Feature: Dragon Knight Expedition


As promised, if you read my Dragon Knight entry that I have done a dedication post to how awesome the Dragon Knight has become. I am personally very fascinated because of his ability to exceed the combat versatility that Duelist offers, combined with so much mobility options it seems so criminal.

Truthfully apart from Seth's Pyramid and Zeruel Border, every other video here is a first take (too many screw ups in the aforementioned) I also decided to omit Xenia continent from his expedition this time around, since it was a little too easy. (Oh yeah, video links are embedded in the image of the respective dungeon)

I'm probably not the first to explore this but you'll be amazed at how fast these times are clocked. Most astounding, even to myself was the Underpass run, that I always use for my demos. The revamped Dragon Knight clocked 1:50.

My Crossbow Lire (main) clocked 1:59
Pre-revamp Dragon Knight clocked 3:02
Geas clocked 2:25
Rin clocked 1:43

It should be noteworthy that my 90k TA Lire lost to Ronan's DK at 53k TA. Moreover, Geas and Rin are at 46k and 51k TA respectively; It is no surprise for the overwhelmingly powerful Rin but I am not surprised at Geas losing out. (Geas zealots really need to open their eyes on this)

Note: All videos can be played in 720px HD.

Goblin Work Site (1:52)
Underpass of Lost Hope (1:50)
Kungji Village (2:27)
Sands of Illusion (2:25)
Deserted Town (2:24)
Ra Canyon (2:51)
Seth's Pyramid (4:37)

Hammer's Reach (2:31)
Under Hammer (2:22)
Thunder Hammer (4:09)
Relics of Kounat (3:22)
Zeruel Border (3:01)
Zeruel (2:55)
Kounat's Collapse (7:36)

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