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As the archive expends ever larger, I think it's time for an index page to host all of the necessary page links. Nothing too fancy ..._〆(・∀・@)

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Ongoing Site Updates:
Short video on Queen of Errands - how to cheese the minigame with these simple steps!
See youtube video comments for instructions

Site Changes:
Labels removed - A Character Page now provides easy and complete reference.
Blog Archive Removed - Index Home page for clearer topical navigation

Contributors to site amendments and improvements thus far -
Velastia (Do check out her page as an editor on grandchase.wikia)

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1) Every article (with the exception of graphical image use) within cypherix.blogspot is purely created by the author himself.

2) In the event of coincidental writings with grandchase.wikia, acknowledgement will be noted but no further action will be taken as such.

3) I do not own any aspects or rights to GrandChase nor the aforementioned wikia page. This is an entertainment page made by a player, for players.


  1. NAGC server shutting down. I suggest you to not bother anymore with this guide, just keep it as a reminiscent of the time spent in the game.

    1. It's been an honor having you patronize, Velastia. It's also the reason I went inactive for nearly 2 months because I saw the trend, and then it came true at last :)

      LongLiveTheChase eh?

  2. Glad you still around updating this site i been following this site for for almost 2 years now. I still come here to check on some character guides for these private servers we have now just wanna say thanks again for all this info you provided.