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The Spearman, also popularly referred to as Spearmaiden (gender equality!) is a specialist in linear destruction, with two of her core skills intended for that purpose. Combat wise, she is by default the weakest attacker amongst her other classes. Yet her otto is one of the most stable and hits the hardest because of it's consistency. To this effect, using Spearman requires a fair amount of practice to make the best out of her ability.

  • Type: Ground Roll
  • Most of the time, you will be relying automatically on her default rolling skill, and you should as well. While the dodge is handy to have, it does not allow you to use skills while dodging, negating her surprise back attacks in this manner.
  • Especially useful during the rapid spear thrust technique. As her roll cannot be used during execution, Dodge can allow you evasion to safety during sudden enemy counters in mid-attack.
Inherent Techniques:
  • Rapid Thrust: (Z+↑)
  • Executes a flurry of spear thrusts early in the main attack combo, or can be used immediately

  • Has wide sweeping range
  • Able to hit enemies positioned directly above and behind her
  • Sustainability: (Extremely) Easy
  • Her roll ability makes her face the opposite direction as soon she tumbles, allowing you to hotkey a skill almost immediately during the roll before her enemies turn around. However, this is not favourable for Dragon Slash as a minimal distance between Spearman and her target is required to maximise the damage potential.
  • This is different from Jin's style, as Jin must complete the animation frames before he faces behind.
  • Provocation does not work with Spearman.
  • Since Spearman cannot dash, naturally there is no option for rolling while in the air. Her dash attack causes her roll to start up late as well, because of the long delay between hits.

Skill Tree Setup:

Magic Defense:
  • Completely eliminates a projectile attack if successful (not all types of projectiles)
  • Causes 1 hit of chip damage if used in direct contact with a foe.
  • Reduces incoming melee damage to 60%, and keeps Elesis standing if successfully deflected.
  • MP gauge sealed while activated until 1-sec cooldown ends
  • Projectile attack causes stance to end
  • Direct attack will keep the stance going until it ends
  • Cannot be used while in Hyper Armor state
Defense: Firebolt Slash
Not so reliable and difficult to pull off a precise-timed slash. Better off just evading anything that comes your way.

Evasion: Roll Lv1
Lets her roll to the back for evasion and/or execute skill attacks

Berserker: Super Berserker Lv1
You won't get hit by enough arrows for this to activate.

Hyper Armor Lv1:
The ultimate technique in invincibility and last ditch offense. Once activated-
  • Elesis is invulnerable to death for 10 seconds
  • Hyper Armor no longer drains her HP.
  • Elesis now takes full damage while in Hyper Armor, but-
  • Absolutely nothing can kill Elesis, not even OHKO attacks from Boss-enemies
  • Any MP-Break occurrence will not kill Elesis, only triggers the skill cooldown timer
  • Elesis must have at least 1 HP to reactivate Hyper Armor (30-sec cooldown)
  • Magic Defense is unusable in this state
  • Protects you from "Jump" attacks, petrification & freezing status
  • *Curse is not negated
  • Beware of Super Armor & your earrings' effects during this technique, as they will turn you back into a tangible target and backfire on you, causing Elesis to take extensive damage from certain attacks that otherwise could be evaded.
Skill Setup:

Tier 1:

Ground Break
  • Type: Splash
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • After a short backswing animation, Elesis sends her spear smashing down to the ground and tossing up any struck enemies. This attack can range from weak to strong depending on how and when it's used.
  • If timed well and used on a tossed up enemy, usually by her dash attack, the aerial bonus can rack up substantial extra damage enough to kill lesser enemies in one blow.
  • Repeated use on the same airborne target can really be overkill, but gets harder to aim as she loses her original position with each use.

Tier 2:

Tornado Swing
  • Type: Linear, Impact
  • Range: Medium
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Elesis pirouettes with her spear and moves a short distance forward as she slams into her targets.
  • Not as effective on targets behind as the attack has large stun impact and renders them immobile as she swings out of range.
  • This skill now has delay and will freeze airborne targets for aerial damage. However, her vertical range is extremely low (up to her swing height) and makes this maneuver difficult to aim, especially for very small targets.

Tier 3:

Dragon Slash
  • Type: Linear, Projectile
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Elesis sends her spear flying forward mowing down targets along it's path.
  • Due to the spear sprite's starting point, which is somewhere in front of her, point blank use of Dragon Slash will reduce the potency of the attack. Similarly, using this skill after a roll is equally not as effective.
  • Because of the way this skill works, it has less potency on slender-bodied enemies and bosses.
  • Despite the spear's perceived range, it is not infinite and will expire eventually.
  • Dragon Slash has lost some of it's potency.

Tier 4:

Spirit Lance
  • Type: Linear, Burn, Impact
  • Range: Horizontal
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Elesis gathers her strength and thrusts her spear with a violent stream of energy, launching enemies into the air as it strikes them.
  • Surviving enemies (usually mini-boss types) are left with a debilitating burn that lasts for 15 seconds and also affects their allies if they walk into them while burning.
  • This skill has some vertical range on both axis, about half a platform's extra height.

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