Glossary of Terms

Some of the terms may confuse you in the skill lists, don't they?

For clarification purposes, here's a list. Note that the descriptors used are not always absolute. If you have a different opinion, do come forward and we may discuss amicably ヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ


AoE (Area of Effect)
  • Skills that is able to affect the entire screen/map. Defined by skills in which its effects radiate from the user and affects everything inside of its range. Not to be mistaken with many splash types.
  • eg. Gladiator's: Soul Extinction, Warlock's Blizzard
Combo Augment
  • A class of special skills that changes entirely the way the character fights, for a period of time.
  • eg. Rama's Fists of Heaven & Earth
  • Allows the character to close the distance with the skill's movement. In the same principle, the skill may also be used for evasion if it helps to put the player out of harm's way. Also applies to skills that can draw in their enemies.
  • eg. Dancer's Ditzy Rush, Fighter's Indomitable Spirit
Damage Stacking
  • Allows instances of extra damage to be dealt where multiple of the skill's occurrences inflict damage individually on each enemy.
  • eg. Zero's Zero Domain
DoT (Damage over Time)
  • Skills that deal damage even after the skill ends, may be congruent with some multi-hit attacks.
  • eg. Nova's Void Shot
  • Induces some/heavy knock back with the skill, affects the viability of skill spamming on a stationary point.
  • eg. Polaris's No Mercy
  • Skills that attack in a line, be it horizontal or vertical. (Linear attacks still indicate finite range).
  • In most horizontal cases, the attack may or may not reach the end of the screen or beyond it.
  • In most vertical cases, the attack cover 2-3 platforms in height
  • Linear skills usually have a narrow line of attack and thus do not fall under AoE nor Splash.
  • eg. Knight's Sword Fire, Rune Caster's Eraser
  • Skills that track the position of its targets and then proceeds to attack them.
  • eg. Assassin's Shadow Vanish
One Shot
  • Skills that perform only a single hit.
  • eg. Swordmaster's Power Break
  • Skills that allows the character to move across enemy bodies, may be physical or projectile in nature.
  • eg. Sentinel's Spinning Phantom, ArchRanger's Hyper Shot
  • Any attack that involves firing a shot that doesn't involve the physical body itself.
  • eg. Lire's skills in general, Muse's Pop Rocks
Self and/or Allies
  • Anything that is used as a buff, usually does not affect external parties nor deal any damage.
  • eg. Zero's Increase, Magician's Cure
  • Used to indicate many, many skills with a defined area of attack that radiates from the offensive force. Mostly used to describe skills that spread a small or large area of damage from many projectile skills.
  • eg. Magic Knight's Lunatic Force
Status Inflict
  • Inflicts a debuff or negative condition on an enemy
  • Burn/Poison - Both of similar type which leaves a lingering wound for a period of time
  • Freeze - Traps an enemy in place, no extra effects
  • Petrify - Traps an enemy in place, and may deal extra damage while trapped
  • Stun - No additional benefit except to lock them in place
  • Shock - Similar to Burn/Poison but at a slower rate of damage and interval. Shock can cause MP breaks if it strikes at the right moment.
  • Def Down - Drops defense by a %
  • Atk Down - Drops attack by a %

*Note: Long indicates an attack which connects the entire range spectrum from Direct to Long. Same can be said for Medium & Short, unless indicated specifically eg. "Long Only", or specifically explained in the descriptions below the skill.
  • Direct - Requires body contact to hit.
  • Short - Defined as the immediate area around the character
  • Medium - Defined as a distance in which the character cannot normally reach by melee
  • Long - Defined as a distance that is completely out of reach to the character by melee
  • Full - Affects the entire screen/map
  • Horizontal - Defines range that strikes the entire length across a screen (eg. Spearmaiden's Spirit Lance)
  • Vertical - Defines range that strikes a vertical length instead (eg. Sentinel's Flying Divide)
  • Wide - Defines a range spectrum that is full and off the screen, but not the entire map (eg. Asura's Skyfall)

Indicates the type of damage it deals via these categories.
  • Burst - Deals damage in one action. Burst Damage is heavily influenced by Critical Damage to significantly multiply the total damage.
  • Burst damage is significantly important when dealing with highly counter-reactive enemies that respond to too many hits at once.
  • Multi - Damage is dealt via multiple instances and takes a longer time to complete its deliverance. Multi Damage is better influenced by Critical Rate to trigger as many criticals as possible for the skill.
  • In the general case, Multi hit skills have weaker damage rates than a Burst type, and Critical Damage becomes secondary to Critical Rate.
  • Nil - Pure support skills and other defensive types.

Animation lengths are a double-edged sword. Explanations follow-
  • Long - Long animation can result in late deliverance of full damage, although this prolongs your chances of evading any kind of dangerous attack.
  • They can be difficult to use against counter-reactive enemies or against those that move too fast, too much.
  • Short - In vice versa, short animations ensure quick deliverance of damage, but may fail to keep you out of danger when the delay is required.

*Do you have any suggestions to improve this glossary? Feel free to add a comment!

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