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One of the most confusing aspects of player-based choices is item reinforcement and the options that come with it. Sometimes, you have too little resources and too many characters to work on; You just don't want to end up wasting those resources on uninformed or poor choices. Here, I will give you some insight in making informed choices and knowing what to expect from my experience.

In this 5-part article, I cover-
So here's part 2 of 5.

Property Reset

[Hey, It's That Picture!] Only with different icons this time.

Property Reset aka. Prop Reset, is the act of shuffling the current properties on a piece of equipment for a randomized set of new properties from an available list, using special items called Property Reset Forms. This action unlike Socketing, is usually available on all Armor and Accessories that have properties (unless indicated otherwise).

First let us start off with some exceptional situations where you may not need/want to use your forms.

Situation 1:
Abyss Knight armors (Ronan Revamp event)

If you're seeing these (Prop) instead, it means the item is due for Property setting before Socketing or Prop Reset can take place. But ideally if you have this option, you should not need to reset it because-


The number of properties allowable depends on the Rarity level.
Rare - 2, Epic - 3, Relic - 4
In this case, the armor is of "Epic" grade.

If you followed the Socketing guide, the ideal choice is to pick Critical Chance and Critical Damage first, followed by MP Regen, Special Attack or Attack (You can only pick a maximum of 4 btw). Note that Hell Spear is only seen on cash or special equipment. It is not a selectable option and can only be randomly obtained with Prop Resets. (More on this later)

The "Prop" option is usually seen on cash-bought armors, Seal Breaker sets and some Event items that allow this.

Purple Stick of Doom
About Hell Spear (HS)*
Hell Spear is an extra attack that is randomly triggered during any normal attack. It does not work with skills and certain character techniques.

The value of your Hell Spear stat determines its absolute strength, and deals piercing damage that ignores the defense on enemies. E.g. if you have 10000 HS stat with a standard hit of 1000 on a certain enemy, a HS proc will then deal 11000 in exact damage to that enemy.

There are certain limitations to its strength as well.
  • Criticals do not work with HS so the damage is factored in separately after critical damage is accounted for on a normal strike.
  • Because of the ease in socketing and exponential dominance of Critical Stats as compared to the random chance of Prop Resets, HS is now only rendered effective as damage boosters to characters with high hit-count techniques or attacks
  • At later dungeons beyond Xenia, enemies begin to show slight resistance to HS damage. Why this occurs is unknown but they can substantially reduce HS damage to around 70%-80%.
  • If your character does not have the hit-count advantage, it is best to invest in Criticals instead.

Situation 2:
From a Dark Gaia Ring & Eryubell's Wings

Above is another exception where certain items only have some kind of fixed and unchangable stats. This is usually present in accessories only.

Situation 3:
Time to see if I can roll better stats... Wait a minute...

The last example is a tricky decision. In this case you see an old S3 accessory against its new property list, should you choose to reset it. Suppose if you were to obtain the same properties for e.g, then you would score for Attack and Special Attack but lose half the power in Critical Chance. How significant these changes are to a player also varies here.


(Left) GP Prop Reset, (Right) Prop Reset, (Missing) Single Prop Reset
Finally we get to the real business talk. These forms are the necessity in Property Reset and are valuable finds during event games. As the name might suggest, GP resets work on almost all regular and event drops. While Prop Resets work for cash-bought equipment. Note the difference in their color glow as well. If at any time you aren't sure which to use, simply open up the Prop Reset menu of your intended equipment and look below -

GP, or not GP? That is the question.

Now... Unlike Socketing, Property Reset is a random game of chance, a gamble. And like any gamble, there are risks and a susceptibility to overspend on your forms in the belief for better returns.

So yes... once you have your equipment prepared, forms ready and a hankerchief on hand... Get ready for the arduous journey of praying...

  • Praying hard that you only need to spend one form
  • Praying so hard you don't get the pointless GP boost
  • Praying real hard you don't get the useless Special Defense
  • Praying darn hard you don't get the wretched Level Requirement
  • Praying god damn hard you get a double, triple or even a quadruple good deal!
  • Pray! Pray! PRAY! That's just all you can do!

So that's about it for this feature of Property Resets! I'm sorry that I do not have Single Property Forms to show you guys but I hear where they are dropped, the Tower of Disappearance has lately been adamant about giving players those forms. I wonder what's up with that too?

See you all in the final entry that is on Reinforcement and the Serdin Refinery.

Would you like to continue on?

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