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The Fighter is a complete martial-artist, weaving in and out of combat with ease and taking enemies under his control with bare fists and his Chi alone. One should not underestimate his abilities as Jin's starting class. Though he may be the slowest in charging his Chi, he is the swiftest and solid attacker, unrivaled even by his successive classes.

What makes Fighter so potent is his ability to perform crowd control with powerful hitstuns and knockdowns. He has multiple impact moves to separate a stack of monsters and the reverse capability to draw them in for the kill with mid-range area attacks. Jin's use of closing-in attacks and evasion also allow him to displace his position to safety if he gets cornered, sparing no quarter to an enemy trying to take him down.

The revamp for Jin mostly applies to the Fighter class. For his other classes, they get only damage boosts for attacking power and their skills, with no changes to their current technique set whatsoever. Not the most impressive of revamps but it does affect how Jin's Fighter is played the most.

  • Type: Ground Roll
  • Added bonus for Jin. He excels very well with his own evasion technique and will be easier to rely on it than Dodge, since Dodge as limited use before exhausting while his default is unlimited.
  • Mostly unneeded in Fighter's case. His default evasion technique is extremely flexible and gets him out of harm's way very quickly. But it's there if he ever needs an extra Dodge to go.
Inherent Techniques:
  • Evade (Z↓ while idle)
  • Allows Jin to slip behind an enemy with this technique.
  • Combat Evade ( during main combo)
  • Another variant used when in the midst of the combo attack, can be used anytime throughout the entire combo.
  • Dash Evade (↓ during a dash attack)
  • Allows Jin to slip behind an enemy in the midst of his dash attack.
  • See Skill Tree Setup: Dash Attack for extra details

  • At any time of Jin's ground combos, he can perform evasion.
  • Jin can now evade while doing his dash attack, giving players a better tactical advantage.
  • Jin's Chain Evasion phases through enemies and provides Hyper Armor, making him untouchable while performing it.
  • Fighter is a master of fluid combos, take full advantage of it in battle.
  • Fighter is one of the characters that can leave battle completely unharmed if mastered.
  • In ascending order, Fighter's charge time is slowest, then Shisa, Asura and finally Rama as the fastest.

Skill Tree Setup:

*Thanks to the revamped skill tree, all players should now be able to acquire all the augments, with an extra 10 points to spare even after accounting for cashed skill acquirement*

Combo Attack: Combo Attack Lv1 or Lv2
The revamp brings to attention the changes for Lv1 and Lv2.

Lv1 now strikes faster than before and accumulates damage with more hits, speed and less power.
Lv2 on the other hand strikes just a little faster but delivers harder hits at a slower hit rate.

I would say both types are on par with one another, but the preference should be decided by how you would like Jin to be hitting his enemies and especially your Critical stat factors.

The defining difference for me is how Lv2 delivers clear and crisp blows instead of a speedy mash of hits from Lv1. It also gives you focus on your evasion timings as you can choreograph your assault, blow for blow, blow by blow.

Double Attack: Double Attack Lv2
It deals a single kick with large damage and knockback rather than splitting it into 2 hits.

Utilizing Combo: Apply Combo
Adds a launching attack alternative to the main combo. Not necessary.

Jump Attack: Jump Attack Lv1
This attack works better due to hit confirms. As the Lv2 variant is a high arch kick, it fails to land often before Jin touches the ground, and missing the attack completely.

Apply Jump: Apply Jump
Similar to Apply Combo, this is an alternative for jump attacks, in which Jin performs a spinning kick that hits 4 times while in the air. This is pretty much a fancy move and requires positioning as he needs vertical space or he'll just land on ground and do nothing most of the time.

But if you need an anti-air attack, then this is a good technique to have for more hits than a single jump attack.

Dash Combo: Dash Combo Lv1
The uppercut executes fast allowing Jin to follow up on sequential attacks. Lv2 is good for getting air time over enemies especially if they counter attack and Lv3 is purely for evading counter attacks if the player desires.

Special Skill: Continuous Evasion
Most of the time you don't need to evade more than once so this is just too fancy to be used in dungeons.

Dash Attack: Dash Attack Lv2
The sliding attack really allows Jin to cover distances with it, and follows up well with the uppercut combo. Jin can now evade during his slide attack under 2 conditions-
  • Must be performed before he raises his feet for the 2nd attack.
  • Dash Combo has not been used (eg. Uppercut)
Note that this newly given evade does not work with Dash Attack Lv1.

Special Skill 1: Storm Fist / God of Wind
  • Storm Fist covers a good close-in distance to hit enemies from range. It is suited to keep enemies down while Jin works on destroying them or others around him. The damage dealt per blow is higher than God of Wind.
  • God of Wind allows Jin to juggle enemies well, as the smaller impact keeps Jin within reach for the next God of Wind chain. Good for decisively killing an enemy in 1vs1.

Special Skill 2: Gatling Chi / Hanuman
  • Gatling Chi is a single hit knock down attack which allows Jin to also escape a long distance after the kick. While it's damage is lesser than Hanuman, it is useful for long range hit-n-run tactics.
  • Hanuman is a slowed-down attack which hits 3 times only for knockdown. The long animation can spell trouble if enemies decide to counterattack.

Special Skill 3:Chi Wave / Taming the Tiger
  • Chi Wave is excellent when Jin needs a technique that won't propel him meters away. It's useful as a projectile attack and won't shift Jin's position either. It makes for a good follow-up especially after his dash attack when the enemy lands in front of him. (Storm Fist not a good idea since it'll make Jin blitz past a freshly fallen enemy)
  • Taming the Tiger is only useful when you have direct contact with the enemy, and is very difficult to hit most of the time. Unless you have enemies running at you all the time like PvP, chances are this technique will miss a lot on its own, although it will juggle easily like God of Wind if successful.

Special Skill 4: Kuan Yin Palm
This special augment allows Jin to rapidly use his techniques as long as his Chi is sufficient. By default, Jin must wait for the entire technique animation to end before he can use another technique. By equipping Kuan Yin Palm, he can instead "queue" the command in advance so that it chains much quicker without letting up. Just note these things:
  • First of all, don't spam the command queuing too fast. A set rhythm is much better.
  • Since it's meant to speed up the rate of techniques, lengthy techniques like Gatling Chi and Hanuman aren't good choices to work with.
  • Stick to one chain of attack, it actually speeds up the chains by cycling the animation rather than switching it. eg. Storm Fist -> Storm Fist -> Storm Fist.
  • Works effectively on the other 4 techniques which are Storm Fist, God of Wind, Chi Wave and Taming the Tiger.
  • The effects of Kuan Yin Palm only works for Fighter.

Special Burning Skill
Previously, Jin could only use either End of Days or Iron Fist at any one time. Now with the implementation of "C" command, he can use both by simply determining which direction key you press. Also for greater benefit, their effects have been revamped altogether and prove much more useful in dungeons. The multiple levels of both skills have also combined into one whole, freeing up precious skill points on the Skill Tree.

Using either version of this technique will seal Jin's skills and grant a different armor version for a default 20 seconds (Assuming you have max MP at 4 bars). There are pros and cons for using these, but none of the cons even matter for the benefits they give!
  • For usage of the "C" command, the direction Jin faces does not matter.
  • Jin must enter Burning Mode first before he can utilize these secondary modes.
  • As long as Burning Mode is still active, Jin can deactivate and switch modes during this time.
  • Since the MP depletion comes at a slow rate, it is possible for a player to maintain these special modes for an entire stage's duration beyond 20 seconds with a good MP regen % and continuous hits in combat.
  • These modes retain their use even with Weapon Change, allowing for variable combat styles to suit your tastes.

End of Days (C) (Press C afterwards to deactivate)
  • Decreases Defense by about 10%
  • Greatly increases Attack by nearly 300% or more!
  • Grants Super Armor, immune to stun, but still affected by knockdowns.
  • MP slowly depletes itself while the mode is active
Iron Fist (C) (Press C afterwards to deactivate)
  • Largely increases Defense by 30%
  • Decreases Attack by about 10%
  • Grants the stronger Hyper Armor, allowing Jin to endure the harshest of attacks without knockdown or dying prematurely.
  • MP slowly depletes itself while the mode is active
  • Each blow delivers a chain of chip damage which seem negligible at first but also recovers HP at a very high rate, that exponentially increases if more targets are struck together.
  • Note that the website description which says "When active, if attacked by an enemy HP will be recovered", is wrong.

With the HP recovery property from Iron Fist, Jin now 1-ups his other counterparts by being able to quickly recover a lot of HP in one sitting. This makes having Fighter around as a primary or secondary class even more advantageous, perhaps even critical to victory or prolonged battles.

Burning Mode Duration
Increases the Burning Gauge's maximum drain time. The time displayed is takes into account a full charge. eg. At Lv3, the Burning Gauge without going into Burning Mode, will take 20 seconds to drain completely.

Sustained Burning Mode
Increases the sustained time the Burning Gauge will hold before it drains. The amount of charge is disregarded. eg. At Lv3, the Burning Gauge will hold itself for 11 seconds before it starts draining. Charging the gauge for even a fraction of a second will refresh this 11 second countdown.

Burning Skill
Techniques and Skills will use reduced amounts of the Burning Gauge. eg. At Lv2, the amount of Chi used is halved. Note that 0.5 is only a value, and does not mean half of a bar of the gauge.

Special Jump
Allows the use of the Arhan Technique which is a short glide in mid-air. Lv3 allows up to 3 glides consecutively.
  • Do not spam the X key as it will drain the gauge completely before Jin gets off his 2nd glide.
  • Once Burning Mode is engaged, Arhan Technique can be used unlimited times until the gauge drains off. The maximum number of glides you might get is 16 times.

Skill Recommends:

Tier 1:

Dragon Upper Cut Lv2
  • Type: Close-In
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Jin closes in with his upper-cut combo and executes a flip kick in the air to knock his enemies down.
  • ^ The flip kick has a moderate chance of missing small enemies most of the time.
  • Burning Mode: The flip kick changes into a diving kick, which deals multiple hits instead of one. Has better hit confirms in general.
    Iron Mountain Assault (Skill Key req.) 
    • Type: Close-In, Impact
    • Range: Short
    • Damage: Burst
    • Animation: Short
    • Revamped: Jin creates a splash of Chi energy on both sides, striking enemies with an impacting blow. Iron Mountain Assault when chained, will run through 3 different animations.
    • 2nd: A palm thrust, 3rd: An Iron Mountain shoulder tackle (Shisa's technique)
    • The 2nd and 3rd executions deal 60% more damage than the 1st.
    • Burning Mode: Executes the 3 individual moves in a chain, although the total damage is reduced compared to a singular 3-step execution.
    Hsing I Palm (Skill Key req.) 
    • Type: Direct
    • Range: Short
    • Damage: Burst- Multi
    • Animation: Short
    • Jin focuses Chi into his palm and strikes his enemy with multiple hits and a knockback blow.
    • Burning Mode: The final hit deals more damage. But due to it's ridiculously short range it is difficult to use on enemies effectively. However, it connects well after an uppercut as it lands the enemy directly in front of Jin.

    Tier 2:

    White Flower Technique Lv2 
    • Type: Close-In
    • Range: Mid
    • Damage: Multi
    • Animation: Long
    • Jin executes a short combo while knocking his enemy back with each blow, and ends it with a heel drop kick
    • Burning Mode: The heel drop kick turns into a flying kick. Has better hit confirms than Crumbling Mountain Strike on both levels. Albeit it deals 2 to 3 less hits in total.
    Crumbling Mountain Strike (Skill Key req.)
    • Type: Impact
    • Range: Short
    • Damage: Burst - Multi
    • Animation: Long
    • Revamped: Jin executes a violent barrage of punches that knocks the enemy back violently on the final blow.
    • The skill can now strike low-bodied enemies without missing a beat. Jin also no longer blitzes forward and attacks at a stationary position instead.
    • Burning Mode: The final knockback punch becomes a diving punch instead.
    Dragon Squall (Skill Key req.) 
    • Type: Projectile, Linear
    • Range: Mid
    • Damage: Burst
    • Animation: Short
    • Jin gathers Chi and sends it off in a large projectile blast. Enemies hit by it will get knocked back.
    • Burning Mode: The Chi blast moves much faster and covers more distance ahead.
    • The damage dealt in both instances are the same, also has two delay instances instead of one.

    Tier 3:

    Fist of 10,000 Hells Lv2
    • Type: Splash, AoE: Small
    • Range: Mid
    • Damage: Multi
    • Animation: Long
    • Jin gathers Chi on both sides of his palms extended, coalescing it into large spheres. He will then draw the spheres in and cause them to explode on their opposite sides. It does large amounts of periodic damage and some flinching as the enemy comes in contact with the spheres.
    • Burning Mode: When Jin draws the spheres in, they will explode in the center rather than switching sides. It deals rapid hit instead and will stun-drag enemies around. The damage dealt in Burning Mode is higher.
    • Try to position yourself so that enemies are not directly next to your sprite, but rather a little by the sides. That's because while Jin is in his stance, he leaves the center completely untouched by his attack. Smaller enemies can simply stay unharmed if too close to him.
    Indomitable Spirit (Skill Key req.) 
    • Type: AoE: Small, Close-In
    • Range: Mid
    • Damage: Multi
    • Animation: Long
    • Jin leaps onto a pedestal of stone and gathers his Chi around him and at the same time drawing in enemies along, then igniting it into an explosion around him.
    • Burning Mode: The damage dealt is somewhat increased.
    • In the first phase of the skill, it is capable of doing 4 points of damage around him. So if Jin happens to be centered inside a large target during this animation, that target could take 4x the damage. Note that it is considered light damage only. The largest amounts are dealt from the explosion afterward.
    • Indomitable Spirit cannot hit low-bodied or small enemies. For some reason, it's explosive attack has it's range reduced.
    Searing Light (Skill Key req.) 
    • Type: Splash
    • Range: Mid
    • Damage: Multi
    • Animation: Short
    • Jin unleashes a field of Chi around him, damaging and tossing any enemies within its sphere of attack
    • Burning Mode: The animation changes from a dome of Chi into a field of blazing light. Damage increases somewhat compared to the original.

    Tier 4:

    Flash of Light
    • Type: AoE: Large, Wide
    • Range:Vertical, Wide
    • Damage: Multi
    • Animation: Long
    • Jin slams his foot onto the ground and zips into the air taking his enemies with him, then punching them down with a Chi-charged punch. Jin can then freely use his techniques without Chi expenditure for 15 seconds.
    • Flash of Light has a wide range which hits almost everything on the screen, the final impact of the skill affects enemies both top and bottom of 3 platforms.
    • Jin can use the techniques continuously as long as he has a portion of Chi to use. That required amount is also reduced if you have Burning Skill Lv1 or 2.
    • Switching weapons will remove the 15 second buff.

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