Dio - Progressive Class Setup (Devil Force)

Opening Note:
Fresh players will not be getting Skill Tree resets anymore and thus it becomes imperative early on to figure out what is really necessary and what is optional. And thus I will point out the steps taken to get there.

Dio's Active skill tree is pretty straight-forward and linear. It is the Passive half that I will focus on, though not much needs to be said about it.

Please remember that in the end, this is my opinion for an optimal dungeon character and is in no way an absolute build for perfection. The builds I recommend are based on what I have found useful thus far and eliminated the unnecessary options.


  • Death Scythe Lv1-3 (3)
  • Death Star Upper Cut Lv1-3 (3)
  • Dominate Lv1-3 (3)
  • Dominate: Increased Distance (1)
  • Death Star Lv1-3 (3)
  • Shatter Fist (1)
  • Rake Hand Lv1-3 (3)
  • Necrotic Lv1-3 (3)
  • Black Space (1)

  • Increased AP Recovery Rate Lv1-2 (2)
  • Increased Dash Speed (1)
  • Blink Lv1-2 (2)
  • Reduced Counterattack Cooldown Time Lv1-2 (2)
  • Increased Critical Strike Chance Lv1-2 (2)

Amount of AP at Start
AP Recovery Rate has more use to Dio as it sustains the recovery rate throughout an entire run.

Points used: 30/30
Points to spare: 0

  • Rebound Lv1-3 (3)
  • Evil Shock Lv1-5 (5)
  • Necrotic Hit Count (1)
  • Life Keep Lv1-5 (5)
  • Black Space Damage Lv1-2 (2)
  • Kill Zone Lv1-5 (5)
  • Sustained Kill Zone Lv1-5 (5)
  • Rebound: Adjusted Distance Lv1-2 (2)

  • Combo Attack Lv1-2 (2)
  • Jump Attack Lv2 (2)
  • Vertical Blink Lv2 (2)
  • Increased AP Recovery Rate Lv3-5 (3)
  • Increased Critical Strike Chance Lv3-5 (3)

In total, you will be 3 points short of completing Drakar's tree. Since Blink was obtained from Stygian's tree, you can give up on Vertical Blink for 2 points and 1 point less from Critical Chance.

Points used: 63/60
Points to spare: 0

  • Combo Attack: Speed Increase (1)
  • Grip Lv1-3 (3)
  • Cool Spiral Lv1-5 (5)
  • Power Marble (1)
  • Sustained Power Marble Lv1-3 (3)
  • Enhanced Power Marble Lv1-3 (3)
  • Evil Eddy Lv1-5 (5)
  • Dash Attack Type 2 Lv1-3 (3)
  • Critical & Double Attack Type 2 Lv1-3 (3)
  • Reduced Counterattack Cooldown Time Lv3-5 (3)

Combo Attack Type 3 Lv3
Type 2 is preferably a better attack due to it's quick knockdown combo and faster deliverance of damage.

Again, you will be 3 points short of completing Leviathan's tree. You can easily solve this by leaving all 3 points out of Reduced Counterattack Cooldown Time.

Points used: 93/90
Points to spare: 0

  • Avaritia 2 (2)
  • Gula 1 (2)
  • Gula 2 (2)
  • Ira 1 (1)
  • Acedia 1 (1)
  • Evil 1 (2)
  • Evil 2 (2)
  • Vanagloria 2 (1)
  • Superbia 2 (2)
  • Devil Passive 1-3 (6)
  • Chaos Hit (0)
Points used: 114/120
Points to spare: 6


Dio is one of the stronger and balanced AP users when it comes to dungeoning. Originally he starts out weak at a Stygian but shines in combat once he gets his combo fix from Drakar. It improves further once he hits Leviathan with the improved speed of attack and gains all the necessary skills to use. Matched with a series of good skills, Dio knows how to wipe his enemies out quickly.

Thanks to his AP regen he is able to keep his skills coming to aid his combat styles. Evasion is not in his natural style of attack and Blink plays an essential part of his survival (at least for Devil Force Dio). In either case, Dio has two ways to play depending on whether you wish to utilize his Marble Gauge.

This last bit applies to any build
Innocent Fear should be picked only if you are entering dungeons with vertically ascending stages. As it's effectiveness is dependent on stage layouts, a lengthy layout (Like those in Under Hammer) would render it ineffective because of enemies being spread across rather than in a column. Especially in boss fights where Dio may lack the tactical advantage, the Dusk Bringer's augments to his regular skills could prove more effective and deadly than exhausting your entire AP gauge for Innocent Fear.

This idea applies to fights which does not give Dio the luxury of time to defeat them- eg. Thanatos, Elder Kungji, Quoronnos & Talin Elfbane etc.

Skill Setup: Marble-Gauge
  • 1 slot must contain a technique, to fill and trigger the Marble Gauge
  • 1 slot goes with Blink/Vertical Blink of your choice.
  • 3 slots go with skills of varying AP cost, for diversity.
Quite frankly, the Power Marble is not all that impressive for the effort required to keep it active. Surely, 25% is an attractive rate but 5 seconds is really short for things to happen. The player should not be too focused on the gauge and treat it as a bonus as and when it activates by virtue of default combat situations.

When it comes to utilizing the power granted from the gauge, shorter animation skills like Necrotic, Rake Hand and Evil Eddy makes good use of it.

Skill Setup: Support Set
  • 1 slot goes to Necrotic, with either Gula 1 or 2
  • 1 slot goes to Black Space, with Ira 1
  • 1 slot goes to Life Keep, with Vanagloria 2
  • 1 or 2 slots goes to Blink/Vertical Blink, with Acedia 1
  • If only 1 Blink is selected, fill this slot with a 23 AP skill meant exclusively for delays.
The Support Set tosses away the somewhat insignificant Marble Gauge and fills it with skills that provide supportive abilities. Necrotic with Gula gives you HP or AP. Black Space with Ira 1 provides a 5-second shield. Life Keep with Vanagloria 2 takes only 30% of your life and is easily replenished with potions before you expect yourself to die, and the very essential Blink. Blink also combines well with Necrotic and Black Space.

Primarily meant for surviving a risky boss fight alone, this build relies heavily on physical combat while conserving AP only for the most critical moments to improve Dio's chances of survivability. Dio's Necrotic, if equipped with Gula 2 can help recover 2/3 of the AP spent on Necrotic as a chance attack on a full gauge without leaving Dio half-empty afterwards


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