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GC Season V: Battle Mage
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The Battle Mage resumes the line with having 2 sets of magic skills at her disposal, offering a good variety of skills that cover lots of ground in different aspects. However, she loses any and all support skills in exchange for a full set of 6 offensive spells, while still retaining a very lackluster and sluggish main attack combo system. While this may still sound pleasing to hardcore attackers, the Battle Mage ultimately loses out to the Magician or the Warlock when it comes to field engagements and even the boss battles.

*Deep Breath* - I really do not know what the F**K they're doing to the poor Battlemage. As if her standard combo nerf isn't enough, the Season V changes seems to have reduced the effectiveness of both her Tier 2 skills, Shockwave Force & Freezing Spear, both of which are solid damage dealers during Eternity days. (Just look at the damage chart below!) It pains me to even use her for experimenting.

  • Type: Teleport Dash
  • A mage like Arme definitely welcomes an evasion move, as her attacks often leave her stranded and unable to evade quickly enough.
  • With all those attacks that barely do any damage, much less stun her enemies, she'll absolutely! need this Dodge skill to save her skin.
Inherent Techniques:
  • Downward Fireball (↓Z during a jump)
  • Launches a fireball diagonally downwards; tricky to perform but can be mastered into a fireball otto.

  • Fireball otto is useful in increasing her damage rates, since her main attack combo is reduced to junk.
  • The Battle Mage is extremely vulnerable to attack thanks to her poor default combat abilities in controlling enemies with hit stuns.
  • If you must attack using the Battle Mage alone, proceed with due caution and also avoid multiple engagements. You don't have a choice, they'll come for you now with their current AI.
  • The MP stoppage from using Fireball does not apply to dungeons.

Skill Tree Setup:

Dash: Teleport Speed Up
Increases the initial acceleration of the teleport, giving a burst of speed.

Utilizing Dash 1: Vertical Teleport
Allows vertical teleportation to avoid attacks during a jump, not as effective as the horizontal ones.

Utilizing Dash 2: Teleport Control
Allows a moment to back-dash away from oncoming danger by tapping the opposite direction keys. The back dash distance is much shorter.

Special Skill 1: Soul Sacrifice
Double tapping the "X" key allows you to convert 20% of your HP into MP. Arme cannot use Soul Sacrifice if her MP gauge is full or she is already in fatal status. Soul Sacrifice still works even if you have less than 20% HP to offer.

Special Skill 2: Mental Recovery
You won't get enough arrows in dungeons to trigger this.

Skill Setup:

Black Magic:
Tier 1:

Fire Bust
  • Type: Direct Contact, DoT
  • Range: Direct
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Casts a small pillar of fire that rapidly damages and repulses enemies when they come in contact with the flame.
  • Due to the repulsion mechanic, this skill is not suitable for damaging enemies unless you already have them cornered, fallen or they are the grounded types.
  • Enemies now stay within the fire and will not be pushed around, increasing it's utility.

Tier 2:

Shockwave Force
  • Type: Shock, AoE: Medium
  • Range: Vertical
  • Damage: Burst - Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Casts a series of lightning bolts around Arme that strikes vertically.
  • Has a vertical range of 3 platforms
  • Surviving enemies are dealt with Shock status
  • Damage has been terribly nerfed, no idea why.

Tier 3:

Deep Impact
  • Type: Projectile, AoE: Large
  • Range: Wide
  • Damage: Multi - Burst
  • Animation: Very Long
  • Summons a shower of fast falling meteors to bear on her enemies.
  • The upgraded version of Meteor, they have a larger blast radius and hits a little harder.
  • Likewise, this skill is hard to aim. But two meteors in quick succession will always fall on Arme's location. Use them as markers if you have difficulty aiming anywhere else.
  • The lengthy skill delay may leave her vulnerable in unfortunate circumstances, be sure you can be in the clear when you are done.
White Magic:
Tier 1:

Ice Ball
  • Type: Projectile, Linear, Freeze
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Short
  • Shoots a frost icicle across the screen, freezing and dealing damage as it hits enemies.
  • Although not very powerful, it deals DoT as it touches the enemy body. The wider the better but don't expect too much damage.
  • The icicle fades as it begins to leave the screen. No infinite range as such.

Tier 2:

Freezing Spear
  • Type: Linear
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Shoots out a linear volley of icicle spikes across. Knocking enemies into the air as they come in contact.
  • Deals the most consistent damage out of her skills, however not as effective if used on slender bodied enemies.
  • Seems to have taken a nerf to damage too.

Tier 3:

Air Blast
  • Type: Linear
  • Range: Long, Horizontal
  • Damage: Multi - Burst
  • Animation: Short
  • Blasts a powerful stream of air magic across the entire length of the field.
  • Damage is no longer prorated by the distance of the enemy. All enemies now take equal damage regardless of distance from Arme.

Tier 4:

The End
  • Type: Splash, AoE: Wide, Large
  • Range: Wide, Vertical
  • Damage: Multi
  • Animation: Very Long
  • In an exotic display of magical might, Arme summons a series of large meteors that fall vertically, burning enemies in their paths and exploding with great force on the ground.
  • Arme becomes impervious to enemy attack until she re-appears, when the first meteor begins to cover her position.
  • A total of 8 meteors are summoned across a specific length of the field. Each meteor leaves burning embers on the ground where they explode. (They also have the tendency to explode one platform below Arme's position)
  • Do not use this skill on high ground as it will severely limit the damage it can do.
  • Despite being a 4th skill, it lacks the power to really kill due to it's scattered nature of attack. However, they will be destructive against individual targets.

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