv80, which by then becomes a tedium because of the dungeons the player must go through to reach this level. Also because of this-
  • The player acquires a series of 4 less than useful abilities in the Disciple Skill Tree and also neglects the entire Secrets tab in doing so, just for the sake of Pressure Point.
  • Even worst, Asin loses his important 3rd statistic upgrade because he will not be opening the 3rd Secret Door on the Disciple tree, and King's Wrath is his actual 3rd Door, which is delayed to a depressing Lv80.
  • He cannot achieve his 2nd MP regen upgrade until Lv84 as it is the final useful upgrade his points can get him, after acquiring King's Wrath at Lv80.

The Hybrid Asin is disapproving in performance and as a result is what players may dub as a messed-up skill tree. It is by no means any less functional, just that Asin loses his real AoE skill until Lv80, instead of Lv60. So either way, let us view the resulting skill tree.

To begin with, at Lv80, you will have 160pts. (Lv84 - 168pts)
Each augment uses up 8pts, so you only have 21 options to take.


These 5 will take up 40pts, note that MP Regen Lv2 is available only at Lv48.
Used: 40/168

Disciple - Actives:

As you will be going towards getting Pressure Point, you will be investing these 4 (useless) augments unfortunately. So there goes another 32pts. Both Secret Doors cost 0 pts.
*You're forced to reach 2nd door because Pressure Point demands it.
Used: 72/168

Disciple - Secrets:

Increased Stats and Pressure Point both use 16pts here.
Used: 88/168

Mugen - Actives:

The remaining 80pts are used all the way here until you reach King's Wrath at Lv84. (Lv80 if you decide to hold back on MP Regen Lv2)
Used: 168/168

So there you have it. This is probably the build every Asin that's taking the Pressure Point is gonna end up in, but it still give's Asin an edge for 1v1 engagements nonetheless. If you are going to reset your Asin, do so at level 60 or 72, where you will be able to first get King's Wrath or aim straight for Water Puddle altogether.



  1. i think u did ur caluation wrong
    u need the 1st mp regen in order to get the 1st door or the chaotic storm

    1. Hey you're right! I overlooked the fact that Practice Mode setups will bypass the prerequisites in Skill Trees. I'll definitely have to get this revised, so thanks a lot dragonpage3!

  2. idk if it just me or what, but i find that maximum SP that both asin and lime can gain is just 160?

    1. I believe you can only have 160 SP with asin so if you decide to use a hybrid build with PP lvl 1 and king's wrath you'll need to get rid of MP recovery lvl 2 which isn't too bad with the nimble skills MP recovery. I followed the hybrid build thinking Asin would reach 168 SP by lvl 84, but at lvl 82 right now I'm not gaining any more SP. ;_;

    2. Thanks! It seems Asin and Lime follow the same SP limit and since mine are both under Lv80, I couldn't observe this oddity for myself!