Feature: King Slime Land

∑(o_Oノ| 壁 | Dem slimes!

Never imagined that a Slime would come invade us in times of peace o_O. He may be "just" a slime, but don't be fooled...


All you need is this ticket which is distributed at a rate of -
  • 3 tickets on a weekday (Monday - Friday)
  • 5 tickets on a weekend (Saturday - Sunday)
Also, additional tickets can be purchased at a cost of 10 K-Ching/VP per ticket.

Although they said extra tickets can be earned every 30mins within a certain time-frame on weekends, you seem to be able to get extra tickets on weekdays regardless. Maximum of 5 per account, regardless of character used.

The ticket simply enters your inventory unannounced whenever the timer reaches every 30minutes.

In this dungeon, there are a couple of things to be noted as well-

In the case of dungeons, normalization will nullify all your Critical Rate, Critical Damage, HP/MP Regen and Hellspear values to zero.

The only thing that doesn't change is your total Vitality or HP. But don't count on your defense either.

After multiple plays, I'm still not sure how the difficulty is really gauged. In terms of its attack, the numbers are pretty consistent. The only noticeable change is in its HP which drops a little faster each time, until its 3rd appearance where his HP gauge is finally revealed (x52)

x52 is still a lot by the way, since you are dealing minimal damage through normalized stats.

Note: Items can fully be utilised in this event dungeon. Potions, Natal Rings - you name it.


There's quite an exhaustive list of rewards and the things you can do with some of those items you get. I'll not go into detail for those since they aren't that much important. But here's the link for convenience nonetheless.


Ah. Trial Forest, how we miss you so!

The game is set in the 2nd stage of Trial Forest, with the King Slime making his entrances (repeatedly) from the right.

Honestly, I never thought I'd see him that big.

King Slime is passive for the most part. His frequency of attack is completely random, anywhere from infrequent to continuous. Attacking him may play a slight contributing factor but it's barely influential in my opinion. The only influencing factor, is distance.

Using Lire (as usual), I had him bouncing left to right from end to end while I kept attacking. Never once does he respond until he gets close enough to do something, so that's a plus point (for boredom btw)

The M.O for this dungeon is pretty simple. Survive for the first two minutes*, and then proceed to destroy King Slime for his drops and the victory prize itself.

*There are two cutscene transitions for each one minute in this process.

Strategically speaking for the most part of the fight, you will want to stick to burst damage attacks, due to his ability to dodge at random whenever he takes any damage (Just like that annoying Harkion). At this point, I am unsure if King Slime drops anything for reducing his HP to nothing in the first two sequences, but he will definitely do so on the third and final phase.

*Verified - Items can drop from every kill before time outs, but item value remains random.

The other game style, is simply to idle away the first two minutes without attacking King Slime or letting him detect your presence. This is for most solo games and groups whom have determined they don't have the collective power to defeat King Slime. Good for using up excess tickets.


King Slime has 3 attacks of differing intensity, of which 2 are fatal to be hit by. He also possesses a dodging move. Except for the conveniently named "dodge", all 3 attacks are called out via on-screen text as the following.

Slime Bomb
The weakest of his attacks, but still painful to be hit by. This attack is a medium size AoE that radiates around him. Depending on the distance, the AoE can catch you if you're just right below him.

Slime Rush
A "Jump" attack type. Slime King's body will pulsate and shortly after, plops its body to the direction it wants. This initial attack will first knock you back and into the air, taking damage from the impact.

The next danger is the stomping effect when he lands. If you fail to evade THAT stomping for whatever reason-

He's telling you.

The damage is an unlivable 5-digits worth, instantly killing your character. However, there is respite if you get knocked by the impact first.

Due to the character usually falling first before the stomp actually lands, they are rendered immune to its effects, saving them from instant death. If you are unfortunate enough, you may hit the ground the same time the stomp activates, and then you still die. Most unfortunate, and most unlucky if it happens.

Slime Pang
Another "Jump" attack, this one has Slime King flipping over once in the air before thrashing the ground. Unlike Slime Rush, it deals no impact damage upon his jump (even if you touch him), but the resultant effects are potentially deadlier than Slime Rush.

Firstly, if you fail to evade the stomping again-

Once again, just reminding you.

The damage is an atrocious 6-digits worth, and besides that, stone spikes will fall staggeringly from the sky, with each one dealing heavy damage per hit, and the number of times it hits you at once. Simply lethal.

Slime Dodge(?)
Fortunately, Slime King isn't as irritating as Harkion is with his dodging. Hits will still connect as he slinks away and it can be strategically abused to your advantaged.  

Slime King will always dodge in your direction, and this knowledge can be used to control where you want him to go, convince him to slip into a corner and where you want certain attacks to land, especially pet attacks, which are multi-hit type that will easily cause him to Dodge often.

Bottom line is very simple - jump or dodge - pick the way you evade best. But if you haven't made Dodge a habit by now, you're really not doing yourself a favour.


============================================================================================================== Conclusion:

Unlike the event that was the Land of Judgement, King Slime's game isn't as tedious as the fight against Harkion, but is borderline dangerous for those who are careless against him.

You can't do much but pray you do get the potential rewards and have enough of his jellies to indulge in card chests, or his coordi items if you will.

Have fun, and don't get slimed. >:D


  1. Each form of King Slime drops if he is slain (though the drop value remains the same: killing his first from will NOT always result in better drops). Also, the 30 min of waiting applies to the account, and not the character; thus, the ticket will appear in the inventory of the selected character after the player stays logged on for 30 min (without a message.) Lastly, if one feels that he or she cannot finish King Slime's first form or the second form in time, he or she can just stand idle, for the slime will not detect the player and will just hop here and there.

  2. Thanks for the "Kill" clarification for Stage 1 and 2, and also the clocked ticket gains.

    I also tested the idling process myself much earlier. It works