Dungeon Revamps - Alcubra 1 (Goblin Work Site - Sands of Illusion)

This article features Goblin Work Site, Underpass of Lost Hope, Kungji Village & Sands of Illusion.

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Once again,
1) I will liberally use made-up names for some of their attacks if I have to, and make them as easy to visually recall as possible.

2) I'm using my Lv85 Lire for damage-soaking experiments, thanks to her supposedly neutral balance of stats across the board especially in defense (Elesis would return false results because of her innately very high defense).

3) I will assess monsters by their Threat (Reactions) and Offensive (General attack strength) levels. it can be anywhere from levels ↓↓↓ to ↑↑↑ to (indicates null change/neutral).

4) Telegraphing is the action taken to indicate attacks., from the new indicative red lines to magical glyphs where the attack projects itself, or simply body language from the monster.

So are we cool? Let's go~ (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆

 Goblin Work Site


Stone Clan Goblin
(Threat Level: ↓↓↓) (Offensive Power: ↓↓↓)
A completely useless goblin that just runs around pushing you while occasionally throwing a rock that takes 3 seconds to leave his hand.
  • Since they no longer throw regular rocks, it's the sole reason their threat ratings have gone so low.

Stone Clan Fighter
(Threat Level: ↑↑) (Offensive Power: ↑)
Slightly dangerous as they attack faster than before, not to mention it hits quite hard.
  • They no longer use the floor-scrapping attack so they attack faster with the regular sweep of the shovel.

Stone Clan Warrior
(Threat Level: ↓) (Offensive Power: ↑)
Similarly to the Fighter, the Warrior has quite a hard hit. It also responds faster with short-range melee since it no longer has it's range attack.
  • Since he no longer uses the charging attack on you, the distance threat is removed.
  • Compared to the other goblins, he can take quite some punishment

Grim Prior
(Threat Level: ↓↓) (Offensive Power: ↓)
Easy pickings, they barely move and uses a fire spell that takes too long to bear effect.
  • They no longer use that fire rush attack which dealt a lot pain, and that lowers their offensive power a lot.


(Threat Level: ↑↑) (Offensive Power: ↑↑)
Brutus is considerably stronger than before, and responds much faster with his attacks, usually leaving little leeway to strike at him.
Most of his attacks pack a punch too, so it's best to keep on your toes.
  • His spinning attack requires the player to be struck by the hammer only. So if he pushes you at point blank first, it will do nothing because the hammer sticks too far out.
  • He lands faster with his jump attack now, so changes to timing are required. Forcing him to change elevation will make him use this attack often.
  • Brutus also no longer throws his hammer, but will instead attack with melee very often.

Tactical Solutions:
Brutus is now an active attacker you will have to dodge around a lot to get some attacks in. Keeping level with him will allow you to control his movements and use skills on him effectively. Remember, changing elevation will cause him to "Jump" in a bid to reach you quicker.

(Threat Level: ↑↑) (Offensive Power: ↑↑↑)
Sethek is deadlier than before. He remains the same stationary enemy, being able to teleport around but with reworked attacks of high damage and low cast time. He can summon 2 Grim Priors to his aid as well.
  • The lightning bolt and whirlwind of his strike very quickly, and both will hit very hard on you.
  • Sethek no longer uses his magic shield at intervals but rather at his own pace and liking. Sometimes not at all if you take him out fast enough.
  • The fire spell that he uses is less lethal than before, more so that the pull-in effect ends just before the fireballs erupt from his staff, giving players a chance to escape just by running.

Tactical Solutions:
With a compressed stage that he is in, reaching him whenever he teleports is simply going from right to left and vice versa instead of searching high and low for him. Sethek may be still as a rock at times but his attacks are faster and deadlier; evasion should be on your priorities as well. Don't worry about that shield of his, he will rarely use it anyway.

Underpass of Lost Hope


Underpass Ergate
(Threat Level: ↑) (Offensive Power: ↑)
Very persistent little ants. They have one melee attack and they'll chase you around actively to punch you. And that punch hurts for a small bug by the way.
  • That's all they really do, the trouble is simply to separate them so that you don't end up getting punched by others while you pick them off slowly.

Underpass Dinergate
(Threat Level: ↑) (Offensive Power: ↑)
Also reduced to one attack are these armed ants with a lance. Their priority is to skewer you over a short distance.
  • They no longer use their jumping attack, so you'll have less to worry about in mid-air.

Underpass Hugate
(Threat Level: ↓) (Offensive Power: ↓)
The Hugates are larger and armed with a sword for their slash attack. Losing their lunge attack has made them less threatening to kill.
  • All they do is pretty much survive longer than their smaller counterparts. Otherwise, not a threat.

Tunnel Larva
(Threat Level: ↑↑↑) (Offensive Power: ↑)
The Tunnel Larva now plays a larger role as a bane, than an annoyance. Very actively, it searches for the player and then proceeds to use it's rolling attack on you often. That attacks hurts if you allow it to accumulate damage on you.
  • They do not shoot rocks from their mouths anymore. Although that's less of one annoyance, they become dangerous with their one other attack.


(Threat Level: ↓) (Offensive Power: ↓)
The annoying thing about Scorpis is probably getting struck by it's stinger; Poison which can affect your teammates if you are right by them when the damage ticks. Otherwise, the Scorpis is less of an active threat.
  • The damage from the poison has been heavily reduced.
  • It also doesn't use it's ramming attack anymore, removing its threat of continuous damage.

Tactical Solutions:
Take down the Hugates around her and you can focus on Scorpis. She doesn't have any fast attacks and only responds to you normally, so there's little danger against her.

(Threat Level: ↑↑↑) (Offensive Power: ↑↑↑)
Dare I say, Aranya is literally the most dangerous boss on the Alcubrian continent. Mainly because of her electric eye attack which can also easily kill S+ players in one direct blast. (Ranks do not accurately depict a character's defense and vitality.)
  • Shattering the eggs by your action will raise her attack permanently by 50%, and breaking all 3 will raise it to 250% power, which allows her to easily obliterate SS ranks.
  • Those falling rocks are painful as heck, make sure you avoid their paths and also stay on the ground. Being in the air can cause you to take more hits than usual.

Tactical Solutions:
Whatever you do, don't shatter the eggs. Let her do it naturally if she wants, for it'll do her no good. Always have an escape move or quickly draw your distance if she resorts to the electric eye, as its ability to kill is limited by a certain distance towards her; any further can save you from potential death.

Kungji Village


(Threat Level: ↓) (Offensive Power: ↓)
Asides from being friendly, all they want to do in their lives is to slap you. Really. It's the only attack they want to do on you.
  • Gone is their melee combo

Magic Kungji
(Threat Level: ↓) (Offensive Power: ↑↑)
All Magic Kungji gain full awareness of your position the moment you attack, and you should start expecting their magic projectiles to find you shortly. Their projectiles still hurt, so stay sharp.
  • They no longer use that annoying and offensive teleport.
  • Becareful not to have them directly under you. If you get caught under their slower projectile vertically, It's nothing but a one way ticket to death.

Big Kungji
(Threat Level: ↑) (Offensive Power: ↑)
This fellow tanks a lot of damage and is infallible for his size. Only attacks with a melee combo now.
  • They no longer use the flying kick attack, eliminating their range threat.


Guardian Kungji
(Threat Level: ↑) (Offensive Power: ↑)
The Guardian Kungji attacks faster than before with just about the same strengths. It favours its upward swing as his basic attack over the spinning slash of his. Pretty much aggressive too.
  • He no longer uses the sword thrust, but his two other attacks will compensate for the damage he can dish out.

Tactical Solutions:
Keep close and you'll be fine against him. He uses the upward swing a lot this way and it's somewhat easier to anticipate than have him rushing towards you with a spinning slash. Just be warned that he can strike rather fast with the swing.

Elder Kungji
(Threat Level: ↓) (Offensive Power: ↑↑↑)
Once a boss that required you to kill him fast, he no longer poses the threat that he was before. His attack speed and response is maintained, so he should not be underestimated nonetheless. He may use his jumping "Danger" attack a lot if you change elevations often against him.
  • No longer uses that obnoxious wind magic trap, which eliminates the need to kill him quickly before he entraps the entire stage.


Tactical Solutions:
There's no more worry of the wind magic attack so take your time dealing with him. Just be careful when attacking in front as his tornado magic can put some hurt into you. Give yourself space to also avoid his triple shots as it can accumulate damage if you are against a wall; that is worst because all of them can potentially hit you.

Elder Kungji appears as Alcubra's Gate Boss with 106x HP. He resumes use of his wind magic traps in this version.


Sands of Illusion


Sand Ergate
(Threat Level: ↓) (Offensive Power: ↑)
The Sand Ergate fights the same way as the Underpass Ergate, running after you trying to land punches on you. And no less, it's a hard punch.
  • No longer uses the toss attack, thus removing its ranged threat to players

Sand Dinergate
(Threat Level: ↓) (Offensive Power: ↑)
This ant can really run and does so to strike you with its only melee. It attacks twice, keeping you stunned and then knocking you down.
  • Without its spinning attack, the Dinergate is only so much of a forward melee threat. Engage it just like the Ergate, but don't allow it to corner you either.

(Threat Level: ↓↓) (Offensive Power: ↑)
The Frillzard may be less of a danger but still able to lock you in stun with its roar while dealing damage. It can get quite tricky if you let more than one attack you this way.
  • It's roar attack no longer causes confusion, but racks up quite some damage if taken in full.
  • It also no longer uses the charging attack

(Threat Level: ↓↓↓) (Offensive Power: ↓↓)
Apart from the sin of idling too much, they lost both of their power attacks, making them nothing more than cannon fodder.
  • Lost the rock spike attack, their only means of splash and range damage.
  • Lost the jumping stinger combo as well, their only means of rapid hitstun and heavy damage.


Giant Frillzard
(Threat Level: ↓) (Offensive Power: •)
An annoyance more than it is a threat (It still is). Its fast reaction time means that you will be seeing the "Jump" warning a lot as you try to evade him and also position yourself safely for attacks. While it is more of a stationary threat, don't let its attacks hit you for they will hurt a lot.
  • It roar has greater range as usual but does less damage than previously designed to.
  • It's jumping attack does very little damage now, and the warning comes realllly late when its only about to touch the ground. Peculiar.
  • Also no longer has it's charging attack.

Tactical Solutions:
Using Dodge will help you keep level with the Frillzard. Since it no longer runs around by charging away, it's pretty much a big target there for you to kill it. Otherwise, no real danger if you evade properly. The only trouble is its shifting hitbox that pushes you around when it turns. Some patient positioning would be wise before skill use.


Sand Ruler
(Threat Level: ↓↓↓) (Offensive Power: ↓↓)
Here's another boss made easy: The Sand Ruler. A good majority of its attacks have been revised to weakness, posing almost no threat as a boss.
  • Its dust storm attack now only affects the top and level of the Sand Ruler; the bottom is safe from harm.
  • The sand younglings no longer deal ridiculous damage and are killed in one hit.
  • It no longer uses it's flight attack from long range as well, removing the deadly threat of surprise.
  • Getting hit by it's horn no longer rockets you into the air. Just 2 platforms up.

Tactical Solutions:
The way it attacks hasn't changed, but it is no longer a deadly enemy nor a long-range threat. So bid your time and attack it when it is open. Melee characters, especially those with long weapons can safely continue ottoing under his belly.


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