Ley: Progressive Skill Tree setup

Opening Note:
Fresh players will not be getting Skill Tree resets anymore and thus it becomes imperative early on to figure out what is really necessary and what is optional. And thus I will point out the steps taken to get there.

Ley's skill tree is divided between her Summoning skills and Demonic skills. In this post, I will focus on the Demonic skills and the paths taken for optimization. They may include forgoing power up-augments to any skill; to the complete neglect of certain options.

Please remember that in the end, this is my opinion for an optimal dungeon character and is in no way an absolute build for perfection. The builds I recommend are based on what I have found useful thus far and eliminated the unnecessary options.

As the hierarchy for Ley's skill tree jumps about like Zero's, color-coding will be used for clarity once again. Also, do note that her tree is pretty large and there will always be a lack of SP points to cover one job class entirely, so there will be a lot of skipping and back tracking to make up for omissions in
a previous tree.

Required - These are the essential skill paths required to progress into the next skill tree. Any skill that also precedes the next are included.
Recommended - Not compulsory but would be beneficial to have.
Optional - Any skill points remaining after clearing out "Required" & "Recommended" can be input here. Optional skills can be planned by checking out the point balance and adding in extra points from the "Recommended" list that you wish to subtract.

Points used: Does not include those in the optional listing


  • Jeeves Etiquette Lv1-3 (3)
  • Garouille Lv1-2 (2)
  • Bless Lv1 (1)
  • Breakthrough Lv1 (1)
  • Jeeves Power Bomb Lv1-3 (3)
  • Gravity Ball (1)
  • Gravity Ball Hit Count (3)
  • Flame Roll Lv1-3 (3) 
  • Flame Roll Increased Area of Attack (1)
  • Ether (1)
  • Inspire (2)
  • Secret Passage (3)
  • Secret Passage Hit Count (3)
  • Plot (1)
  • Reduced Counterattack Cooldown Lv1-2 (2) 
  • Amount of AP at Start Lv1 (1)
  • Increased Critical Strike Chance Lv1-2 (2)

  • Amount of AP at Start Lv1-3 (3)
  • Reduced Counterattack Cooldown Lv1-2 (2)
  • Increased Critical Strike Chance Lv3 (1)

Points used: 30/30
Points needed: 36

  • Shove Lv1-3 (3)
  • Bastion Lv1-2 (2)
  • Uncertain Air Lv1-3 (3)
  • Tear Drop Lv1-3 (3)
  • Barrage Lv1-2 (2)
  • Howling Lv1 (1)
  • Spin Dash Lv1 (1)
  • Spin Drop Lv1 (1) 
  • Grim Hand Lv1-3 (3)
  • Uncertain Air Hit Count (1)
  • Big Eye Explosion (1)
  • Dark Sight Lv1-2 (2)
  • Centre of Gravity Lv1-3 (3)

  • Jump Attack Lv2 (1)
  • Increased AP Recovery Lv1-3 (3)
  • Amount of AP at Start Lv4-5 (2)
  • Increased Critical Strike Chance Lv4-5 (2)

Points used: 58/60
Points needed: 34

  • Haunt Lv1-2 (2)
  • Tick Tock (2)
  • Blockade (2)
  • Curse: Dark Red Lv1-2 (2)
  • Summon Command (2)
  • Heavy (2) 
  • Firebird Splash (2)
  • Gray Zone (2)
  • Haunt Dash Speed Lv1-2 (2)
  • Haunt HP Lv1-2 (2)

Evoker Passives:
You get a lot of free points simply by omitting this entire set.

Points used: 74/90
Points needed: 20

  • Jeeves Lv1-2 (2)
  • Creature Buff (2)
  • Creature MP Cost Reduction (2)
  • Dark Luminous (2)
  • Flawless Attack (2)
  • Netherwind (2)
  • Half Moon (2)
  • Real Dark (2)
  • Havoc (2)
  • Random Summon (2) 
  • Dark Flame (2)
  • Combo Attack Lv2 (2)
  • Advanced Combo (2)
  • Advanced Jump (2) 
  • Advanced Dash (2)

Points used: 104/120
Points needed: 30


Ley will need every skill they can utilize in her arsenal. Due to the fact she is weak in physical combat, her Demonic skills make up for a lot of what she is lacking. The wide variety of skills allow her to swap her skills before each new dungeon to befit any change in tactics, allowing her to take full advantage over her enemies.

Thanks to having a lot of passives, Ley is never short on AP and can use her skills rather quickly. And since Lock-On has lost it's place as a power skill, full focus can be given to all her other skills.

Here's the full chart of the skills available.

While in regards to Ley's summons, treat them as weapons of opportunity. Your main focus should still be your Demonic skills. And if you are up against bosses. Try bringing up Haunt to attempt getting his Curse: Dark Red debuff (Def down 30%) on a boss before it kills Haunt, since he may not survive long enough to do much. His critical increase however, should prove very useful for Ley since it remains even if Haunt is taken out.

Since there are no sure-fire tactics when using Ley, let's look at it by defining their roles, and letting the player decide their own lineup.

A passive technique to gain an AP boost. Though it statistically provides you only 1 AP bar in total, not counting your passive regen.

A not so useful homing weapon. It has short range and fires too little times to be effective

Dark Flame
A piercing fireball which simply explodes after a short distance.

An entity capable of triggering Hellspears, which makes it useful on grounded enemies and bosses only (because it has high knockback), if Ley has a high HS value to exploit.

Gray Zone
Like Blockade, is capable of triggering Hellspears too. It's wider range, large hit count and constant stun makes it effective to exploit Ley's Hellspears if any. Can also affect some bosses by causing a constant stun.

1-AP Bar Skills
Gravity Ball
A concentrated attack skill with decent damage. The recoil from the shots help push Ley back a little if need be.

Jeeve's Etiquette
A single high impact blow against an enemy

Uncertain Air
A short range tracking attack that can hit up to 2 targets near Ley. If you're feeling lazy about aiming, this is a sound choice.

Works as a linear attack, but has short range.

Tick Tock
Works as a land mine and deals high damage in just one hit when triggered

Dark Luminous
Good for attacking enemies around Ley, but leaves her vulnerable if the odds are not in her favour afterwards.

A useful attack move that functions as an evasive skill as well. Not good on hit confirms but good damage nonetheless.

2-AP Bar Skills
Flame Roll
Good for taking down middle sized enemies due to it being a linear type DoT skill. Or simply to wear down tougher enemies.

Tear Drop
Good for attacking enemies in the space where Ley is, especially when surrounded by enemies.

It's constant damage keeps enemies busy with the hitstun as well. Not so damaging though.

Flawless Attack
Keeps enemies trapped in the dual blitz of punches, deals a lot of multi-hit damage.

Half Moon
A powerful pierce-through attack with one hit.

3-AP Bar Skills
Jeeve's Powerbomb
A powerful concentrated attack in a small area.

Secret Passage
A tactically used skill with good position. Can become a boss crippler if executed correctly. Works on most bosses as long as they don't move too much.

Grim Hand
A quick skill that smashes enemies at a height. Good damage

Centre of Gravity
A very hard to use skill that deals moderate damage at best. Requires too much positioning time and results in misfires often.

Firebird Splash
A short range AoE skill that requires Ley to go near her targets.

Real Dark
A skill with infinite vertical range that destroys enemies well on vertically high stages.

A skill used to deal great damage to enemies in a mid-sized field of effect.


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