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GC Eternity: Vanquisher
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Arguably the best of Ryan's classes in so many ways. The Vanquisher is the most versatile melee fighter thanks to the wide range of skills, abilities and transformations he is capable of utilising to his advantage. The Vanquisher offers multiple fighting styles combined with 2 of the most effective, platforming and otto, combined with a variety of 7 maximum skills at his disposal. Granted the power of the Nephilim alone, it makes Vanquisher Ryan the most powerful melee character in the entire GrandChase cast.

And given the norm, anyone would be tempted to breeze through a fight with the Nephilim, the quicker way.

  • Type: Ground Roll
  • Like most melee characters, Ryan too makes good use of the Dodge skill, mainly because most players forget about his defensive measures, which to be honest, aren't all that effective too.
  • Avid Ryan players would be platforming or ottoing a lot, hence not so much of a need to use Dodge. Should they engage in standing combat however, it becomes useful for Vanquisher to evade at will, since his attack speed is moderately slow.
Inherent Techniques:
  • Mach Blow (→→← + Z)
  • A defensive counter against a charging opponent, which knocks them back with the wind shear. Not so useful in dungeons since most charging enemies would be Super Armor buffed, rendering such a counter useless.
  • Flip Kick (Z/ZZ + ↑ during a dash) Storm Blade form only*
  • Vanquisher's first combo technique which executes a flip kick and launches the enemy into the air.
  • Step Kick (Z/ZZ + ↓ during a dash) Storm Blade form only*
  • Vanquisher's second combo technique which hops onto the enemy and knocks it down directly.

  • Has a decent sweep range, though not really as far as the weapon sprite effect might indicate.
  • Sustainability: Medium
  • Vanquisher's main combo in both modes have been sped up, but still allows a chance of enemy counterattack.
  • Ryan sorely lacks overwhelming offensive force, a lot of technical ability is required to make him excel
  • Or go dirt cheap and wild with Nephilim.

Skill Tree Setup: 

Transform: Lunar Attenuation
Increases the transformation time from 20 seconds to 45 seconds.

Revive: Tenacious Vitality Lv2
Die within 90 seconds and you get a 50% chance to revive with 30% HP. Once used or expired, a 40 second cooldown is activated.

Charging Skill: Charged Blow
Used to knock enemies away. Neither effective nor impressive to use.

Roar: Wild Roar
Strikes twice with a high impact roar. This attack can be used in mid-combo during certain moves. 10 second cooldown.

Survival: Nature's Shield
Ryan becomes invulnerable to all attacks for 4 seconds under the shield. 60 second cooldown after use.

All totems will be destroyed immediately if hit by any enemy attacks.
Defense Totem: Decreases damage taken by 10%. Lasts entirely with the cooldown of 20 seconds.
Revitalizing Totem: Heals up to ~10% of HP in full. Lasts for 5 seconds. Actual cooldown of 25 seconds
Energizing Totem: Charges up 1 bar of MP in full. Lasts for 5 seconds. Actual cooldown of 25 seconds.

Defense: Stone Wall
A stone pillar blocks out projectile attacks. Monsters can still move past it and it does not block beam-type attacks from enemies. The totem can be destroyed if hit by an attack of overwhelming strength. Lasts for 6 seconds equal to the cooldown.

Vanquisher's special transformation, Magnus Dan.

As of late, Magnus has little use in dungeons for many reasons. He is largely inferior to Ryan's Vanquisher in too many aspects except for having slightly higher attack strength. Magnus functions much like a regular swordsman with a not so effective otto ability, and 3 skills to go with. Magnus can neither use any of the shared abilities that Ryan has, nor his Dodge ability.

Turning Breaker: A quick 2 hit combo with high knock-up.
Binding Cross: Draws a cross with his sword and sends it across a short distance to hit his enemies multiple times. Very limited range.
Lord of Valhalla: Magnus summons a Balrog-like familiar to trample his enemies ahead of him.

[1] Otto:  His jump attack starts too high which produces a dual-effect. The high swing allows Magnus to strike targets above him and fares well on big targets. Yet however, the high swing does not fare well with smaller targets.

Unlike the Wolf and Nephilim transformations, Magnus Dan has no time limit and Ryan may stay in this form as he pleases, even when traveling across stages. Transformation ends only when he is defeated or by pressing "X" once.

Skill Setup:

Storm Blade Form:
Tier 1:

Gatling Spiral
  • Type: Impact
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi - Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Executes a rapid series of blade jabs finishing with a thrusting blow.
  • Delay before the final blow has been removed, making the skill animation quicker to finish.

Tier 2:

Flash Impact
  • Type: Pierce
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Sweeps the enemy off the ground with a blow and rushes forward with a series of explosive blows.

Tier 3:

Power Strike
  • Type: Splash, Close-In, Impact
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Strikes with a series of blows to the enemy and jabs the pike into the ground. Ryan then pummels at the pike with his energy to create a small explosion at that point.
  • The final explosive blow has high impact and tend to knock enemies too far before they take full damage.

Storm Pike Form:
Tier 1:

Fatal Drive
  • Type: Pierce
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Ryan strikes twice as he closes in and deals a piercing blow across his enemies.

Tier 2:

Furious Boomerang
  • Type: Splash, Linear
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Ryan tosses his pike like a boomerang which drags enemies back and forth as it hits them.
  • Furious Boomerang now has improved splash range and hit confirms, but damage still remains low.

Tier 3:

Xenocide Lancer
  • Type: Projectile, Splash
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Ryan fires 3 energy darts forward a short distance and energizes his pike, throwing it across to the ground 
  • The final lance pierces through and will easily miss against smaller enemies and most moving enemies.

Tier 4:

Furious Storm
  • Type: AoE: Medium, DoT
  • Range: Wide
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Ryan boomerangs his pike into the air above him and opens a powerful void glyph in the space Enemies in contact with the glyph take heavy periodic damage.

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