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Ramblings on Grand Chase Season V

First of all thanks for visiting this blog, which was the result of frustration thanks to the messed up main forum and the need to set up a more reliable platform for my works.

We've made it into Season V (S5) folks. The game's gotten crazy with this Character Separation thing they introduced together with the patch but we'll go into that in a moment. So let's move on.


What this blog is not about:

Unlike the other blogs, you will not be seeing PvP topics in here. As mentioned above, this blog is meant to store my PvE (Dungeon) guides and if possible, an open platform for interaction. I will consider talking about patches if I can catch up to the info in time. I'm afraid I may not be able to invest in research on every topic and it will be done at my own convenience as well. Sorry.

Cutting to the chase, I will express my brief thoughts on how the Season V has affected me personally, and thus far, just so you get the idea behind my train of thoughts in my guide write-ups.

Season V has-

1) Given me hope in completing all dungeons which some of my characters fail miserably due to inadequate power before the advent of Eternal. Of course, we talking about going solo in complete GP outfits.

2) Shown me how game-breakingly reliable the Critical-based stats are, *but are also NOT everything to victory. Complacency brings nothing but defeat- and then wasted bonuses etc.

The Joke(r's) on you!

3) Shown me how complacency has gripped players in fears over nothing. The image above sums up my thoughts on the dungeon side fiasco when Eternal came around at first.

4) Ruined my plans to equip my characters entirely with Relic-grade Phantom Phoenix weapons. Bullion farming has become too tedious at Wizard's Labyrinth (quite the opposite for the Sanctum and the Crucible though)

5) Made it easier to take on dungeons. If you had the ability in the first place, now with absurd amounts of attack power there's no reason to say it's harder. See No.2*

The list could go on but...


Key Changes in Season V

What has changed for the Dungeoneer? 

1) Shared skills no longer consume any SP points in the Skill Tree. So all MP characters get to distribute much needed points elsewhere, making their skill trees more complete and able to select more cash skills if desired.

2) Socketing the right cards can greatly impact your performance and prowess.

3) With default MP Regen being skewed, no more using of excessive skill delays to cheat death and danger. You're going to need your wits and tenacious use of skills and techniques to last in a fight.

4) All dungeons can now be solo'ed by the casual player with an adequate amount of skill. No more stuck character levels or waiting for a party to ensure victorious runs.

What has changed for Dungeons as well?

Implications of the Character Separation system.
  • Tedious character swapping process when managing inventory, especially the exchange and transference of items done over the warehouse.
  • Swapping characters for dungeons is equally tedious. 
  • Tighter management of available (or scarce) resources especially for newer players, whom do not have the luxury of expansion or distribution with individual characters. 
  • Redistribution woes of (scarce) potions, bonuses, natal rings and other dungeoning essentials.
  • Character-bound Seal Breaker pets, drops and other miscellaneous equipment.
  • Account Management Meltdown: 19 CHARACTERS!!!
  • Increased opportunity with Hero dungeons and bullion farming. Before S5, a regular day could nap you 13 Bullion medals at maximum. (Do the math). Character separation allows individual participation and allows a maximum farm of 247 Bullion a day (again do the math) - although figuratively possible, it is not humanely advisable to do so. (Please take adequate breaks from gaming!) ヾ(▼ヘ▼;)
  • Better organisation of individual inventory by utilising warehouse expansion options. Depending on viewer's preference, this can assist in inventory checks of your most precious assets.


Workings of the Guides

Comparison chart has lost its relevance and has been removed.

Gameplay Demo Videos:
Older Eternity videos will be presented together with new Season V videos to show any contrasting differences. If you can't play the embedded formats, click on the link which will bring you to YouTube.

Character Summary:
Removed the pointless basics and added a simple and brief summary to each character.

Explains the dodge mechanism and how it assists said character. The 1st part is the same across a specific character, while the 2nd part changes according to the specific class you are viewing.

Inherent Techniques:
Techniques that the character possesses, with further explanations that are not provided in Practice Mode.

General descriptive of how it works for individual characters. Not everyone is the same, and some won't have this section.

Additional pointers for the musing. They may be similar depending on the character but important changes will always be highlighted in this purple.

Skill Tree setup:
As I do not have the luxury of investigating every skill available (resets cost $), I can only recommend what I know to the best of my knowledge but will endeavor to provide as much as possible.

There's also a good reason why I am re-specifying the descriptions of skills - whoever wrote the skill descriptions back in those days have not updated them even now. When you notice the bias of the descriptions is for PvP, it does not clarify the picture for the dungeon aspects. Some of them are even INACCURATE! Justified, who wants to waste a skill key/point on a description that lied to you?


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