Feature: Card Fusion

Card Fusion is one of those godsend options where players can turn their useless cards into more useless AND useful cards instead of just discarding them for nothing.

Although they come infrequently, players should take this opportunity to sort out their warehouse/inventories/libraries - you name it. Just take a few hours and do it. You'll be thankful.

Where and How-to?

I smile to myself every time I see this option appear

Once you open the menu, which is probably the first thing you do, you'll find that the mailbox has been pushed aside for this card-symbol icon.

I hope you have been keeping inventory of your cards since the Character Separation...

When you click on it, this interface opens up. The top row are cards you have selected for the fusion process, and the bottom row is your own inventory of cards

Note: For this reason, warehousing your cards across to a single character is most important, as it only displays the cards on each individual character.

As mentioned in the help text above, it takes at least 2 cards for the "Fuse" option to light up.
Wait for it...

By the way, depending on the server's latency, the roulette can drag on for another 1-3 seconds. Just be patient because it's a long process, especially when you have a large library to sacrifice and sort out of.

Whelp! I could always use more MP Regen!

Results - Good or Bad?
Although they might have you believe it, results do vary greatly and there are two ways to look at the results -

The game's definition of "better card". Take my word for it, that fusing more or less cards doesn't always give you a card of higher rarity, just like below.

Big Money! Big Mon- oh wait, wrong game.
3 Epics for a Rare? Seriously? OTL
No reason for me to fabricate this result, you will come across bad results like these eventually, when you have more than 1k cards to play with.

The player's definition of "better card". With the new gaming meta that heavily favors Critical cards and MP Regen, it probably wouldn't matter what rarity the card is as long as the properties are favorable. Some examples would be:

Rarity is just an aesthetic. It matters not

In fact, I am thankful the rarity of the card does not affect the costs of socketing them, thus making the life of every player easier by simply keeping the favourable cards and discarding the rest for such purposes.

Personal Tips

How many cards is enough per fusion? Well, I don't believe in an absolute formula, but in terms of cost-gain ratios, I would reckon-

Normal: 5-7 cards per fusion
Rare: 3-4 cards per fusion
Epic: 2 cards per fusion
Relic: 2 cards per fusion (But don't expect 100% Relic returns)

Next, for the players whom want to optimize our library and remove any cards that have no future (use) while following the current meta-

Attack, Special Attack, Defense and most Vitality cards can be sacrificed for fusion. And if you are a long time veteran with an abundance of card stock, you can also remove Critical & MP Regen cards below a certain % as they will be unlikely to be used.

For e.g. in my case, I would remove cards below
  • 4% MP Regen,
  • 2% Critical Rate
  • 19% Critical Damage
  • All Attack, Special Attack & Defense cards
  • 127 Vitality and Vitality cards not belonging to Helmet class.

And after that... I went from 481 cards to a remaining 63 cards. That's 418 cards gone excluding their stacked numbers.

It's wonderful to be able to just see your sectioned cards in just 1-2 pages.

Of course, this cleanup also ensured that I have spare cards to use for "disposal" and random socketing plus the best cards saved for end-game equipment.

The scroll-bar difference? I kid you not.

Of course, it's still tiny as ever, but at least I won't have to search for them at length.

The only one gripe I have with the interface is a lack of sorting options beyond Rarity itself. Raise your hand if you agree with me (No don't bother, I can't see it anyway :>), that you would also want to sort them out by Armor category.

Gotta rollover just to clearly see the symbol (ﺧ益ﺨ)

Covering the armor symbol with the number count isn't exactly the wisest idea since they started the Monster Card feature, but the interface for Card Fusion is much smaller than the original card menu, making it really difficult to glance through, and have to inspect each card almost individually for clarity.


Did this section help you? Leave me a note if you have questions, although I don't consider this a hot topic @@. As content continues to standstill, I will be working to rewrite dungeon sections with better layout.


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  1. This applies only to those who grind Berkas' Lair on a regular basis. They usually are (or will soon find themselves) full of Lizard Man ( Helm, + 137 Vit) , and Hatchling ( Weapon +2.70% Crit Chance), so they can throw away all their other Vit cards (expect Arwan Epic) and Crit chance cards (expect Nutcracker Zero). For example, I have at least 50 of each, finding no necessity to keep cards with a lower value.