Feature: Talin's Revenge

Well now! It seems that nut-job Talin has returned (for the 3rd time)... TO GIVE US FREE CASH ITEMS! Sad to say though, the prizes this time round aren't as attractive. They also increased the prerequisite item count and types needed to create the full bodied KOG B Pet.

But it's quite timely, just convenient for Uno users who don't want to cash and have a free pet that isn't a Slime :D

The reward list from the main site
Link: http://grandchase.elswordonline.com/2014/11/talins-revenge/

From what I hear, quite a number doubt that this mini-game is easily solo-able. Seriously guys, Talin's Revenge is really easy if you can afford to crash and burn maybe 2-3 times. While it is luck based, you do get at least some extra lives floating around in any one game. At the same time, I can't say for those with lag issues. But on a perfect scenario, It is as I say, solo-able.

Let us go into detail about the enemies you face. First, let us point out some key factors and one little secret!

  • You are going to need both weapon systems to win. Using purely one weapon type isn't the most efficient.
  • You will be using the Spreadfire almost 70% of the time. You're going to need it - a lot.
  • Vulcan guns and its laser will down boss class targets a lot faster.
  • You get 4-5 seconds of invulnerability after using a bomb. Dive right in and clear out enemy clusters before they start throwing more bullets on the screen.
  • Use your bombs generously! There's no point in conserving those bombs if you're going to die more than you can pick up extra lives.
  • You get to only hold 3 bombs at once- If there's extra floating around, just use one for the sake of clearing out enemy gunfire.
Earrings (secret)
  • Some of you were still uncertain over this. Those earrings you have on your character? When they trigger in this game, their effects act as a shield of invulnerability, allowing you to absorb enemy fire and dive into their ranks to mow them down. But be careful though, always withdraw 2-3 seconds in advance before the effects end.
  • Persephone earrings give you 15 seconds of shielding.
  • Phantom Phoenix & Gnosis earrings give you 10 seconds of shielding.
  • However, if you experience lag while playing this mini-game, it is still best to play safe.
I have seen rumors in the forums that tell of increased HP in most of the enemies now. Yes they have increased by the way.

 Bomb - You can carry a maximum of 3. Each bomb deals periodic damage and clears the entire screen of gunfire, including the Battleship's beam cannons.
 Life - If you are lucky to find that many, you can stock to a maximum of 9 lives.
 PowerUp - Your weapons have 4 levels of power. You only require 3 of these to reach the maximum. The power level is shared across both weapon systems.

There are some rare powerups that can be dropped from boss enemies. They glow a different hue and are shaped differently, which are basically a combination of 2 powerups in one.
    Again as with many uncertainties, the hit-box of your Valkyrie is really this small, about the size of your character sprite.

    Weapon Systems:

    For the sake of convenience, I'm just going to name the weapons on my own accord.

    Vulcan: System 1 - Primary mode of fire.
    • Level 1: Fires a single shot (8000 x1 dmg)
    • Level 2: Fires double shots (8000 x2 dmg)
    • Level 3: Fires triple shots +1 from the top (8000 x4 dmg)
    • Level 4: Fires 4 shots + 2 from the top & bottom. These are periodically fired. (8000 x6 dmg)
    • Due to the concentrated rate of fire, this weapon is best if you need to take out stacked enemy ranks and bosses quickly.

    Laser: System 1 - Charge weapon.
    • Takes 2 seconds to charge (A dark blue oscillating ball of energy is seen), fires a full length beam for 3 seconds and hits very rapidly (13500 dmg/hit)
    • Its consistent hit and damage rate makes it effective against whittling down a boss or simply to project a barrier of denial against regular enemies, since none of them will survive a blast this powerful.
    • The beam has a bit of splash radius, so it'll hit enemies that are near the beam even if not in contact with it.

    Spreadfire: System 2 - Secondary mode of fire.
    • Level 1: Fires small wave projectiles forwards and down. (8000 dmg/shot)
    • Level 2: Fires larger wave projectiles (12000 dmg/shot)
    • Level 3: Adds a top-fired missile along with the projectiles (8000 dmg/missile)
    • Level 4: Adds a bottom-fired missile (8000 dmg/missile)
    • This weapon is critical for solo players, as the safe zone is usually around the top. The downward shot helps to clear out enemies rising from the bottom before they can entrap you in bullet hell.

    Missile Barrage: System 2: Charge weapon
    • Takes 2 seconds to charge (Missile pods will open up), fires a 3 second barrage of missiles that deals 8000dmg on each hit.
    • Useful against regular mobs by dealing spread damage
    • Not so useful on bosses as it deals lesser total damage than the Laser can.

    *The player must completely stop firing before they can be allowed to switch weapon systems. (Press Space to do so)*

    *You also may not switch weapons until your charged attack cycle ends, if fired.


    The strategies you are about to read are assumed from the solo Point-of-View.. This also assumes that you will be spending a lot of your time on the top part of the screen where it's safer for solo runs.

    The Flying Saucer fires 2 shots at a time, at the position you are at. Don't leave them alone for too long or they'll add to the bullet hell.

    They first appear in pairs in various fixed positions, and begin to only appear at the bottom as the stage progresses. Flying Saucers will move out of the screen if left intact.

    The Spreadfire gun easily takes both flanks down as it conveniently gives you a perfect arc of fire when you move in close.

    The Mini-Copter fires 3 straight shots at a time as they hover up or down the screen.

    They typically appear alone on either sides, but start appearing in pairs and triples and in the middle as the stage progresses. Do not hover too long at the right-half, top and bottom edges, for they can suddenly pop into play and crash your player dead.

    The Vulcan gun is actually best at destroying the triple waves, but doing so would leave the enemies coming from the bottom unattended, and is a potential risk. They will move out of the screen if left intact.

    The Goblin Fighter fires 2 diverging waves of bullets diagonally. They will then switch altitudes periodically and fire again in the same pattern.

    Since they appear mid-screen and always move downwards first, this gives you ample opportunity to hit them with the Spreadfire gun before they reach you.

    The Goblin Rocketer fires a straight stream of bullets forwards periodically.

    Like the Goblin Fighter. They appear mid-screen and move downwards before coming up, only difference is they move steadily and don't hover.

    The Goblin Rocket Booster fires diagonal shots towards the bottom, never posing a direct threat to the player.

    It only appears at the top of the screen, either from the screen edge or suddenly popping from the top, then moving across slowly. They will turn back to attack if they reach the end of the screen.

    Vulcan gun works best on them but evaluate your situation before switching weapons.


    The Flying Guard Machine is the first to appear, alongside two Goblin Fighters. It fires a thick chevron-formation of bullets that starts to thin out, periodically. After a period of time, it centers its position and unleashes its flamethrower attack in a line and follows you to your position.

    It moves like the Rocketeer, going down then up, repeating this movement and attack pattern until destroyed.

    Unless you anticipated its presence with a charged attack, chances are it'll reach you regardless of whether you hid at the top. If you must use a bomb to survive the bullet wave, do so.

    The Aero Sentry Keeper Mk-1 is second and has two attack patterns. First, is a diverging spread of bullets with a tunnel in the middle. You have to either flank the gunfire or position yourself in the tunnel to attack it.

    If you allow it to fire this bullet spread 4 times. What comes next is-

    A beam attack. Although not shown here, After the 4th volley, the Mk.1 will quickly raise its beam arm and fire a straight laser from it, before repeating its attack cycle.

    Vulcan is recommended as it can purely destroy the Mk.1 with constant fire. If you preempt his arrival with a Laser, it'll take him down much faster.

    The Mk.1 also has no fixed moving pattern and moves anywhere it pleases, staying only on the right-half.

    The Aero Sentry Keeper Mk.2 is third and also has two attack patterns. First, it uses homing bullets that follow you tightly, making it hard to avoid. However if you fly in close, the bullets will never be able to hit you due to their wide initial curve. If you follow this tactic however, the Mk.2 will begin to approach as it traps you in his bullet formation, 4 more times like this.

    If it survives by then, you'll probably die in the next attack because-

    It'll then fire a quick burst of bullets in your face. Unless you had a finger on the bomb key, yeah, you're probably dead.

    Once again, Vulcan should tear the Mk.2 down real quick, and faster if you preempted a Laser attack.

    The Mk.2 also has no fixed moving pattern but tends to follow you slowly.

    As if things couldn't get worst, both the Mk.1 and Mk.2 will engage you together after a few more enemy waves. The Mk.1 appears first, so try to wear it down first with the Laser and more gunfire. You'll probably need to use a bomb, then continue destroying the Mk.1

    After that, how you deal with the Mk.2 is up to you. Or if you feel up for it, fight the Mk.2 first.

    They're not difficult, just tricky, since you'll be dealing with both dense and homing gunfire together.

    The Aero Full Guard is last of the mini-bosses and issues a "Warning" alert before it arrives, giving you ample time to decide and charge your weapon, there is no recommended weapon for good reason. It moves quickly and erratically, making any Laser attack a 50-50 chance of hitting entirely. The Missile Barrage works best but the Spreadfire just doesn't pack enough firepower. Decision on best weapon is yours here.

    Anyway, the Full Guard attacks by flailing bullets around 4 times. So if it still lives then-

    It will launch a giant missile that explodes in front of it, forming a fast-spreading concentric circle of bullets, then repeating the attack cycle.

    Main Boss

    After the Aero Full Guard falls, seconds later without warning, the scenery will speed up and in comes the Giant Battleship. This machine packs 3 different kinds of weapons on 8 hard-points of the ship, each posing a threat to the player.

    Good dexterity and a sharp eye is necessary to survive this fight. Keep your weapons in Vulcan mode and don't let up on the Laser attack, it is the fastest way to bring its HP down.

    Now let's analyse its weapons.

    First weapon & first attack comes from the dual machine guns on its flank. It fires a double spread from the bottom-up. Simply keep your distance and the spread will eventually leave gaps wide enough to avoid them.

    Oddly enough, this weapon is rarely used throughout the entire fight.

    Located on the front are 3 lined turrets that fire straight bullets periodically.

    This weapon is also fired once after the dual machine guns do, and is then rarely used afterwards.

    Fired from the "Eye" of the ship, this turret releases a large homing projectile, which creeps close to your player before exploding into a slow expanding circle of bullets.

    This is considered the main problem of the fight, as the projectile can easily force you into haphazard positions while trying to avoid it and into oncoming gunfire.

    Located at the top and bottom of the ship, these two turrets fire a dense volley of bullets in arcing trajectories of opposing directions.

    In one particular attack cycle, the ship will fire these two turrets together with the homing projectile- and is the main cause of death for most players in this battle.

    Just behind the aforementioned turret, is a small beam turret that frequently fires in tandem with the ships weapons.

    Situated right behind the dual machine guns is actually this massive beam turret that looks like a harmless turbine at first glance. Less commonly used, this beam turret may fire up with the other weapons, and by itself when the ship's weapons go idle. It usually fires in the center, and the ship will bring the beam level to the direction you evaded. But it will never reach the extreme edges of the screen if you have hidden yourself there. (Whew)

    Chances are, since you won't be observing turrets more than gunfire itself, your only clue is a momentary orange line in the airspace that flashes across, before the relevant turret fires its beam. Use a bomb if you must, as it clears out the beam for the entire duration.

    Note: It had 376x bars of HP during S4. It now has 592x HP. That's nearly 220x more HP than before.

    With dual play - The Battleship has 741x HP.

    True Boss

    Just when we thought it was done and over with, the true boss shows his face. Talin Elfbane - a dwarf twice-defeated and back for a 3rd beating in his "Talinroid"

    While small and clunky looking, the Talinroid is capable of moving at different speeds and erratic patterns, which is up to you to decide what weapon works best on him. BUT - Always follow him.

    He is a lesser threat than the Battleship actually is, but his snap-fast attacks and high-speed bullets can catch the unwary off-guard. He has no memorisable attack pattern, so this is merely a fight for the home-stretch to victory with just your skills.

    Whatever the case, Talin will never move into the left-half of the screen, so keep your guard up there. And for Vulcan users I have one tip-

    When placing the Laser to fire, always make use of the splash radius to maximise the space covered, especially when Talin likes to hover around the edges of the screen.

    Talin uses both guns and fire a 4-bullet spread flanking outwards. The tunnel of fire leaves him vulnerable to attack, just like dealing with the Mk.1 Sentry.

    Talin opens up and fires 7 consecutive bursts of gunfire. The bullet positions actually alternate with each burst, but the bullet flying straight to the left always remains constant, which allows you to evade and attack him simply by hovering yourself somewhere on top or below that bullet trail.

    This is the reason why following him is important.

    Talin rotates and fires a spread-out wave of bullets in a 180 degree zone towards you. The bullet positions are fixed on both rotations and he'll never fire behind.

    Then again, what business do you have to be behind Talin? @_@

    Talin releases 6 huge fireball projectiles at random positions as he hovers around. These formations may be clustered or spread out, but no matter how tight it is, there is always a viable way out. Use a bomb if you must.

    *There are unfortunate times where you will have no way out. Bless you :(

    Note: He had 192x bars of HP during S4. He now has 297x bars of HP. That's 105x more HP than before.

    With dual play - Talin has 371x HP

    And that's it! You have beaten Talin and his army, hopefully with less than 4-5 deaths (^_^'') and hopefully gotten a good item from the run! Watch my video run to see how I have effected the tactics I mentioned to good use. I died once, died a lot, but victory is always assured!

    This is the S4 version of Talin's Revenge.

    And here my readers, is the S5 version. Although all the enemies have had HP increase through the seasons, it's a miracle I could even match up with S4's general timing.

    It's quite amusing how the game rank hits SS instantly XD... Though it means nothing since exp is a negligible factor here.

    Author's Note: It goes without saying, but if you must have a partner, make sure he/she is reliable. Again because of new dungeon mechanics, enemy HP here also increases by an estimate of 1.5x more.

    If your partner decides to give up and bail on you, or just simply cannot hold his own fort, you have to deal with enhanced enemies alone. And unless your games are lag free and skills are just about up there, you're not going to enjoy the rest of the run.

    I had the fortune of having a good partner, although he/she kinda spaced out during this second run XD


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