Asin: Disciple Skill Tree (Full & Semi Builds)

Opening Note:
Fresh players will not be getting Skill Tree resets anymore and thus it becomes imperative early on to figure out what is really necessary and what is optional. And thus I will point out the steps taken to get there.

Note that in order to follow an optimal build, sacrifices may be necessary to provide points for later job changes. They may include forgoing power up-augments to any skill; to the complete neglect of certain options due to their needlessness.

Please remember that in the end, this is my opinion for an optimal dungeon character and is in no way an absolute build for perfection. The builds I recommend are based on what I have found useful thus far and eliminated the unnecessary options.

Since there is no perfect tree setup for Asin, in a manner of speaking, this progression guide will be structured differently. It will feature 3 types of builds - Full Disciple, Full Mugen and Hybrid builds.

Skill Tree dilemma:
Asin players have to make a rather difficult choice in deciding which tree they would rather use in permanence. Unlike Lime's tree which makes her role quite defined by which tree she follows, Asin's tree is functional in both ways for dungeoning, but differ a lot in the advantages it can offer. Again, new players will not get event-resets from here on, and this means if they don't intend to cash a full SP reset, either-

1) They're in for a long, arduous ride all the way to the ideal tree.
2) They will be unable to reset their messed up late/end game trees until they acquire one from events for free.

Let us first understand the limitations of Asin's skill tree and his roles in combat.

Disciple vs Mugen vs Hybrid: The Breakdown

Skill Tree & Limitations
  • Pressure Point, allowing 2x the damage dealt and obtainable by Lv40.
  • Strengthening technique enhancements
  • Increased (shared) skill effectiveness
  • King's Wrath cannot be obtained with a full Disciple tree.
  • Full Disciple tree only allows obtaining of 4 secret enhancements out of 9.
  • Even a max leveled Asin on 3rd Door can only acquire 6 secret enhancements out of 9, without compromising or omitting any passives on the Shared tab.

The Full Disciple build is straightforward with zero complications, so I'll simply list the augments down.


These 3 techniques provide passive buffs to Asin for 15 seconds by default and with a 30 second cooldown each. Although useful in PvP, the very minor boosts do very little to help in dungeons. Their performance can be improved at the Secret tab.

Increased Defense - Increases defense by ~3%.
Enhanced Speed - Increases Asin's passive speed and dash speed on both ground and air.
Increased Attack - Increases attack by ~3%.
Strengthened Body - A separate technique in the shared tab, it provides 10 seconds of Hyper Armor but will drain a small portion of MP with each second of it's effect until it ends.

These Secret Doors are free augments (0SP) that allows Asin to learn new moves in the Secrets tab as he progresses through levels. They become available every 20 levels, from 20/40/60/80.

Secret Door Lv1 - Increased Stats, the increments become larger at each level set.
Secret Door Lv2 - Pressure Point Grade 1, Enhancement: Increased Duration, Reduced Special MP Consumption.
Secret Door Lv3 - Pressure Point Grade 2, Increased Enhancement Effect, Increased Special Attack Stat.
Secret Door Lv4 - Pressure Point Grade 3, Increased Enhancement Effect, Additional Special Attack.

Dash Attack: Additional Hits - Provides additional bouncing his during a dash attack.
Jump Attack: Additional Hits - Provides additional bouncing hits during a jump attack.
Arrow Deflection - Deflects arrows when timed correctly, back to the enemy that fires it.
Evade While Down - Allows Asin to slip off to the side when recovering from a fall.
Quiet Repose - Gives Asin 2 seconds of invulnerability while he gets a slight MP regen boost.
Flow - A timed counterattack against an enemy which puts Asin in a readied state for the counter.

Reduced Counterattack Cooldown Lv1 - Reduces the cooldown from 9 seconds to 7 seconds.
Reduced Counterattack Cooldown Lv2 - Reduces the cooldown from 7 seconds to 6 seconds.


After acquiring this once, Asin gets passive stat boosts when he reaches fixed levels at Lv20/40/60/80. This also opens the paths in the Secrets tab.

These augments are one shared technique, varying by strengths and effects with each progressing level. Pressure Point shares some similarities across all grades.
  • 6MP cost.
  • 5 second cooldown.
  • Effects last 10 seconds on any struck enemy.
Pressure Point Grade 1 - Decreases enemy defense by 100%
Pressure Point Grade 2 - Decreases both enemy defense and attack by 100%
Pressure Point Grade 3 - Combines Grade 2 effects and causes enemies to bleed for 10 seconds.

Each grade adds additional hits to the combo, from 1 hit in Grade 1, up to 3 hits in Grade 3.

These augments improve on Asin's passive techniques (Increased Defense, Enhanced Speed and Increased Attack) all which also includes effects from previous levels when you obtain the next augment.

Enhancement: Increased Duration - Increases technique duration from 10 seconds to 15 seconds
Increased Enhancement Effect (1) - Improves the technique upgrades, most noticeably the increase in the speed buff.
Increased Enhancement Effect (2) - When any 2 techniques are active at any time, a high increase in critical rate is triggered for 10 seconds. Strengthened Body counts as one technique in this case.

This tree line powers up Asin's shared skills. None of these affect Mugen's skills nor his 4th, Eastern Rain.

Reduced Special MP Consumption - Reduces MP usage by 25% for each skill tier.
Increased Special Attack Stat - Increases special attack damage by 5%
Additional Special Attack - Allows Asin to execute an additional attack under a special condition.
  • When using any of the 5 skills from the shared tab, Asin first receives a buff bearing his mark. When he executes the next skill, an additional attack is performed after the initial animation.
  • When using this "Enhanced" skill, the mark is lost and another skill must be performed to gain the buff again.
  • This buff can neither be worked with or obtained from Mugen skills.

  • Razor Air Kick - Performs a wheel kick that connects with an enemy in mid-air
  • Hanuman - After Hanuman ends, Asin turns around and executes an upward flying kick in this reserse direction.
  • Bamboo Swallows - After the default 5 hits, Asin weaves around once more and delivers a drop kick which slices down on his enemy.
  • Infinite Hand - After the knockback blow, Asin hops forward and executes a connecting high kick
  • Fire Drop - After the explosive drop kick, Asin calls forth 2 pillars of water around him and deals additional damage.
Review of Disciple Skill Tree:

Combat with the Disciple tree is actually pretty straightforward. A lot of it is simply cycling between combos and the use of Pressure Point periodically. Unlike Mugen's Nimble styles, a Disciple relies on the default combo techniques which are not too complex and flourish very well with the use of platforming attack patterns, and are 100% effective on large targets. The platforming attack example is displayed here, from the older Asin video at [[NAGC] Asin - Mugen]

For the most part, his enhancement techniques don't have much use until you hit Lv80, when you can unlock Increased Enhancement Effect 2 for the powerful critical boost. Until then, your skills and Pressure Point is all your need inside your slots.

There is no real preference for skills as any 4 skills and techniques combined will make Asin effective, so long as you have at least Pressure Point in a slot.

The Full Disciple build may look useless at first glance, but here's my version of comparison, between 2 different builds that use the Disciple tree.

Firstly, let's introduce a constant factor- Do not omit any Shared passives.

Secondly, this setup is for players who want a decently effectively Asin. It requires only up to Lv60
Your core targets in this tree are-
  • 3rd Door of Secrets
  • Pressure Point Grade 1
  • Reduced MP Consumption

What skills should you use then? Any 4 skills and Pressure Point Grade 1 will suffice.

Thirdly, for those whom aim for a maximized Disciple Asin, then this is what I might suggest.

Now you might be wondering, how come Enhancements take priority over Pressure Point? Simple. This build capitalizes on the major critical boost from the Enhancements column, while getting it's worth from the defense reduction with Pressure Point.

But what of the skills? It's going to be ridiculous, but it'll look like this.

I'm out of my mind? Maybe. But this build emphasizes first strike- a make or break build for outright crippling or even killing bosses in one decisive tactic.

Pressure Point, Boss now takes 2x damage -> Activate both Enhancements, Critical boost is active -> Eastern Rain Liquid Jade.

And this is only half the strategy, the other half relies on your equipment grade. If your Asin can acquire decent GP equipment with mostly critical damage props, or heck- cashed SB equipment, you're going to see some interesting OHKO blows to any boss, hands down.

If you're wondering what goes into that empty slot? Pick a Tier-1 skill like Razor Air Kick or Infinite Hand. While you're not using anything else, Your Pressure Point and Tier-1 skill will keep you busy on stage battles.

Also, do not pick Strengthened Body as an Enhancement, because it will drain your MP instead of allowing it to charge up max.

That's all for Disciple, catch the next half of this guide in the coming post -

Asin: Mugen & Hybrid Skill Tree setup

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