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GC Eternity: Knight
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GC Season V: Knight
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The Knight focuses on fast movements, blitz attacks and also evasion. What makes her so powerful is not just her basic specs but a plethora of defense-oriented techniques that boost her tanking abilities and survivability on the battlefield. By default, Elesis does not command much attack power but excels well in defense. She will require a good level of technique to keep her on her toes and dishing out the hurt.

  • Type: Ground Roll
  • Most of the time, you will be relying automatically on her default rolling skill, and you should as well. While the dodge is handy to have, it does not allow you to use skills while dodging, negating her surprise back attacks in this manner.
  • Knight's roll is pretty fast thanks to her attack speed and response with it. You'll rarely need to use it but it's an added bonus.
Inherent Techniques:
  • None

    • Moves backwards as she hits, press direction key together to offset this
    • Able to hit enemies positioned directly above her.
    • Sustainability: Easy
    • Her roll ability makes her face the opposite direction as soon she tumbles, allowing you to hotkey a skill almost immediately during the roll before her enemies turn around.
    • This is different from Jin's style, as Jin must complete the animation frames before he faces behind.
    • Watch the cooldown on Provocation. Mis-timed use will keep Elesis stuck in a long taunt animation, leaving her vulnerable (But you can dodge roll out of it)
    • Knight can execute rolling during dashes and dash attacks, on ground and in the air.

    Skill Tree Setup:

    Combo Attack: Combo 5
    4th Combo is now unreliable as Elesis will often slip past her target after the kick attack. While it doesn't have the close-in advantage 4th Combo has, Combo 5 has a better hit rate.

    Utilizing Combo: Air Combo Lv1
    The jumping attack allows you to leap over small enemies in case they counterattack. Unlike the other combos, this one doesn't keep you stationary and quickly knocks them up before they start to initiate a counter. Be advised that irregardless of the choice combo, you are still not immune to "Jump" attacks even when seemingly in the air. 

    Critical / Double Attack: Critical / Double Attack Lv1
    Both are essentially the same move depending on when you activate the command. It has better hit confirms.

    Special Skill: Windmill Slash
    Adds to the close-in attacks for Elesis and grants some knockback and stun with this technique. Not good for damage, but has sweeping range across level and top. Will trigger Hellspears.

    Dash: Jump Dash
    Increases dashing ability by allowing her a 2nd dash.

    Dash Attack: Dash Attack Lv1
    Quite obviously the same move as Critical and Double attack. Except this is done while dashing.  

    Jump Attack: Jump Attack Lv1 
    If you use otto often with Knight Elesis, avoid Lv2, as it reduces jump damage output by 33%.  

    Special Skill: Evasive Slice
    You don't really need this move if you know your rolls. However if you choose to, this move has a quicker activation time than the roll.

    Special Skill 2: Provocation
    When used on surrounding enemies, they will take approximately 10% more damage from all attacks. Affected enemies take a "hit" and will be aware of your presence thenafter. Lasts for 10-seconds with a 20-second cooldown. This move is not available to her other classes.
    Magic Defense:
    • Completely eliminates a projectile attack if successful (not all types of projectiles)
    • Causes 1 hit of chip damage if used in direct contact with a foe.
    • Reduces incoming melee damage to 60%, and keeps Elesis standing if successfully deflected.
    • MP gauge sealed while activated until 3 sec cooldown ends
    • Projectile attack causes stance to end
    • Direct attack will keep the stance going until it ends
    • Cannot be used while in Hyper Armor state
    Defense: Firebolt Slash
    Not so reliable and difficult to pull off a precise-timed slash. Better off just evading anything that comes your way.  

    Evasion: Roll Lv1
    Lets her roll to the back for evasion and/or execute skill attacks

    Berserker: Super Berserker Lv1
    You won't get hit by enough arrows for this to activate.

    Hyper Armor Lv1:
    The ultimate technique in invincibility and last ditch offense. Once activated

    • Elesis is invulnerable to death for 10 seconds
    • Hyper Armor no longer drains her HP.
    • Elesis now takes full damage while in Hyper Armor, but-
    • Absolutely nothing can kill Elesis, not even OHKO attacks from Boss-enemies
    • Any MP-Break occurrence will not kill Elesis, only triggers the skill cooldown timer
    • Elesis must have at least 1 HP to reactivate Hyper Armor (30-sec cooldown)
    • Magic Defense is unusable in this state
    • Protects you from "Jump" attacks, petrification & freezing status
    • *Curse is not negated
    • Beware of Super Armor & your earrings' effects during this technique, as they will turn you back into a tangible target and backfire on you, causing Elesis to take extensive damage from certain attacks that otherwise could be evaded.

    Skill Recommends:

    Tier 1:  

    Mega Slash Lv3
    • Type: Close-In
    • Range: Short
    • Damage: Multi
    • Animation: Short
    • Elesis slashes twice and smashes the ground with a shockwave around her.
    • All the attacks have very short range and requires Elesis to be very close to her target.
    • The shockwave can strike enemies standing right behind her.
      Cruel Cleave Lv2 (Skill Key req.)
      • Type: Close-In
      • Range: Short
      • Damage: Multi
      • Animation: Short
      • 2 sword swings followed by a stab of the sword into the ground, creating a shockwave around Elesis.
      • The shockwave has a balanced range for hitting enemies around Elesis instead of smashing forward.
      • Also has very short range like Mega Slash, and requires Elesis to get close first.
        Winding Flash Lv2 (Skill Key req.)
        • Type: Close-In
        • Range: Short
        • Damage: Multi
        • Animation: Long
        • Elesis performs a slash and kick combo forwards, knocking the enemy back with a hard blow.
        • Winding Flash has a best strike range amongst the skills.

          Tier 2:

          Sword Fire Lv2
          • Type: Linear
          • Range: Short
          • Damage: Burst
          • Animation: Short
          • Lashes out 2 waves of energy forwards. Enemies are pushed back as it hits.
          • The leap attack from Lv3 throws enemies into the air but disrupts the hits from the following sword wave.
          Cross Slash Lv2 (Skill Key req.)
          • Type: Linear, Close-In
          • Range: Short
          • Damage: Burst
          • Animation: Short
          • Delivers 2 powerful shockwaves towards the enemy.
          • The 2nd shockwave may miss if you're striking from a distance, as the 1st shockwave throws them up quite high and fast.
          Round Stream Lv2 (Skill Key req.)
          • Type: Close-In, Linear, Splash
          • Range: Mid
          • Damage: Burst
          • Animation: Long
          • Rushes towards the closest enemy and smashes the ground with an explosive burst of energy.
          • The close-in attack no longer deals damage nor pushes the enemy.

            Tier 3:

            Critical X Lv2
            • Type: Splash
            • Range: Mid
            • Damage: Multi
            • Animation: Long
            • Employs a rising and diving strike. Elesis jumps pretty high with this skill and will easily leap past small targets when she descends, missing her mark almost 75% of the time. Best used under your intended target, but will work perfectly find against tall-bodied bosses.
            • Critical X in general is very difficult to use and has the worst hit confirms for a default skill. It is very dysfunctional for dungeon use, despite the high damage capability.
            • Pressing direction keys may influence the leaping distance a little, especially when against a platform edge.
            Meteor Slash Lv2 (Skill Key req.) 
            • Type: Splash, Projectile
            • Range: Short
            • Damage: Burst
            • Animation: Short
            • Leaps into the air and sends a shower of fireballs downwards. Damage is dealt depending on how many fireballs hit the targets.
            • Damage saturation depends on the size of the target, as each fireball is an individual instace of damage.
              Triple Slash Lv2 (Skill Key req.)
              • Type: Linear
              • Range: Mid
              • Damage: Multi
              • Animation: Long
              • Slashes 3 times in large sweeping arcs. The flame spread allows her to hit enemies 1 platform above her as well. Has the best hit confirms with its wide sweeping range.

                Tier 4:

                • Type: Combo Augment
                • Range: Direct ~ Long
                • Damage: Multi
                • Animation: Short
                • Elesis first emits a small burst of energy that hits and repels enemies around her, there is a moment of immobility until she completely resumes her default stance.
                • Changes entire moveset for 20 seconds. Basic & jump attacks use slash attacks similar to Triple Slash. Dash attacks switch to the JF-style used by the Prime Knight and can be performed infinitely until Bravery ends.
                • Able to dash indefinitely and becomes semi-impervial to enemy attacks while doing so.
                • Hyper Armor traits activated, but damage taken is all reduced to 1.
                • Skills are sealed off, MP breaks are still possible.
                • Timing is key when using Bravery's dash attacks, inputting commands too quickly may cause Elesis to freeze after her previous attack and waste valuable time, leaving yourself open to attack as well. 


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