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Once again, the Evoker Ley gets to learn a couple more new skills and obtains yet another new summon, Haunt, a mischevious looking spirit. Her skill tree this time focuses on improving the Summoner system, by adding additional attack benefits for Garouille and Bastion, while implementing the Summon Command which is basically an extra hotkey command system used to summon her 3 current minions.

Not much is expected to change in terms of Evoker's physical combat, but her new demonic skills will prove useful in combat.

  • Type: Teleport
  • With the aggression levels of enemies now, Ley is one hard-pressed combatant because as Summoner, she lacks pressuring factors against the enemy like hit-stun, poor crowd control. Armed only with an unwieldy combo of sorts, a lone Ley will require a lot of patience in combat.
  • Once again, nothing changes in terms of Ley's normal combat style, so the rules of evasion for her is pretty the same as Summoner's and Harbinger's. Her Evoker skills however provide a better source for crowd control, so use them in tandem to aid her.

  • Evoker brings about a completely useless passive skill tree section (for practical reasons). This may seem bad at first but it saves you a lot of points anyway.
  • With the new Summon Command system on Evoker, slots can be freed from summons being replaced with her demonic skills.
  • Evoker abilities make very compatible partners with Hellspears as 2 of them are able to trigger them at a fast pace. Blockade & Gray Zone
Skill Tree Setup: Passives

*Note: All of these augments are PvP orientated and provide no significant advantage to the player in dungeons. It is feasible to simply ignore the entire Evoker passive tree. Saving you a hefty 12 points*

Combo Enhancement
An augment for Ley's default attack. It makes the sphere's now impossible to destroy- a pointless augment as monsters cannot destroy your spheres.

Combo Sphere with Curse Attribute
When the third sphere hits an enemy, it causes a shock affliction to that enemy dealing minor periodic damage. The Curse effect has nothing on dungeons.

Charging Attack Enhancement
Continues from the Summoner skill tree, this improves the lifespan of the charge attack orb.

Charging with Attack Attribute
A completely PvP oriented augment with no effect on dungeoning.

Skill Tree Setup: Actives

Summoner Side

Haunt (53 AP)
  • Type: Summon
  • Haunt, like Garouille, is a floating minion that hovers in the air while following Ley around.  It's main mode of attack is to drop embers of demonic fire ahead on the ground and dealing damage over time to enemies stepping on it. Haunt has very low HP and is easily taken out.
  • Haunt Dash Speed: Increases Haunt's moving speed.
  • Haunt HP: Increases Haunt's base HP.
  • Curse - Dark Red: Haunt radiates a red aura that drops enemy defense by 30%
  • Curse - Dark Green: Haunt radiates a green aura that drops enemy attack by 30%
  • Curse - Violet: Haunt radiates a purple aura that causes enemy to bleed - but does no damage
  • Curse - Sudden Death: PvP only. This augment has no effect in dungeons.

Effects: For Garouille
Garouille returns to it's stone form and taunts nearby enemies to attack it instead.

Breath Enhancement
Enhanced the effects of it's 3 breath attacks
  • Stone Breath: Creates a zone of darkness but has no effect on monsters.
  • Fire Breath: Leaves burning embers on the ground.
  • Ice Breath: Creates a patch of ice on the ground.

Effect: For Bastion
Bastion takes a leaping bite which inflicts bleed status on enemies - but also does no damage with it.

Like Bastion's Howl attack, Bark is an automated attack which generates a small field around Bastion to inflict minor damage. It's effects do not work in dungeons either.

Demonic Side

Tick Tock (26 AP)
  • Type: Projectile, Splash
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Ley grabs Sebastian (Dio's timid servant) and lobs him into the ground against his enemies. Sebastian then "explodes" when he strikes and enemy, or when one stumbles across him.
  • He remains on the ground like a ticking bomb for 7 seconds before he self-explodes.
  • We have no idea where and how she could have gotten Sebastian in her hands.

Summon Command
A special command which uses the "C" special key to open a summoning grid for the player and Ley. What this does is to free up any skill slots used for her summons and allow her to equip a full set of skills and techniques, while retaining her ability to summon her minions

Heavy (53 AP)
  • Type: AoE: Small, DoT
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Ley places an energy sphere that creates gravity waves, rapidly damage enemies inside the field of influence.
  • The gravity field lasts for 7 seconds.

Blockade (16 AP)
  • Type: Direct, Impact
  • Range: Short 
  • Damage: Multi
  • Ley summons "Handvine", an entity that has hands pushing enemies away constantly until its disappears. The damage it deals is non-existent chip damage.
  • With constant contact, it deals 33 non-damage hits. They can trigger Hellspears however, making it a useful option for those with high HS values. It's low AP cost as a technique also contributes to it's usefulness.
  • This is only however, useful for grounded enemies and bosses, as the hands will forcefully push back and launch anything that touches it, making it lose effectiveness on most regular monsters.
  • This is a technique, has no delay

Firebird Splash (83 AP)
  • Type: Projectile, Lock-On, Direct Contact
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Ley becomes a walking weapon, with bats swathing over her as they seek nearby prey to attack.
  • Ley must be reasonably near an enemy for the bats to seek them. During this skill duration, Ley's body becomes a direct contact weapon but is still vulnerable to attack, so avoid enemy counters along the way.
  • Skill effect lasts for 10 seconds.

Gray Zone (16 AP)
  • Type: AoE: Medium
  • Range: Mid 
  • Damage: Nil
  • Jeeves appears to do a Russian dance while launching enemies up with his fancy moves.
  • This move is not as effective on regular enemies as they will keep bouncing instead. Grounded enemies however, will have their stances rapidly disturbed by ministuns and will take constant hits from the technique, allowing more secured Hellspear triggers.
  • Some bosses can be affected by Gray Zone, some simply have no effect.
  • Despite affecting enemies directly, it does not produce hit count.
  • This is a technique, has no delay


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