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Akin to the Saviour, she is an amalgamation of her predecessor classes combined. Utilizing the basic shooting styles of the Archer, the speed and dexterity of the Crossbow and destructive strength of the ArchRanger - All normalized and balanced into the Nova that we see here. The Nova is sort of a mobility based archer, being able to run and engage using melee attacks where the Archer could not, providing her with ease of positioning and combat options. While the Nova does not possess overwhelming firepower for a 4th class, she is very versatile and does not lack tactical prowess.

  • Type: Aerial Maneuver
  • For a stationary archer like Lire, Dodge comes in very handy and gives her a boost to evasion, especially since the aggressive AI won't give her much time to stand and shoot in safety.
  • Nova rarely has trouble evading since she has better speed than her counterparts. It is best used for breaking away shooting stances and out of the sliding tackle freeze time, should the enemy remain standing and counterattacks instead.
Inherent Techniques:
  • Dive Kick (Z during a double jump)
  • Similar to Archer's Drop Kick, but with a slightly wider range. But unlike Archer, Nova's jump does not automatically shift her body position forward, and is able to attack the same position over and over.
  • Shadow Shot (↓ during shooting combo)
  • Nova evades behind her enemy and fires a knockdown shot in the opposite direction.
  • Somersault Kick (↑ during shooting combo)
  • Launches into a somersault kick with similar effects to Crossbow's kick.
  • Retreating Shot (→→← + Z)
  • Instead of the default sliding tackle, Nova fires a knockdown arrow in the opposite direction for defense.

  • Nova's downward shots no longer propels her in the air.
  • No significant advantage when using Rapid Fire as a buff.
  • Blood Rain has lost it's freeze delay
  • Arrow Defense can be overcome with the Shadow attack or somersault kick to displace the enemy.
  • Arrow Defense can be bypassed by Blood Rain & Buster Shot. Also Void Shot.
  • Nova's arrows are affected by gravity, but have a wider trajectory than Archer's.

Skill Tree Setup:

Shoot Down: Ace Marksman
Allows Lire and all her job classes to shoot down enemy projectiles and also those from Jump-stages

Advance: (Elven Speed, Elven Resilience, Rapid Fire)
ES: Increases movement speed for 15 seconds, 20 second cooldown
ER: Increases MP Regen for 10 seconds, 20 second cooldown
RF: Increases Rate of Fire for 10 seconds, 30 second cooldown

Evasion: Elven Agility
This ability "teleports" Lire into the air behind her enemy and faces them. Though rarely used in the dungeon scene, this skill presents the perfect opportunity for back attacks at no cost, no cooldown and potentially pull you out of danger in a cornered scenario.

Skill Setup:

Tier 1:

Charging Shot
  • Type: Close-In, Projectile
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Lire closes in with a shoulder tackle and fires 3 arrows rapidly at the enemy, finishing with a knockdown shot.
  • Arrows are affected by Arrow Defense (& gravity), the tackle is consider melee.

Tier 2:

Blood Rain
  • Type: Linear
  • Range: Short, Vertical
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Launches a stream of arrows into the air above Lire, then showering the ground on both sides with a blood red stream of arrows.
  • The freeze delay for this skill has been removed. Lire fires immediately upon execution.
  • Difficult to effectively hit an enemy on both phases of the skill unless they are wide bodied, as the spread range is too far apart.

Tier 3:

Buster Shot
  • Type: Linear, Splash
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Rapidly fires a stream of 15 arrows towards the enemy, finishing with an explosive burst of 5 magically charged arrows in a fan arc.
  • Essentially a combination of Rapid Fire + Explosion Arrows.
  • Take note when firing off a platform edge as you can fall off it and affect your arc of fire in an instant.
  • Firing angle can be changed freely before the final burst of arrows.

Tier 4:

Void Shot
  • Type: Projectile, Splash, DoT
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Long
  • Fires 3 void arrows toward the enemy, trapping them in a continuous stream of rapid damage hits.
  • Depending on the enemy, the void may or may not jam them in place as it damages them.
  • Firing angle can be changed throughout the entire skill.
  • Void arrows here are not affected by gravity and travel in a straight line.
  • Essentially a powered up version of Archer's Dark Shot x3. 
  • This skill is not entirely effective against a fast moving target, as is a stationary splash attack rather than following the target. It is wise to set up the enemy in position first.

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