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The Crossbow, also affectionately known as the XBow, is a powerful archer-class to reckon with. Not only does she excel in mobility, her firing ability is not hampered by a long recovery time which allows her to escape shortly before danger strikes. Also unique to her is the ability to dash through enemies at a whim, giving her very opportune back-attack moments and other technical setups. Close-combat is her strongest point, and when played effectively, becomes one of the top-tier choices for dungeon teams, providing range support, consistent dps and a set of powerful skills.

  • Type: Aerial Maneuver
  • For a stationary archer like Lire, Dodge comes in very handy and gives her a boost to evasion, especially since the aggressive AI won't give her much time to stand and shoot in safety.
  • If her dash evade isn't enough, now you can even add Dodge to the equation. That's a lot of dodging power for the Crossbow. At the same time, dodging this way instead removes the counter-attack threat. (See Notes, point no.4)
Inherent Techniques:
  • Rainstorm: (↓Z continuously during a jump) 
  • A descending shower of bolts from the air. Once Lire reaches the hovering point, the density and rate of fire increases for another 2 seconds.
  • Rapid Descent: ( anytime during a jump)
  • Usable multiple times as long as Lire still remains in the air. Very useful for evading danger or a tactical descent.
  • Somersault Kick: (→→ + Z↑)
  • A launching kick used immediately or towards the end of a dash.
  • If executed near the end of a dash attack instead, you can fire off bolts in one direction and kick in the other. A very useful but timely tactical maneuver.

  • The Crossbow uses Rapid Fire to good effect, noticeable increase in rate of fire on ground and in the air. However, it does not affect the rate of Rainstorm by much, as the firing rate is already very high.
  • Rainstorm now allows Lire to hover in the air as she reaches the climax of her volley fire. Moving close to any platform however, will force her to land and stop shooting.
  • Effective use of Rainstorm allows Lire to decimate enemies with barrages like cinderblocks fired out of a cannon.
  • Whilst her dash invincibility frames have been increased, making a Dash Attack still removes said invincibility.
  • Crossbow has the best ease in firing her arrows, but it's also no reason to be just standing and shooting like a sentry. Make the most of her mobility to get around your enemy's blind spots and backs.
  • To get around Arrow Defense buffs, topple them with her somersault kick, turn around and fire. If knocking them down is a non-option, the powerful Big Rush will take them out most effectively.
  • Only Big Rush & Dive Bombing bypasses Arrow Defense.
  • Crossbow bolts are mildly affect by gravity.
  • Xbow's jump takes a fraction of a second longer to get off the ground.
Skill Tree Setup:

Shoot Down: Ace Marksman
Allows Lire and all her job classes to shoot down enemy projectiles and also those from Jump-stages

Advance: (Elven Speed, Elven Resilience, Rapid Fire)
ES: Increases movement speed for 15 seconds, 20 second cooldown
ER: Increases MP Regen for 10 seconds, 20 second cooldown
RF: Increases Rate of Fire for 10 seconds, 30 second cooldown

Evasion: Elven Agility
This ability "teleports" Lire into the air behind her enemy and faces them. Though rarely used in the dungeon scene, this skill presents the perfect opportunity for back attacks at no cost, no cooldown and potentially pull you out of danger in a cornered scenario.

Skill Setup:

Tier 1:

Quick Shot
  • Type: Projectile, Linear
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • After execution, you may press the Up or Down key to control the vertical axis of fire. Spreads a volley of bolt fire from the middle to the sides in a fan arc.
  • Delay sometimes goes missing, possibly due to a bug(?)

Tier 2:

Big Rush (aka. the Drill Kick)
  • Type: Pierce, Linear, One-Shot
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Delivers a single hit to the enemy via a drill spin, rushing through them and dealing massive damage.
  • Lire's second mode of evasion when trapped in dire circumstances.

Tier 3:

Dive Bombing (aka. the Drill Arrow)
  • Type: Pierce, Linear, DoT
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Lire lets off a magical arrow that pierces it's way through enemies in it's linear path. Dealing rapid damage as it worms it's way through.
  • The arrow slows down upon any and all contact, dragging enemies along as it hits.
  • The rate of drag depends independently on each enemy, with some moving slow, faster, constant or not at all, with the arrow.
  • Super Armor buffed monsters are not affected by the drag effect.

Tier 4:

  • Type: Linear, Splash
  • Range: Mid ~ Wide
  • Damage: Multi - Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Lire casts a magical sphere some distance away, firing violently into the sphere and expending it's volume, finishing off with a final shot that produces a radial explosion of bolts.
  • The initial line of fire may push any enemies in her path into the sphere.
  • The estimated radial range of the explosion is 4x4 in terms of platform height by length.
  • Spatial awareness is an advantage in gauging the best location for using the skill.

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