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The Archer begins pretty weak thanks to her skill tree, as many of her attack and mobility options stay locked away until much later levels. While this can be offset by reaching her Crossbow class change, patience is required in order to get her by the early stages of the game. Once cleared of her restraints, Archer can turn into a force to reckon with, all the while maintaining distance as she snipers her enemies down.

Season V makes it very threatening for fresh Archers because of the new aggressive AI which won't allow Lire to stand and shoot for long.

  • Type: Aerial Maneuver
  • For a stationary archer like Lire, Dodge comes in very handy and gives her a boost to evasion, especially since the aggressive AI won't give her much time to stand and shoot in safety.
  • Useful for breaking away while in mid-barrage, if the situation determines that simply dash-firing is not enough for evasion purposes.
Inherent Techniques:
  • Drop Kick: (Z during a double jump) 
  • A straight down kick, also with narrow hit-zone.

  • Amplify Orb defense reduction is now 10% instead of 15%.
  • Rapid Fire grants all-around firing rate increase and is noticeable in all forms of shooting.
  • To keep Archer safe, take into consideration the type of enemy you are currently facing. Enemies with "Jump" attacks can be a bane for her to suddenly avoid as she has no immediate counters against them while shooting. (Now possible with Dodge)
  • The same can be said of any enemy and their attacks. An immobile Lire is very vulnerable to anything.
  • The Hunter Stance does not protect you from attacks like it does for Zero.
  • To get around Arrow Defense buffs, Elven Agility helps. Use it when the enemy is frozen in a counterattack to keep them from turning too quickly.
  • Some of her skills bypass Arrow Defense, eg. Flame/Freeze/Poison Arrow, Sharp Shoot etc. Hellspears pierce through defense without reduction as well.
  • Archer's arrows follow a natural trajectory influenced by gravity.
Skill Tree Setup:

Combo Attack: Combo Fire Lv1
What Lv2 does is to allow a change in angle of fire. However the later problem is that Barrage will render this augment useless as you cannot change angle during the rapid firing.

Utilizing Combo 1: Quick Counter Lv1/Lv2
You don't really need these two as they're technical counters befitting of PvP instead.

Utilizing Combo 2: Barrage
Allows rapid firing of a maximum salvo of 7 arrows. This is the sole reason you don't need Combo Fire Lv2.

Jump Attack: Double Jump Shot
Allows double firing of arrows while in a jump, extends your air time with continuous fire. Further enhanced with Rapid Fire.

Shooting Mode: Ruthless Hunter
The Archer enters a stationary stance and fires straight-trajectory, high impact arrows at her enemies. This stance is mostly for fun in dungeons but a potential killer against all arrow-blocking opponents in PvP (They are unblockable and any hits on a Fatal-ed opponent is a guaranteed kill - except Zero still in his stances). Ruthless Hunter allows 2 shots instead of 1.

Dash: Air Dash
Allows an extra dash in the air while jumping.

Dash Attack: Double Dash Shot
Complimentary augment with Air Dash, allowing you to fire an arrow while doing so. This combination allows you to draw even more distance during a jump.

Special Skill: Amplify Orbs Lv3
Usable only during a single jump. These orbs slowly descend onto your enemies and affected enemies take 10% more damage from attacks. Each level increases the number of orbs dropped to a maximum of 3. Effect lasts for 7 seconds and is refreshed (not accumulated) with re-use on the same target.

Shoot Down: Ace Marksman
Allows Lire and all her job classes to shoot down enemy projectiles and also those from Jump-stages

Advance: (Elven Speed, Elven Resilience, Rapid Fire)
ES: Increases movement speed for 15 seconds, 20 second cooldown
ER: Increases MP Regen for 10 seconds, 20 second cooldown
RF: Increases Rate of Fire for 10 seconds, 30 second cooldown

Evasion: Elven Agility
This ability "teleports" Lire into the air behind her enemy and faces them. Though rarely used in the dungeon scene, this skill presents the perfect opportunity for back attacks at no cost, no cooldown and potentially pull you out of danger in a cornered scenario.

Skill Recommends:

Tier 1:

Iron Storm Lv3 
  • Type: Projectile, Splash
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Fires off a fan of 5 arrows followed by another 3 on the second volley. Each arrow acts as an individual entity.
  • eg: Criticals may or may not trigger amongst the 8 arrows fired.
  • You cannot change the arc of fire once executed. But it will follow your last firing angle.
  • Arrows follow a natural trajectory influenced by gravity.
Rapid Shot Lv2
  • Type: Projectile, Splash
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Fires off a volley of 5 arrows followed by a splash of 5 arrows together. Again, each arrow acts as an individual entity.
  • You may change the arc of fire freely during the skill animation.
  • Arrows are not influenced by gravity.
Flaming Arrow Lv2 (Skill Key req.) 
  • Type: Burn, Projectile
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Fires off a fast flaming arrow which upon contact deals damage and drops embers around the enemy. Damage of embers will stack if more Flaming Arrows are fired upon the same enemy.
  • You may change the arc of fire until Lire lets off the arrow.
  • This arrow ignores gravity.
  • Exercise discretion when using this arrow on bosses, as the embers left behind will trigger relentless counterattacks from them.

Tier 2:

Head Shot Lv2
  • Type: Projectile, One Shot, Impact
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Long
  • 2 powerful arrows are fired, one after the other, dealing large damage against the enemy.
  • Depending on your luck, this arrow can either deal normal or lethal damage per shot fired.
  • Firing angle can be changed before each shot.
  • This arrow has high impact and will send enemies bouncing off.
 Sharp Shoot Lv2
  • Type: Projectile, Piercing, Damage-Stack
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Fires a piercing arrow that shreds any enemy that makes contact with the arrow. Each affected enemy is attacked by wind shears that will stack on their allies if they are bunched together.
  • Firing angle can be changed before the shot.
Scatter Shot (Skill Key req.)
  • Type: Projectile, Combo-Augment
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Nil
  • Animation: Short
  • Discharges a floating glyph which you can aim at 5 different points in a 180 degree arc facing forwards. The glyph takes a maximum of 5 arrows fired into it and scatters them each into 5 shots, for a total of 25 scattered shots. Only regular arrows will work with Scatter Shot.
  • Each scattered arrow is an individual entity and may or may not trigger criticals. Hellspears do not work with them.
  • Arrows scatter differently depending on the type fired into them.
  • Best used in conjunction with ArchRanger, whom has the most damaging arrows of all.
  • The glyph stays active for 30 seconds if unused, after which it disappears.
Dark Shot (Skill Key req.) 
  • Type: Projectile, Splash, DoT
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Fires a void arrow which upon contact opens a swirling void that damages over time any enemy caught in it.
  • The void effect does not freeze enemies, they may move out of contact.
  • Firing angle can be changed before the shot.

Tier 3:

Meteor Strike 
  • Type: Splash, Projectile
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Long
  • Lire leaps into the air and fires a barrage of arrows downwards, after which she lets off an exploding arrow.
  • Highly effective against bosses for it's concentrated damage.
Magic Missile (Skill Key req.)
  • Type: Splash, Projectile (Precision Aim)
  • Range: Long 
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Long
  • Fires a precision aimed missile using a marker. Afterwards a missile will appear at height to bombard the targeted area.
  • During the 2 seconds when Lire aims the marker, she is invulnerable to attack.
  • Difficult to aim against small and mobile targets.
Demi Shock (Skill Key req.) 
  • Type: Splash, DoT
  • Range: Vertical, Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Lire aims high and fires a magic arrow which converts into a glyph showering the ground below with a beam of magic as it moves across it's path.
  • The beam hits anything within 3 platforms height, damage is rapid.
  • Very effective against wide-bodied targets.
  • Thanks to the new aggressive enemy AI, it is no longer tedious to gather monsters in for this shot to take it's best effect.
Guardian Attack Lv2 (Skill Key req.)
  • Type: AoE: Small
  • Range: Medium
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • 4 Guardian Archers back up Lire as they shower the area ahead with arrow fire.

Tier 4:

Sudden Raid
  • Type: Projectile, AoE: Wide
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Burst - Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • 2 Guardian Archers appear above Lire as they set up a combination attack with Arrow Explosion and Rain of Arrows. Like their original skills, any arrow that hits will be expended.
  • The arrows from the Guardians hit the hardest.

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