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The Shisa is an attacker of technical means, utilizing more technique attack combos than his regular attacks. Due to his reduced attack speed, it is usually ill-advised to engage an enemy this way for long as it is easily countered.

Shisa's true forte is the use of destructive Chi force to pummel down hardened enemies and bosses. His skills specialize in single engagements, with devastating effect. He isn't an area attack character and thus has less crowd control presence on the field, forcing him to find opportunities to unleash his destructive power on enemy stacks.

However, given the revamp, I am surprised they did not increase the terribly slow attack speed of the Shisa :/

  • Type: Ground Roll
  • Added bonus for Jin. He excels very well with his own evasion technique and will be easier to rely on it than Dodge, since Dodge as limited use before exhausting while his default is unlimited.
  • Primarily useful for getting out of danger when using techniques. For the most part, a seasoned player will fight using his techniques more often, which in turn will cause Shisa to be unable to evade. Dodge can now overcome this danger of being counterattacked from anywhere.
Inherent Techniques:
  • Evade (Z↓ while idle)
  • Allows Jin to slip behind an enemy with this technique.
  • Combat Evade ( during main combo)
  • Another variant used when in the midst of the combo attack, can be used anytime throughout the entire combo.
  • Dash Evade (↓ during a dash attack)
  • Allows Jin to slip behind an enemy in the midst of his dash attack. He can deliver his dash attack and then roll away as well.
  • Air Combo ( during main combo)
  • Engages a series of launching hits and kicks, dealing substantially more damage than the regular combo sequence.
  • Dragon Kick (↑ during a dash attack)
  • A crescent kick that launches enemies into the air, combines well with an Iron Mountain attack as follow up.
  • Iron Mountain (Z↑ while idle)
  • Shisa uses his Tonfa and shoulder rams into his enemies, dealing some damage and knocking them back.
  • If there is adequate Chi to spare, Iron Mountain powers up with more damage, range and adding one additional hit.
  • Storm Fist (Z→ while idle) *Chi required*
  • Similar to Fighter's Storm Fist but with a slightly slower activation speed. Equals in power.
  • Air Stomp (↓Z during a jump)
  • A straight drop kick which taps an enemy on the head with damage and bounces Shisa back into the air. Can be done infinitely if timed well, though not practical for combat.
  • Rising Phoenix Strike (→→← + Z while idle) *Chi required*
  • A duo of Tonfa hits and a leaping smash. The leaping attack has a tendency of making Shisa jump over low enemies; Keep in mind as you use this technique.

  • General increase in all damage and skills since revamp.
  • Attack speed for Shisa is really slow compared to the Fighter.
  • Focus on techniques as they can gain more MP than just the basic attacks alone.
  • Air Step can now flinch enemies.
  • Dragon Kick and a charged Iron Mountain makes an excellent combo attack.

Skill Tree Setup: 

Burning Mode Duration
Increases the Burning Gauge's maximum drain time. The time displayed is takes into account a full charge. eg. At Lv3, the Burning Gauge without going into Burning Mode, will take 20 seconds to drain completely.

Sustained Burning Mode
Increases the sustained time the Burning Gauge will hold before it drains. The amount of charge is disregarded. eg. At Lv3, the Burning Gauge will hold itself for 11 seconds before it starts draining. Charging the gauge for even a fraction of a second will refresh this countdown.

Burning Skill
Techniques and Skills will use reduced amounts of the Burning Gauge. eg. At Lv2, the amount of Chi used is halved. Note that 0.5 is only a value, and does not mean half of a bar of the gauge.

Special Jump
Allows the use of the Arhan Technique which is a short glide in mid-air. Lv3 allows up to 3 glides consecutively.
  • Do not spam the X key as it will drain the gauge completely before Jin gets off his 2nd glide.
  • Once Burning Mode is engaged, Arhan Technique can be used unlimited times until the gauge drains off. The maximum number of glides you might get is 16 times.

Skill Setup:

Tier 1:

Strike Dragon Tail
  • Type: Close-In
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Jin unleashes a tonfa combo on his enemies and strikes them with a knockback blow.
  • Burning Mode: Jin uses the tonfa for additional hits and extends delay to the entire skill during the final blows. Damage dealt is slightly more than normal.

Tier 2:

Power Raising
  • Type: Close-In
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Jin glides forward to deliver a trio of knockback blows.
  • Burning Mode: Jin uses launching blows as he leaps forward.
  • Because the Burning version causes Jin to leap over his enemies, it is better suited against grounded targets. The default version pushes along the ground and assures hit connection with his enemies even if they bounce off.

Tier 3:

The Glow
  • Type: Splash
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation Long
  • Jin's charged tonfas delivers a series of explosive strikes to his enemy, with the final blow unleashing a giant burst of Chi to the front.
  • Burning Mode: The final attack changes into a pierce-through slide that brings Jin to the opponent's back and performs an explosion of Chi around him.
  • Burning The Glow has a strong knockback explosion which tends to throw enemies out of range before they take maximum damage, thus it is also suited for grounded targets instead. The default version delivers a frontal explosion dealing 2 hits quickly which results in better deliverance without wasting damage.

Tier 4:

Total Destruction
  • Type: Close-In, Splash
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Jin charges up Chi into his tonfas and unleashes it in a decisive blow, which erupts into a fiery ball of Chi energy, dealing periodic damage for each instance the enemy remains in the sphere.
  • Upon executing the skill, the area around Jin activates a vacuum effect and bounces monsters around Jin while dealing chip damage.
  • If he still fails to hit anything, the sphere of Chi will not materialize and come up empty.


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