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GC Eternity: Duelist
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The Duelist is the best utilizer of the Rage meter (the other being Prime Knight), and possibly the most aggressive attacker in the entire cast. In addition to having his attack speed increased up to eleven, he has one of the fastest methods to restoring his MP gauge via Adrenaline Attack, which utilizes the Rage meter.

Also, due to the vast improvements in his combat system, the Duelist is able to provide relentless attacking power with the ability to tear down his enemies with ease.

If you want an intense combat experience, this is it.

  • Type: Ground Roll
  • Although Sieghart has the Reverse Trampoline technique, it's usage is restricted to the basic attacks before the critical attacks kick in, therefore limiting it's use.
  • Needed quite often during his normal combo, as he finishes it a little too fast and Reverse Trampoline fails to work due to Critical attacks interfering near the end. Also useful for getting him out of position quickly when an enemy attempts to smack him while he is using Adrenaline Attack.
Inherent Techniques:
  • Air Slash (↑Z during a jump)
  • Executes a double slash twirl in the air, increasing his vertical attack range.
  • Rapid Descent (↓↓ during a jump)
  • Causes Duelist to quickly zip towards the ground, and can be executed multiple times as long as he remains in the air after the first attempt.
  • Power Stance (Landing on ground after Rapid Descent or ↓↓ during main combo)
  • If Duelist lands during a Rapid Descent or enters the respective command during his main attack combo, he enters a crouched stance with swords drawn for a series of possible follow-up actions* (Also, see notes, 1st point)
  • When in this stance, Duelist slows to a crawling speed, back or forth, no other additional traits observed.
  • Heavy Smash (Z during Power Stance)
  • A short ranged thrust with one of his swords.
  • Recover (↑ during Power Stance)
  • Assumes the standing stance to cancel the Power Stance
  • Retreat (←← during Power Stance)
  • Duelist hops backwards a short distance and sheathes back his swords. Pressing "Z" once or mashign "Z" during the retreat will cause him to execute his Heavy Smash or Adrenaline Attack respectively.
  • Roll (X during Power Stance)
  • If Duelist lands during a Rapid Descent, he enters a crouched stance with swords drawn for a series of possible follow-up actions.
  • Adrenaline Attack (Mashing Z during Power Stance)
  • A special attack that drains the Rage meter progressively while execution (for as long as it is used). Duelist enters a sword-thrust dash against an enemy inflicting rapid hits until he expends his Rage meter entirely or when the player chooses to stop.
  • Note that anytime during the main combo, Duelist can transition into Heavy Smash or Adrenaline Attack simply by quick input of "↓↓Z" and "↓↓ZZZ..." commands respectively.
  • Hellspears can proc with this technique.
  • Requires at least 30% Rage to enable this attack. Having less triggers Heavy Smash instead.
  • Unlike Power Liberation, switching directions requires only one direction keystroke. Pressing twice will stop Adrenaline Attack and execute a sweeping slash in the opposite direction.
  • Able to also Roll (X) during this attack.
  • A full Rage meter provides 3 seconds of this attack. Duelist can no longer use Adrenaline Attack in Rage Mode

  • His jump attacks have very limited range and is easy to miss.
  • Doing it slower is the easiest way to sustain the hits.
  • Sustainability: Hard
    • *The Duelist is no longer immortal in stance mode. He will return to his standing stance once Fatal occurs. Anything incoming will kill him.
    • Given his new attack speed and power, otto pretty much becomes unnecessary to increase his damage ratio.
      Skill Tree Setup: 

      Berserker: Berserker Lv2
      *Catches breath* Yeah, I'll say it again. You'll never see this happen in the dungeons. But hey! Shared skills are free anyway.

      Evasion: Reverse Trampoline
      This is really Sieghart's lifesaver. Now with this permanent evasive by his side, he can evade oncoming attacks instead of having to skill out or take a punch to the face. Usable while on normal or dash attacks.

      Defense: Defense Lv2
      You won't see much projectiles that'll let you do this, but yeah. Just go ahead and add the one you like.

      Invincibility: Easy Breezy
      Sieghart idles for 4 seconds, rendering him invulnerable to all attack until he gets up. Has a 60 second cooldown after use.

      Rage: Mad Rage Lv3
      This determines what your rage meter does for you in general. Be it Mad or Quiet Rage, the effects are from Lv1 to Lv3 are cumulative. Take note that the default Rage effects and duration differ across all 4 of Sieghart's jobs, the only similarity is that it freezes whenever a skill is used. While they are not all that significant when it comes to dungeoning, take note just in case.

      Duelist's Rage
      • 5 second duration. 
      • 8% Increase in attack and defense. 
      • Dashing speed increase.
      • Only the first jump attack, dash attack, critical attack and last hits of the main combo can gain rage.
      Quiet Rage (Rage regen slows by 50%)
      • Lv1: Increases your base defense by 20%.
      • Lv2: Recovers 10% of your total HP. Requires and consumes the entire meter.
      • Lv3: Uses the direction key to create a block when attacked. Consumes 10% of the rage meter when successful. But useless for 2 reasons-
      • ^ There is no buffer time like Aegis Knight's shield block.
      • ^ Requires accurate timing to pull off.
      Mad Rage
      • Lv1: Rage duration increased from 5 -> 10 seconds.
      • Lv2: Rage gained per hit is almost doubled.
      • Lv3: When Rage is activated, Sieghart's combos create additional hits for every attack landed.
      • ^ Ideally, Mad Rage is best for Sieghart.

      Skill Setup:

      Tier 1:

      Rule Break
      • Type: Impact
      • Range: Short
      • Damage: Multi
      • Animation: Short
      • Engages a series of swift blows to the enemy.
      • Rage Mode: Adds one more hit to the combo.
      • [1] Interestingly like Jin's Iron Mountain Assault, the skill animation varies by the chaining effect of consecutive skill use.

      Tier 2:

      Rising Weapon
      • Type: Close-In, Linear
      • Range: Long
      • Damage: Multi
      • Animation: Long
      • Sieghart draws his swords and rushes across to his enemy, grazing the ground to ignite a pillar of flame into the air.
      • Rage Mode: After the leap into the air, Sieghart slams the blade down for a splash attack
      • Pressing "Up" will cancel the sword graze and straight into the rising slash.

      Tier 3:

      Dread Punisher
      • Type: Linear, Splash
      • Range: Mid
      • Damage: Multi
      • Animation: Short
      • Sieghart strikes with a series of wide-arced slashes and finishes with a large explosion of his dark energy. The skill affects a large area with 2 platforms height of attack.
      • Rage Mode: Dread Punisher becomes a "Close-In" attack which Sieghart rushes forward at great speed and slams his sword down with a large splash impact.

      Tier 4:

      Power Liberation
      • Type: Combo Augment, Linear
      • Range: Nil
      • Damage: Multi
      • Animation: Short - Long
      • Once activated, for 15 seconds, Sieghart's basic attack changes to a permanent Adrenaline attack whenever "Z" is pressed. While in that attack state, he is completely invulnerable to enemy attack.
      • Rage Mode: Increases basic damage by 10%.
      • Power Liberation also allows directional change of attack but leaves a brief moment of vulnerability during that interval. Dash in the desired direction to change.
      • Sieghart cannot use other skills while Power Liberation is in effect, MP breaks are still possible however.
      • Note that Power Liberation, in essence, is an unlimited flurry of Adrenaline Attacks. It's attack strength however, is weaker than that of Adrenaline Attack.


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