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Unlike his previous classes, Rama fights rarely using his basic attacks and relies heavily on his techniques to inflict greater harm. And Techniques! A hell lot of them! Playing Rama overall requires deft fingers since you will be inputting a lot of commands in short time.

Fighting with Rama requires players to go up close with his enemies due to limited weapon range. As area attacks are not his forte, Rama is best used for his speed and agility in attacking.

I am even more surprised that Rama still hits abysmally slow. Revamp didn't do anything for Rama much D:

  • Type: Ground Roll
  • Added bonus for Jin. He excels very well with his own evasion technique and will be easier to rely on it than Dodge, since Dodge as limited use before exhausting while his default is unlimited.
  • A lifesaver especially when using his main techniques. As they have a long initiation time (by due process of command input and input delay), he will often be counterattacked before he takes off with the attack.
Inherent Techniques:
  • Evade (Z↓ while idle)
  • Allows Jin to slip behind an enemy with this technique.
  • Combat Evade ( during main combo)
  • Another variant used when in the midst of the combo attack, can be used anytime throughout the entire combo.
  • Dash Evade (↓ during a dash attack)
  • Allows Jin to slip behind an enemy in the midst of his dash attack. Unlike the others, he can only continue to evade if he doesn't trigger his 3rd hit of the dash attack.
  • Chi Wave (Z↑ while idle)
  • Creates a small blast of chi from his Vajras, if there is adequate Chi, it will change into a launched sphere of Chi energy, which travels a short distance from Rama, hovers a little and then self-detonates.
  • Storm Fist (Z→ while idle) *Chi required*
  • Throws a high speed punch forward with mid-distance coverage. Great source of burst damage.
  • Same as Fighter's Storm Fist.
  • Hanuman (→→← + Z while idle) *Chi required*
  • A triple flurry of kicks over a distance.
  • Same as Fighter's Hanuman.
  • Falling Sky (XX↑ while idle or during a dash attack)
  • An upward high kick that launches enemies far up.
  • Rapid Fire (XX+Z while idle or during a dash attack)
  • A forward-charging and impacting kick to the enemy. It connects well with enemies that have just been launched by Falling Sky.
  • Evade (XX↓ while idle or during a dash attack)
  • Similar to the default evade, but used during Stance Mode (XX)
  • Backroll (XX← while idle or during a dash attack)
  • Rolls away to his rear to evade an oncoming attack. If "Z" is pressed during this move, it will trigger into a Rapid Fire attack.
  • Useful for continuous use of Rapid Fire against walled enemies, as it creates necessary spacing for the hit to connect repeatedly.
  • Eight-Symbol Trigram (XX→ while idle or during a dash attack)
  • Creates a shield that nullifies a single attack and allows Rama to instantaneously counter-smash against the offender.
  • It still strictly absorb only one hit, be it melee or ranged. If many monsters are attacking simultaneously on your position it is best to move away instead.
  • Also useless against multi-hit attacks.

  • General increase in all damage and skills since revamp. 
  • Attack speed and strength for Rama is even worst than the rest, it is usually best to refrain from the standard attacks.
  • Focus on techniques as they can gain more MP than just the basic attacks alone.
  • Rama's best combo comes from dash attacks, chained with Falling Sky and connected on the ground with a Rapid Fire kick. When used continuously, can really tear his opponent down.
  • A short dash is now possible after executing Falling Sky in either direction.

Skill Tree Setup: 

Burning Mode Duration
Increases the Burning Gauge's maximum drain time. The time displayed is takes into account a full charge. eg. At Lv3, the Burning Gauge without going into Burning Mode, will take 20 seconds to drain completely.

Sustained Burning Mode
Increases the sustained time the Burning Gauge will hold before it drains. The amount of charge is disregarded. eg. At Lv3, the Burning Gauge will hold itself for 11 seconds before it starts draining. Charging the gauge for even a fraction of a second will refresh this countdown.

Burning Skill
Techniques and Skills will use reduced amounts of the Burning Gauge. eg. At Lv2, the amount of Chi used is halved. Note that 0.5 is only a value, and does not mean half of a bar of the gauge.

Special Jump
Allows the use of the Arhan Technique which is a short glide in mid-air. Lv3 allows up to 3 glides consecutively.
  • Do not spam the X key as it will drain the gauge completely before Jin gets off his 2nd glide.
  • Once Burning Mode is engaged, Arhan Technique can be used unlimited times until the gauge drains off. The maximum number of glides you might get is 16 times.

Skill Setup:

Tier 1:

Striking Snake Onslaught
  • Type: Impact
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Jin delivers two swift blows with his kicks.
  • Burning Mode: Adds one more kick to the combo.
  • As this attack hits hard in Burning Mode, it can deal a large amount of damage in a short time with subsequent use on a single target. However-
  • This skill has poor accuracy against small enemies, thanks to all his leaping kicks

Tier 2:

Destroyer of Heaven
  • Type: Pierce, Linear
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short - Long
  • Jin rushes across in a line and if enemies are in his path of movement, they take a series of hits shortly after the skill ends.
  • Burning Mode: Destroyer of Heaven becomes a command-timed attack which can chain up to 3 with different attack styles. The first and second has him rushing forwards and back, then a 3 hit combo and finally a chain flame explosion. In Burning Mode, damage is dealt instantly without delays.

Tier 3:

White Monkey Technique
  • Type: Splash, Close-In
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Jin's draws in his enemies with a sphere of Chi and detonates it with a large explosion in front of him.
  • Burning Mode: The explosion becomes centered on Jin instead of being in front of him.
  • The Burning version has a large knockback effect and tends to send enemies flying away before full damage is taken. Best suited against grounded monsters and bosses. 
  • Also, the draw-in effect is much stronger than the default version.

Tier 4:

Fists of Heaven & Earth
  • Type: Combo Augment
  • Range: Nil
  • Damage: Nil
  • Animation: Short
  • Jin harnesses the power of his own Chi and gathers them into spheres that empower him back with special attacks. Jin becomes capable of projectile and beam-like attacks with his Chi.
  • The normal attacks becomes straight-fired projectiles while the jump attacks fire them diagonally forwards. While attacking this way, Jin can roll away from harm by dashing in the respective direction. Using his attacks in platform style can increase his damage capabilities.
  • In his stance form, pressing "Z" allows him to charge up a beam attack that increases with intensity and duration if you mash "Z" instead.
  • This skill is available for 20 seconds upon activation. Like most Combo Augment skills, skills are sealed and only available for MP breaking.


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