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GC Eternity: Saint
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Lime's & Asin's skill trees are very restrictive thanks to the ridiculously diverse branching and is almost impossible to review all the augments without expensive research (yes SP resets). Thus I'll write about why I've decided to settle for my current setup(s).

Lime as we know her, is actually a support character. What I would consider, is that she is the Cleric equivalent in most RPG games. They can wield unorthodox weapons (yeah that Gavel), possess a good hand in healing and combat magic (Glory / Nemesis), and they are not as easy to down as mages because of their self-support abilities (Auras).

As a Holy Knight, Lime's combat abilities are very restricted because her abilities are mostly passive and her skills don't do much damage. This can add to the tedium of leveling her up. And even job changing to Saint isn't enough, thanks to the high level requirements in her skill tree for each new augment.

For a fully-self reliant Lime, Self Attack Aura is the way to go. The significant changes to Lime's combat mechanics provide a lot of empowerment - crowd control, stun attacks, attack speed, MP gain- the key things that were missing in Holy Knight's tree.

On a special post for Lime (and Asin), I'll explain the pros and cons in combat between using Holy Knight's & Saint's tree.

  • Type: Ground Roll
  • Definitely a welcome addition for Lime! Back then she depended on her hit stuns to control her enemies and prevent them from countering often. And she was never able to run if they did, more often than not.
  • Finally a justifiable reason to ditch Acrobatics and rely on the nimble Dodge technique instead. It can go without saying that Dodge will be very often applied to Lime's combos as her preferred evasion mechanism.

  • Be patient, very patient. At no matter what level, Lime is still not physically strong and will take some decent time to dungeon on her own. However once you reach Lv64 and obtain Nemesis, the whole ball game changes.
  • Nemesis will, and will become, the core of your dungeon tactics. It has a lot of positive properties that I will mention later inside the skill tree analogies.
  • The technique Berserker will seem useless at first, but it has it's tactical uses. You simply use it at the right time.
  • Lime is immune to knock down while using her techniques. She'll just bounce away if she gets struck. 

Skill Tree Setup: Shared

This chart is also available in her ST setup post*

The 5 Shared skills:
Power Strike (29 MP)
  • Type: One Shot, Impact
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Lime lowers her center of gravity and proceeds with a wide swing around her, catching enemies all around and throwing them off.
  • Enemies are knocked back by the attack.

Glory (63 MP)
  • Type: Self, Allies, AoE: Medium
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Nil
  • Animation: Short
  • Lime casts a healing spell on herself and to nearby teammates. Glory directly heals 5% of your total HP and provides an additional 10 seconds of accelerated healing.
  • Allies have to be within a reasonable range to obtain both healing buffs.

Demolish Hammer (96 MP)
  • Type: Splash, Impact, Linear
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Lime hops and thrashes the ground with her gavel, then proceeds to send a ground-rending shockwave ahead.
  • The thrash will repel enemies and launch them up, while the following shockwave will strike with aerial damage.

Justice (29 MP)
  • Type: Close-In
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Lime spins and strikes with her gavel in a melee combo.
  • Between Power Strike and Justice- this skill does more damage in total and has better delay times.

Blast Hammer (63 MP)
  • Type: Close-In, Linear, Pierce, Impact
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Lime dredges her gavel as she rushes forward, pushing her enemies along with her and tossing them with an upward swing.
  • Lime's body will move through grounded enemies and thus cannot effectively damage them with Blast Hammer. As such, avoid using this on bosses.

The Passives:
Increased Combo Attack Speed
Significantly increases Lime's basic attack speed, applies to the main attack combo only.

Smash Up
An impact attack which knocks back enemies and into the air. This attack has a slow activation time.

Dash Jump
Allows Lime to dash during her jumps.

A technique that has Lime pivoting herself on the ground and spinning with the weight of her gavel. She is able to attack both sides and spins up to 12 times maximum.

(Right to Left here!)

Increased Stats
Once attained at Lv20, you will get your first stat boost for Lime. Increments automatically follow up when you hit 40 and 60.

Enhanced Dash
Allow Lime to continue running after the initial dash move.

During Lime's combo attack, she can retreat by vaulting backwards on her gavel and also perform a counterattack smash during the move. This move has very long invincibility frames from the moment she activates this technique.

Skill Tree Setup: Actives (Saint)
This portion can get especially messy because of all the augment types combined. Let me know if you prefer the Rin/Rufus style of writing here.

These are special auras that support Lime. At any instance, you can only have one of these active at any time. Holy Knight's and Saint's auras cannot be mixed. Something also happens when you select the relevant aura from either side. (See below)

In this case, having selected Self Attack Aura from the Saint's tree, Holy Knight's - [Aura: Attack] is no longer selectable. And as such, you can only possess a maximum of 3 auras, selectable from either tree.

Self Attack Aura = Aura: Attack
Self Support Aura = Aura: Assistance
Self Defense Aura = Aura: Defense
Self Attack Aura
Completely changes Lime's basic combo with faster swings and more extended attacks.

Self Support Aura
Lime is able to perform a rocket jump of her own. The rocket jump, unlike Geas' requires specific timings to activate, making it a bit trickier to use. Although they mentioned improved movement speed by default, no significant change is noted.

Self Defense Aura
Enables a 1-second defense shield by "X" command when Lime is idle. Cannot be used in mid-combo or any other action.

Row 1:
Attain MP from the Start Lv1
Let's you start a run with half a bar of MP. 1st upgrade of 2

Critical Rate Up Lv1
Increases critical rate, 1st upgrade of 2

Tornado (Technique) (16 MP)
  • Type: Close-In
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Lime spins her gavel like a gyro and draws in enemies that are struck by her area zone.

Oracle (Skill) (29 MP)
  • Type: Projectile, DoT, Linear
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Lime plants a holy rune in front of her and smashes it apart to form 3 diverging holy runes, which causes chip DoT damage to enemies struck by the runes.
  • The initial strike by Lime and the runes will deal regular damage, the projectiles runes will pierce-through their targets and deal individual damage stacks to any enemy they touch.
  • Oracle is great for tackling an enemy 1 on 1 as a means to quickly finish it off as well.

Row 2:
(Right to left!)

Attain MP from the Start Lv2
Let's you start a run with a bar of MP. Final upgrade.

Berserker (Technique) (16MP)
  • Type: Self
  • Range: Self
  • For 10 seconds, Lime gets a powerful 27% damage increase in her attacks and a presumed 10%-20% increase in critical rate.
  • While in Berserker, Lime's skills are sealed. But MP breaks will work.
  • Berserker is useful for finishing off enemy remnants if you want to preserve MP for a stage transition, or simply increasing battle strength while building up reserves from empty.
  • It will also power up a pet attack.
Nemesis (Skill) (63 MP)
  • Type: Lock On, Linear, Damage-Stack
  • Range: Vertical, Long
  • Damage: Burst - Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • 3 auto-targeting holy glyphs appear above Lime's enemies and smites them with columns of divine lightning.
  • Nemesis' range can track targets just at the edge of the screen and up to 2.5 platforms high in vertical range. The range zone is considered radial from Lime, not a boxed zone.
  • If no targets are in range, Nemesis fires off a single lightning bolt in front of her.

Crush (Technique) (16 MP)
  • Type: Melee Combo, Impact
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Lime smashes her gavel in front of her multiple times.

Row 3:
Critical Rate Up Lv2
Increases critical rate, Final upgrade.

Holy Smash (Skill) (96 MP)
  • Type: Impact, Splash, AoE
  • Range: Wide
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Lime summons all her strength into her gavel and brings it down in a thunderous smash to the ground and blasting her enemies away with an explosion of divine energy.
  • I am unable to research the area of effect for the "earthquake" shockwave currently.

Redemption (Skill) (130 MP)
  • Type: Self, Allies, AoE: Small, Impact
  • Range: Medium
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Long
  • While dealing some powerful impacting damage, it also casts a permanent 20% HP resurrection buff indicated by an angel wing motif on each player's head.
  • Enemies in contact with any part of the sigil will take damage.

Skill Tree Setup: Actives (Holy Knight)

The reason for this deviation is due to making my Lime self-reliant. Thus I saw no point in preserving my SP to get Holy Smash at Lv80 and decided to divert points in passive MP regen, which is done here. Albeit, it will waste points on 3 other slots before getting there.

Increased MP Recovery 1
Self-explanatory, 1st upgrade of 2.

Reduced Grab Damage
Reduces grab da - Not needed in dungeons but it's part of the path down.

Momentary Enhancement
Grants Lime Hyper Armor for 5 seconds, follows with a 15 second cooldown.
H.Armor - No flinching, immune to "Jump" fall effects and immune to Fatal death.

Reduced Counterattack Cooldown Lv1
Decreases cooldown times from 9 seconds to 7 seconds.

(then Right to Left)

Increased MP Recovery 2
Self-explanatory, final upgrade.

Skill Tree Setup: Aura
Lime has a series of augments for her various auras, let's look at them in detail.

Self Attack Aura
The effects of this aura is cumulative up to Lv3, as follows-

Effect Lv1
Changes the attack style of the critical and double attacks.
  • Original Critical -  Lime dredges her gavel forward
  • New Critical - Triple burst of divine energy from the ground when she slams her gavel down.
  • Original Double - Whirlwind attack
  • New Double - Multi-hit gavel smash to the ground.

Effect Lv2
Changes the dash attack
  • Original Dash Atk - Whirlwind attack
  • New Dash Atk - A very high impact swinging smash. Enemies struck by this attack are ricocheted to the wall ends. Not only is it a high damage double hit, enemies can get caught by their own flying allies and sent to the wall altogether.

Effect Lv3
Changes the jump attack and adds a stomp attack
  • Original Jump Atk - Flashing holy runes with continuous damage and no hit-stun.
  • New Jump Atk(s) -  A downward smash of the gavel which deals good damage, hit stun and has a wide hitbox. A stomp attack is also available where Lime piledrives down instantly with her gavel, bouncing enemies and dealing two hits of damage. It is also usable after a jump attack, which makes it handy.

Self Support Aura
The effects of this aura is cumulative up to Lv3, as follows-

Effect Lv1
Increases dash speed and distance, the take-off speed of the dash is significantly increased here. Distance increased is about 1.5x of Lime's body sprite (which is a lot). The air dash is not affected here.

Effect Lv2
Allows Lime to perform a double jump.

Effect Lv3
Allows Lime to perform a double dash on the ground. The second dash is just like a regular dash, which will be shorter and slower than the first boosted dash.

Self Defense Aura
The effects of this aura is cumulative up to Lv3, as follows-

Effect Lv1
Allows Lime to activate the rune shield in the air.

Effect Lv2
Lime can create a mana shield for 10 seconds which saps her MP instead of HP when hit.

Effect Lv3
Allows Lime to execute pin-point defense when expecting an enemy attack just as it strikes her. It is difficult to time however.

The defense values are undefined as I do not possess this aura to test it in actual battle.

Whirlwind Augments
This improves the passive technique Lime has- the Whirlwind attack with selectable upgrades. Unlike the auras, these augments do not stack.

Extra Spins
Increases the default spin count from 12 to 24 spins. But will also result in using more MP.

Reduced MP Consumption
This effectively makes Whirlwind cost almost 0 MP with her passive MP regen in assistance.

Add Jump
Allows Lime to jump into the air while in Whirlwind and tackle enemies above her.

Note that this chain of upgrades is linked to the one in Holy Knight. Whichever side you select the Whirlwind upgrades from, will affect it on the tree.

Berserker Augments
This improves the Berserker technique with selectable upgrades. Like Whirlwind's upgrades, these augments do not stack.

Effect Lv1
Enables Super Armor, Lime is immune to stuns from attacks.

Effect Lv2
Increases Berserker duration from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.

Effect Lv3
Increases the attack power while in Berserker from 27% to 33%. A 6% increase.

Enhance Aura
Passively increases the aura properties when activated on Lime. Affects Holy Knight's and Saint's auras differently.

Holy Knight - Aura radius increased all around her.

Saint - Increases the MP regen when an aura activates. This effectively staves off the nulled MP regen when using Saint auras.


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