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GC Eternity: Warlord
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GC Season V: Warlord
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The Warlord is similar to the Spearmaiden (by virtue of lineage) but easier to use for the casual player. Warlord does not need to rely on otto for overwhelming combat strength and has decent skill power to boot. Speed is also one of his main advantages as not only does he move faster but also being able to evade and cover a lot of distance at the same time, something the Spearmaiden sorely lacks.

  • Type: Ground Roll
  • Although Sieghart has the Reverse Trampoline technique, it's usage is restricted to the basic attacks before the critical attacks kick in, therefore limiting it's use.
  • Particularly useful if you need an immediate evade after using his dive attack; Otherwise, his tumbling evade and Reverse Trampoline techniques will suffice most of the time during regular combat.
Inherent Techniques:
  • Tumbling (↓ during a dash attack)
  • An overhead evasion move which is executed during a dash attack. The frame of usage extends until his 2nd jab from the attack, which presents a long window of opportunity.
  • Tumbling Combo (ZZZ during Tumbling)
  • A single to triple hit combo during the evasion move. You can control the number of hits by the number of times "Z" is pressed upon executing the roll. Note that invulnerability is nullified once you attack this way.
  • Tumbling Upper (Z after Tumbling)
  • A single swipe attack at the end of the tumble, no extra effects or knockdown.
  • Dash Combo (↑ during a dash attack)
  • A high overhead toss of the enemy with a wide swing from the dash attack. There is a slight delay before the swing occurs.
  • Finishing Fury (↓Z during a jump)
  • Warlord dives down at high speed after a pike swing in the air (counts as a hit) and delivers 3 hits upon striking the ground.

  • Difficult to execute due to the jump attack's starting swing.
  • Required to execute slower
  • Sustainability: Hard
  • Warlord's evasive maneuver covers a lot of ground, make generous use of it to avoid incoming attacks.
  • The dive attack deals a decent amount of damage in a short time, if you can't otto, this is your alternative
Skill Tree Setup: 

Berserker: Berserker Lv2
*Catches breath* Yeah, I'll say it again. You'll never see this happen in the dungeons. But hey! Shared skills are free anyway.

Evasion: Reverse Trampoline
This is really Sieghart's lifesaver. Now with this permanent evasive by his side, he can evade oncoming attacks instead of having to skill out or take a punch to the face. Usable while on normal or dash attacks.

Defense: Defense Lv2
You won't see much projectiles that'll let you do this, but yeah. Just go ahead and add the one you like.

Invincibility: Easy Breezy
Sieghart idles for 4 seconds, rendering him invulnerable to all attack until he gets up. Has a 60 second cooldown after use.

Rage: Mad Rage Lv3
This determines what your rage meter does for you in general. Be it Mad or Quiet Rage, the effects are from Lv1 to Lv3 are cumulative. Take note that the default Rage effects and duration differ across all 4 of Sieghart's jobs, the only similarity is that it freezes whenever a skill is used. While they are not all that significant when it comes to dungeoning, take note just in case.
Warlord's Rage
  • 5 second duration. 
  • 8% Increase in attack and defense. 
  • Dashing speed increase.
  • Every attack increases Rage except for the dive attack multi-hits.
Quiet Rage (Rage regen slows by 50%)
  • Lv1: Increases your base defense by 20%.
  • Lv2: Recovers 10% of your total HP. Requires and consumes the entire meter.
  • Lv3: Uses the direction key to create a block when attacked. Consumes 10% of the rage meter when successful. But useless for 2 reasons-
  • ^ There is no buffer time like Aegis Knight's shield block.
  • ^ Requires accurate timing to pull off.
Mad Rage
  • Lv1: Rage duration increased from 5 -> 10 seconds.
  • Lv2: Rage gained per hit is almost doubled.
  • Lv3: When Rage is activated, Sieghart's combos create additional hits for every attack landed.
  • ^ Ideally, Mad Rage is best for Sieghart.

Skill Setup:

Tier 1:

Savage Attack
  • Type: Impact
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short - Long
  • Launches enemies with a Sleaghgrim combo and finishes with a burst of fir from the pike
  • Rage Mode: Adds 2 more fire swings from the pike before the 3rd one.
  • May have trouble picking up smaller enemies with the launching attacks.

Tier 2:

Punisher Combo
  • Type: Close-In, Splash
  • Range: Mid, Vertical
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Strikes with a melee combo and smashes the ground with the pike with a burst of energy
  • Rage Mode: Switches to a series of spear thrusts and smashes the ground with a bolt of lightning that hits up to 2 platforms high.

Tier 3:

Fire Blaster
  • Type: Linear, Projectile
  • Range: Long, Horizontal
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short - Long
  • Attacks with the Sleaghgrim and tosses a projected lance across the screen.
  • Rage Mode: Directly switches to a powerful projected lance and tosses it, dealing more damage.
  • The default Fire Blaster significantly lacks power, and deals less damage than the Rage variant. 
  • The Rage variant however, travels very fast and requires some extra distance back, as the sprite materializes ahead of Sieghart rather than on him, which results in almost 50% damage loss if used at point-blank range.
  • *Always go for Rage - Fire Blaster*

Tier 4:

Illusion Attack
  • Type: Splash, Projectile, Damage-Stack
  • Range: Wide
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Sieghart projects 5 huge lances by fanning his Sleaghgrim above him, moments later, each lance blasts off at high speeds.
  • Rage Mode: No additional effect. Only a slight increase in damage.
  • Ideally, Illusion Attack should be used at least 1 platform beneath your target enemy. Enemies that are level with Sieghart will take only minimal damage. Whilst enemies that are above and larger will take damage according to how much body contact they have with the lances.
  • As a result, this skill can be considered to have damage-stacking and is lethal to some bosses.

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