Dio: Dusk Bringer (Devil Force)


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Dusk Bringer Dio, in his final form, strengthens the skills he has by reinforcing them with additional effects, rather than providing new ways to fight with. Yet the augments he brings to the Devil Force are potent and adds versatility to his present Devil skills.

On a whole, the Dusk Bringer skill tree would only influence some skills that a dungeoning player would often use, and is not entirely compulsory to have all the augments featured in it. That would be too expensive to upkeep even. So instead, knowing what works and what won't will save you a lot of skill points to be placed into passives or even delve into some Weapon Force skills, albeit you won't get further than the Stygian set of skills for it.

  • Type: Blink
  • Dio right now, would have 3 options of evasion (2 types of Blink and now Dodge), but their operative use is different by the way they control the evasion mechanism. This can cause a slight confusion in using the right Dodge/Blink move
  • *This portion will be the same across all Dio articles by the way*
  • Blink has a short delay before activation, meaning you can get countered out of the move if you used it too late against an incoming attack. It's 3 second cooldown is also a limitation if you have a sudden need to evade continuously.
  • Dodge on the other hand has no delay, can be used consecutively until your meter runs out, albeit limited in use, and allow you to dodge repeatedly until you find safety. You will need to manually control your direction of escape however.

  • Dio's attack style largely remains the same for the player, it is only the skills that have improved potency that benefits Dio a lot in terms of support, defensive and offensive factors.
  • Once the skill tree is optimized, Dio will still have skill points leftover to spill into the Weapon Force side, if you wish to indulge (This will be covered in Dio's Progressive Class setup post)

Skill Tree Setup: Devil Force

Avaritia - "Hand" Techniques
  • 1 - Reduces AP/MP of enemies struck by "Hand" attacks.
  • 2 - Causes "Bleed" on enemies struck by "Hand" attacks. (Recommend)
  • Avaritia 1 has no practical use in dungeons.
  • Only applicable to techniques- Dominate, Shatter Fist, Rake Hand, Rebound, Grip.
  • Rebound is a special case. If the player has Adjusted Distance, the space in-between Dio and the hand will also cause enemies to Bleed.

Gula - Necrotic
  • 1 - Gains ~25% HP when Necrotic hits an enemy.
  • 2 - Gains ~45% AP when Necrotic hits an enemy. (Recommend)
  • Necrotic Hit Count causes an increase in HP gain due to multi-hits.
  • The amount of HP/AP gained is not affected by number of enemies hit.

Ira - Black Space
  • 1 - Creates a protective shield for 5 seconds. Any damage you take is reduced to "1". (Recommend)
  • 2 - Creates a reflective shield for 5 seconds. Damage taken is returned to the attacker by a %.
  • Black Space must be completed for the shield to materialize. Blinking out in advance nulls Ira's effects.

Acedia - Blink
  • 1 - Allows Dio to Blink during jumps. (Recommend)
  • 2 - Damage occurs at the site of Dio's Blink.
  • Effects apply on both Blink and Vertical Blink.

Evil - Evil Eddy / Evil Shock
  • 1 - Adds a restraining hold on "Evil" skills.
  • 2 - Adds extra orbs to "Evil" skills. (Recommend)
  • Evil 1 works with Evil Shock. But strangely has no restraining effect when used with Evil Eddy.
  • Evil 2 adds 2 extra orbs to Evil Eddy. Evil Shock's maximum orb count increases from 3 to 5.

Vanagloria - Life Keep
  • 1 - Reduces arrow damage while Life Keep is in effect.
  • 2 - Reduces HP consumption from 50% to 30%. (Recommend)
  • Vanagloria 2 does not affect the amount of HP restored, which is factored by Life Keep's level instead.

Superbia - Kill Zone
  • 1 - Reduces the speed of enemies inside Kill Zone.
  • 2 - Increases the drag rate of enemies inside Kill Zone. (Recommend)
  • Superbia 1 strangely also has no additional effect on monsters.
  • Superbia 2 increases Kill Zone's vertical range and drags enemies around but without damage if they are on top.

Invidia - Cool Spiral
  • 1 - Increases Dio's Jump and Dash after use of Cool Spiral
  • 2 - Allows Cool Spiral to be used front, back and upwards. (Recommend)
  • Invidia 1 only increases the vertical jump, not the dash jump.

Devil Passive
  • Lv1 increases critical rate for 5 seconds when standing still for 5 seconds
  • Lv2 reduces the AP/MP cost of skills when the number of party members increases.
  • Lv3 increases Dio's base attack by ~10%, does not apply to skills.
There are a lot of unsolved issues behind Devil Passive. First of all, the passives cannot be stacked because of the difference between Passives 1 & 3, which aren't the same in effect time.

Lv2's effects are large unconfirmed due to having to rely on a team of players for testing. Lv3 states that only the first attack gains an attack increase, but the passive constantly refreshes itself on every hit and shows no decrease in damage when on cooldown either. It can be proven that Passive 3 seems to be a permanent increase to Dio's attack. Skills however, are not affected by this.

Chaos Hit (76 AP)
  • Type: Linear, Splash
  • Range: Mid
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Dio coalesces demonic energy into a tiny orb which violently erupts into magical explosions shortly after, dealing sizable splash damage ahead of him.

Innocent Fear (130 AP)
  • Type: AoE: Large, DoT
  • Range: Vertical, Wide
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Dio emanates a great deal of demonic energy from himself which inflicts gradual harm on nearby enemies. The energy then explodes as a shockwave, dealing damage to enemies in a vertical column.
  • The vertical range of Innocent Fear is 3 platforms above and 2 below. When the explosion occurs, it will launch enemies within a sizable column where Dio stands, dealing moderate damage in a 6 by 6 vertical range.
  • Damage taken by enemies running near Dio during this time is DoT and has no stun.

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