Elesis: Sword Master

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The Sword Master is built for power and is evident with her smothering blows and skills. While speed is obviously not her best trait, she makes up for it in power, and to gratifying effect. She possesses enough raw power to OHKO lesser foes with her first skill- less needs to be said about what her other skills can do.

  • Type: Ground Roll
  • Most of the time, you will be relying automatically on her default rolling skill, and you should as well. While the dodge is handy to have, it does not allow you to use skills while dodging, negating her surprise back attacks in this manner.
  • Her main combo is the usual problem, as it disables her roll once you input the 3rd swing of the attacks. Dodge once again saves the day here, allowing you to roll away should you find yourself in the way of an incoming counter attack.
Inherent Techniques:
  • Falling Steel Blade: (↓Z during jump)
  • A drop attack which Swordmaster dives with her blade tip first into the ground while in a jump. Has a very narrow hit-zone. Elesis can roll away using her Roll when she lands.
  • Shadow Attack: (↑ During the combo)
  • Usable as long as you do not initiate her dash or critical attacks. Allows Swordmaster to evade behind and smash her blade to knockdown her enemy.
  • Highward Slash: (↑Z during a jump)
  • Enables a wide circular slash in mid air, adding more vertical reach than the standard jump attack

  • Strikes more effectively against targets behind her than in front
  • Pacing must be slowed down for targets in front of Elesis
  • Able to hit targets directly above her
  • Sustainability: Moderate
  • Her roll ability makes her face the opposite direction as soon she tumbles, allowing you to hotkey a skill almost immediately during the roll before her enemies turn around- Setting up excellent opportunities for Power Break to kill most lesser foes.
  • This is different from Jin's style, as Jin must complete the animation frames before he faces behind.
  • Also Dragon Dive, when used against bosses, to overwhelming effect.
  • Provocation does not work with Sword Master
  • Sword Master's basic combo is able to hit enemies directly behind and above her thanks to her broad swings.
  • Her ability to dash / dash attack roll is even slower as she must complete her swings first.

Skill Tree Setup:

Magic Defense:
  • Completely eliminates a projectile attack if successful (not all types of projectiles)
  • Causes 1 hit of chip damage if used in direct contact with a foe.
  • Reduces incoming melee damage to 60%, and keeps Elesis standing if successfully deflected.
  • MP gauge sealed while activated until 1-sec cooldown ends
  • Projectile attack causes stance to end
  • Direct attack will keep the stance going until it ends
  • Cannot be used while in Hyper Armor state
Defense: Firebolt Slash
Not so reliable and difficult to pull off a precise-timed slash. Better off just evading anything that comes your way.

Evasion: Roll Lv1
Lets her roll to the back for evasion and/or execute skill attacks

Berserker: Super Berserker Lv1
You won't get hit by enough arrows for this to activate.

Hyper Armor Lv1:
The ultimate technique in invincibility and last ditch offense. Once activated-
  • Elesis is invulnerable to death for 10 seconds
  • Hyper Armor no longer drains her HP.
  • Elesis now takes full damage while in Hyper Armor, but-
  • Absolutely nothing can kill Elesis, not even OHKO attacks from Boss-enemies
  • Any MP-Break occurrence will not kill Elesis, only triggers the skill cooldown timer
  • Elesis must have at least 1 HP to reactivate Hyper Armor (30-sec cooldown)
  • Magic Defense is unusable in this state
  • Protects you from "Jump" attacks, petrification & freezing status
  • *Curse is not negated
  • Beware of Super Armor & your earrings' effects during this technique, as they will turn you back into a tangible target and backfire on you, causing Elesis to take extensive damage from certain attacks that otherwise could be evaded.
Skill Setup:

Tier 1:

Power Break
  • Type: One-Shot, Impact
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • With a single stroke, Elesis delivers a crushing blow to enemies caught in the slash.
  • This move kills most lesser foes in one blow. Using this move quickly after a roll deals substantial damage with back attack.
  • Also possible is aerial chaining. Power Break now has more vertical range and quick execution, catching foes in the air for the aerial bonus is now easier.

Tier 2:

Blade Beam
  • Type: Linear
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Elesis hops into the air and sends a wave of energy in both directions. The wave has less range to the back.
  • Good for softening up targets and has better range than Power Break.
  • Using the same principles of freeze delay, this skill can catch foes in mid-air but require early activation as the hopping animation does not freeze enemies just before landing

Tier 3:

Dragon Dive
  • Type: AoE: Small
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Long
  • Elesis leaps forward into the air, sending a large wave of energy along her path, before cleaving her blade into the ground
  • As the attack describes, this skill hits enemies on level and one platform above.
  • Unlike Critical X, both motions can effectively hit enemies without damage loss. The cleave attack will also affect enemies on the higher platform as long as they are in the blade's path.
  • When used judiciously, it is powerful enough to destroy most mini-boss class enemies in one move.

Tier 4:

Chaos Judgement

  • Type: Damage-Stack, DoT, Lock-On
  • Range: Wide
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • With a cleaving blow into the ground, fire streams burst forth under Elesis and 4 nearest enemies within range. Enemies struck by the streams are stranded in the flames and take damage. The center stream deals with most damage and also upon the cleave impact.
  • Damage stacking is possible if enemies are bunched together. The streams reach 3 platforms high.
  • Super Armor enemies may evade the move entirely as the streams only appear on their last tracked position.
  • This skill is also less effective against singular targets and especially on bosses. Save the MP for Dragon Dive in those cases.
  • Unlike other similar Tier 4 skills, Chaos Judgement does not stun nor inflict burst damage and thus is less reliable when dealing with any fast moving enemies.

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