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GC Eternity: Bounty Hunter
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Rufus is the second of ranged attack characters, if only different because he has short-ranged attacks and is an AP character. Nonetheless, Rufus is a character who is both agile and evasive in nature, allowing him to keep attacking at all angles with his pistols Eyeteeth, relentlessly to get behind his enemies in a flash and still persist with gunfire. The action with Rufus never stops, brings about a new style of play and can only get impressive as he progresses in his classes.

Bounty Hunter- his starting class, provides you with enough skills and techniques to utilize, of which some have really useful effects. Since his skill tree is completely linear in one way, this means you can acquire everything he has to offer. It's also very simple- You get to obtain a new augment in the tree every 2 levels you gain with Rufus, but unfortunately this also means having to level up to 80 (the maximum limit to complete his skill tree) as a requirement to obtain everything.

Lastly, thanks to his linear tree, there will be no need for a progression chart. The player will get the chance to try everything and decide if a technique or skill is to his liking.

  • Type: Ground Roll
  • Rufus usually depends on his default evasion technique but Dodge comes in handy when he is not using his main combo.
  • Since Rufus learns nothing additional to improve his evasion game, the techniques for evasion is pretty much the same throughout all his 4 classes. Of noteworthy mention, is Trample. Not only does it function as a cheap-cost attack, it also conveniently evades attacks by propelling you overhead and behind your enemy, primed and ready to executed a lethal skill to the back.
Inherent Techniques:
  • Shadow Attack (→→during main combo)
  • During his shots, Rufus will take a swing with his gun to knockdown his enemy.
  • Jumping Shot (↑ZZZZZZZ during main combo)
  • Shifts Rufus behind and into the air above his enemy, and rains light damage shots onto them. This maneuver can be performed solely for evasion without pressing "Z"
  • Reverse Jump Shot (←←ZZZZZZ during main combo)
  • A falling back dash maneuver which puts Rufus on the ground, enabling him to fire anti-air shots or simply evade an oncoming attack. At the end of the back dash, whether he has fired any shots or not, he will perform a rising wheel kick before getting up.
*These techniques are avail and innate in all of Rufus' classes.

  • Rufus' standing shots deal a very high amount of damage eventually. Though as powerful as it is, it is wise to incorporate his melee combo when necessary. Not only does it allow you to evade on the fly using his various maneuvers, it gives you excellent control over your target as you can react instantly rather than wait for an attack to come for you.
  • Another alternative is to use controlled combos, which in this case is to stop at his kick attack before he goes into the jumping uppercut, rinse & repeat- this allows you to keep your enemy standing while continuing a chain of attack that stuns them.
  • These two ways of attack do not change throughout his entire job change list, so they become mastered after much levels of practice.
  • His standard shots no longer flinches enemies. However, it's power is quickly boosted from the skill tree.
Skill Tree Setup:

As Rufus' skill tree is linear with all the skills, techniques and passive effects mixed in, I'll go along the progression line rather than separate them.

Actually it looked worst than I imagined, so I'll reorganize them via color scheme and in running order to save your eyes a headache. Please use your in-game skill tree for easy reference too. Thanks :D


Pulverize (23 AP)
  • Type: Pierce, Impact
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • A mainly guns + 1 kick combo with a lengthy delay in it. The last 3 shots have a pierce-through effect 

Twin Tooth (46 AP)
  • Type: Pierce, Impact
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Rufus fires two piercing shots and fires off a last shot with a low-impact blow.

Make It Rain (76 AP)
  • Type: Splash
  • Range: Vertical, Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation:Long
  • This skill has Rufus open up a dimensional portal which he fires a shot into that splits into a rain of bullets down below where he stands.
  • With it's splash radius, it can also hit enemies from 2 platforms high. Sometimes even 3 if you're lucky to graze enemies from that high.

Empower (23 AP)
  • Type: One-Shot, Impact
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Rufus simply fires a single knockback shot from his pistol. The shot has a bit of splash radius if enemies are close enough to the impact.

Bullet Time (76 AP)
  • Type: AoE: Large
  • Range: Wide
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • In a dance of death, or bullets rather, Rufus spins around at high speeds and unleashes a wild fury of gunfire which shatters the screen with explosions.


Rake (6 AP)
  • Type: Pierce
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Multi
  • Rufus spins his pistols and knocks his enemies back, then crossfires bullets to both sides and piercing through his enemies with it.
Trample (6 AP)
  • Type: Pierce
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi - Burst
  • For the lack of a better descriptive type, Trample is actually a high-jumping aerial somersault which allows Rufus to provide himself cover fire on his enemies whilst he leaps behind them.
  • The technique allows him to also go pass enemy bodies which doubles as a cheap evasive move to have in addition to his default repertoire of evasive maneuvers, and the animation is very swift, allowing him to resume attack almost immediately when he lands.
  • Very quickly after he lands behind his foe, he can execute a lethally aimed back attack skill with it.


Increased Speed Lv1
Increases his passive running speed. 1st upgrade out of 4.

Aerial Invasion
Despite it's weird description mentioning an evasive move. IT ISN'T. It's completely off.
It actually allows Rufus to fire 4 shots on his standard attack instead of 2.
  • How this descriptive foul up was overlooked is beyond me.

Empower: Increased Damage
Increases Empower's base damage by ... ~5%

Eyetooth: Increased Damage
This increases Eyeteeth's standing shot attacks by a whopping ~65%  It's only 10% now

Note that this does not apply to all his bullet attacks, mainly to his standing shots only, despite the misleading generic descriptive that might indicate to all of his gunfire attacks from Eyeteeth.

Increased AP Recovery Rate Lv1
Increases his AP regen rates. 1st upgrade out of 4.

Bullet Time: Increased Damage
Increases Bullet Time's base damage by... 3%? What the heck is with these pointless rates?


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